CORK 2000

a few low-quality images, with my apologies

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Jim Mays, Maurice Scully, Harry Gilonis

George Hitching, Marcella Edwards, Trevor Joyce

Trevor Joyce, Cath Kenneally, Patrick Galvin, Marcella Edwards

Catherine Walsh with Declan and Niall

Tony Baker and Ric Caddell

Robert Sheppard, Ric Caddell, Ken Bolton, George Hitching, Geoffrey Squires

Robert Sheppard

Geoffrey Squires, Randy Prunty (back: Matthew and George)

George, Randy, Trevor, Marcella, Ric

Ken, George, Geoff

George, Maurice, Geoff, Lee, Marcella, Trevor

Randy, Trevor, Marcella, Ric

Marcella, Trevor, Cath

Cath, Trevor, Randy