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Thomas Moore Raworth

Hove, East Sussex, England

Mobile: (44) 07891493425
E-mail: raworth@gmail.com

Brief biographical notes:

Born July 19th. 1938 in South East London. Educated at St.Stephen's Primary School, Welling, Kent (1943--1949); St.Joseph's Academy, Blackheath, London S.E.3. (1949--1954); University of Essex, Colchester, Essex (1967--1970). Married (to Margaret Valarie Murphy) with five children (Lloyd, Lisa [died 1996], Ben, Bruno and Aram)and four grandchildren (Cato, Matilda, Florence and Edward).

Between leaving school in 1954 and going to the University of Essex in 1967 I had a variety of jobs, including Insurance Clerk, Builders' Labourer, Packer, Assistant Transport Manager, and Continental Telephonist. In 1959 I taught myself how to set type and to print, and between then and 1964 I produced three issues of a magazine (outburst) and a series of small books (by Pete Brown, Edward Dorn, Anselm Hollo, Piero Heliczer and David Ball) under the imprint of Matrix Press. In 1965, in partnership with the painter and film-maker Barry Hall, I started the Goliard Press, working there until 1967 when it was taken over by Jonathan Cape Ltd. Books printed and published by the press included The Claim (Anselm Hollo); In A Green Eye (the first book of poems by Elaine Feinstein); Sky (a prose-poem by Ron Padgett); Sled Hill Voices (poems by Aram Saroyan); The Baltimore Poems (by Zoltan Farkas); The Emperor of the Animals (a play by Tom Clark); West ( a series of poems by Charles Olson, and his first book published in England); A Sight (a set of three serigraph prints of a holograph poem by Robert Creeley, illustrated by R.B. Kitai); and The Relation Ship (my first book of poems). We also designed and printed books for other presses, including work by Louis Zukofsky, Ted Hughes, Dom Moraes, Edward Lucie-Smith and others for Turret Books and the first edition of Basil Bunting's Briggflatts for Fulcrum Press. After the press became Cape Goliard in 1967, and I left, several manuscripts I had already accepted were published by the new entity, including Olson's Maximus Poems; Paul Blackburn's In, On, Or About the Premises; John Wiener's Nerves; and J.H.Prynne's Kitchen Poems. I went on to the University of Essex where, after studying Spanish for one year (including a term at the University of Granada), and taking the first year of a B.A. in Latin American Literature, I transferred to the Masters programme and in 1970 was awarded an M.A. in the Theory and Practice of Literary Translation. Between 1970 and 1972 I visited the United States and Canada several times on reading tours, and from the summer of 1972 until the autumn of 1977 I lived in the U.S.A (and, briefly, Mexico) with my family. Since returning, I've lived from writing; from books, reading tours (in Europe, Africa, Mexico, China and the USA -- including one of 30 readings in 6 weeks across the US and Canada), and occasional teaching (see below). Since our daughter died, we have been bringing up our grandson, Cato. After thirty years in Cambridge, we now live in Hove, England.

Teaching, and related, positions:

1969--1970 Poet in Residence, Department of Literature, University of Essex, U.K.

1972--1973 Fiction Instructor, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA.

1973--1974 Resident Poet, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

1974--1975 Visiting Lecturer, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA.

1977--1978 Poet in Residence, King's College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, U.K., and member of the English Faculty.

1991 Visiting Lecturer, English Department, University of Cape Town, South Africa, and Jagger Library Poet in Residence.

1996 Visiting Lecturer, English Department, University of California, San Diego, USA.

One week teaching the University of New Hampshire Summer School ("Writing") at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, UK.

1997 One week as Resident Writer at New College of California, San Francisco, California, USA. (March).

One week as Visiting Lecturer at Dartington College, Totnes, Devon, UK. (April)

One week teaching the University of New Hampshire Summer School ("Writing") at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, UK. (August)

1998 One week teaching the University of New Hampshire Summer School ("Writing") at Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, UK. (August)

Two weeks teaching at University of Cape Town and University of the Transkei (South Africa) (September)

1999 Visiting Distinguished Writer, Columbia College, Chicago USA.

2001 One week teaching a special advanced writing course at Miami University, Ohio, USA.

Awards, Fellowships, etc:

1969 Alice Hunt Bartlett Prize (then the U.K's major poetry award) for The Relation Ship.

1970 Arts Council of Great Britain writers' bursary.

Invitations to two High Schools in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, to read and to talk to students about their writing: the first "Poets in Schools" there.

1971 (spring) Fellowship at YADDO, New York State, USA.

1972 Cholmondeley Award, UK.

Grant from the Committee on Poetry, NY, USA.

1974 Guest of the Hungarian P.E.N. Club for one month in Budapest to work on translations with Gyula Kodolanyi.

1977 Arts Council of Great Britain writers' bursary.

1982 British Council "Cultural Exchange" bursary (the first of its kind) to spend one month in Paris. The French poet Claude Royet-Journoud spent one month in London.

1986 British Council invitation to Greece to give readings in Athens and Thessalonika.

Invitation from the University of Venice "Ca'Foscari" for one week to give readings and to talk with students of English Literature: the first such invitation.

1988 Grant from the International Committee on Poetry, NY, USA.

1990--91 (winter) First foreign poet resident at the Centre International de Poèsie, Marseille, France. (December - March).

1991 Jagger Library Poet in Residence, University of Cape Town, South Africa: first European writer to visit/teach there for 30 years.

1992 Invitation from the University of Trieste, Italy, to give readings and to talk with students for three days.

Invitation from writers in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (who were not members of the Writers' Union) to visit. Supported by the British Council, who then asked me (as a sort of quid pro quo) to go down to Macedonia (then internationally isolated) as they'd "asked for someone" and no-one would go. I read at the main Library in Skopje and met some great people.

1993 Invitation from the Italian Cultural Institute in Prague to take part in a three-day International Conference on the Arts.

1994 Invitation from the University of Las Palmas, Tenerife, Canary Islands, to read and to take part in a four-day International Conference on Language and Writing.

Markin Flanagan Distinguished Writer, Residency. University of Calgary, Canada, during March.

1996 Invitation from the University of New Hampshire, USA. to International Conference "Assembling Alternatives"

Invitation to visit two schools (High School equivalent) in Venice, Italy, and talk to pupils about writing.

1999 One week residency at Porto dei Santi, Bologna, Italy working with painter Giovanni D'Agostino. Presented with first Poetry Skipper gold medal for Services to International Poetry.

2001 From June 9th:-- Artists'/poets' banners (part of Venice Biennale 2001) displayed in via Garibaldi. My banner had one by Claude Royet-Journoud on the other side.

2002 Three day residency at SUNY Buffalo, USA.

Two-week residency at CIPM Marseille, including reading, exhibition of graphic work and two-day invitation to four British poets of my choice to come to Marseille, give readings, and talk about British Poetry.

Philip Whalen Memorial Grant.

2005 Spring. Five-week fellowship at the Bogliasco Foundation, Italy.

Summer. Guest of Honour at Tom Raworth Day at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA.

2006 Winter. Week residency in Chicago (Audible Gallery; SAIC) to give classes and performances with musician Peter Brötzmann.<

2007 Spring. Week residency in Marseille for translation project.

Spring: Week invitation to Miami University, Ohio, for the opening of a show of artworks by Norma Cole, Marjorie Welish and myself.

Summer. Awarded the Antonio Delfini prize for lifetime achievment, Modena, Italy

2008 February/March. Fellowship at Macdowell Colony, NH, USA.

June. Awarded Stanford Calderwood Fellowship (2007-2008) by Macdowell, NH. USA.

2014 Awarded the N.C. Kaser-Lyrikpreis, Lana (Sud-Tirol), Italy


Since the early 1960s my poetry and prose have been published in English and in translation in journals and magazines from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Chile, Argentina, Romania, Greece, Hungary, Australia, Yugoslavia and China. Books of Selected Poems have been published in Swedish, Dutch, French, Spanish and Italian. Books in English include:

(note: a remarkably comprehensive and accurate bibliography appears in "Removed for Further Study" (editor Nate Dorward, Toronto 2003)

1966 The Relation Ship (poems). Illustrated by Barry Hall. Goliard Press, London.

1968 Haiku (poems: with John Esam and Anselm Hollo). Trigram Press, London.

1968 The Big Green Day (poems). Illustrated by Jim Dine. Trigram Press, London.

1969 A Serial Biography (prose). Fulcrum Press, London.

1969 The Relation Ship (second edition : different illustrations). Cape Goliard, London/Grossman Inc. NY.

1970 Lion Lion (poems : miscellaneous illustrations). Trigram Press, London.

1971 Moving (poems). Illustrated by Joe Brainard. Cape Goliard, London/Grossman Inc. NY.

1972 Tracking (poems/notebook). Cover by Fielding Dawson. Doones Press, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA.

Pleasant Butter (poems). Cover by Charles Simonds. Blue Pig Press, Paris/Northampton USA.

Betrayal (prose). Trigram Press, London.

1973 Act (poems). Illustrated by Barry Flanagan. Trigram Press, London.

Back to Nature (poems). Cover by Pip Benveniste. Joe DiMaggio, London, UK.

From the Hungarian ("translations") (with Val Raworth). 40 copies privately printed, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA.

An Interesting Picture of Ohio (irony). 40 copies privately printed, Bowling Green, Ohio, USA.

1974 Ace (long poem). Illustrated by Barry Hall. Goliard Press, London. (Apart from 35 copies, this edition was destroyed in a freak flood).

Bolivia – another end of Ace (poem). Secret Books, London, UK.

1975 Cloister (poems). Cover by Michael Myers. Blue Pig, Northampton/Paris.

1976 Common Sense (poems). Illustrated by Michael Myers. Zephyrus Image, San Francisco, USA.

The Mask (poems). Illustrated with masks found by Alastair Johnston. Poltroon Press, Berkeley, USA.

1977 Logbook (prose). Illustrated by Frances Butler. Poltroon Press, Berkeley, USA,

A Serial Biography (second edition). Turtle Island Foundation, Berkeley, USA.

Ace (second edition : different illustrations). The Figures, Berkeley, USA.

1978 Four Door Guide (poetry and prose). Cover and illustration by the author. Street Editions, Cambridge, UK.

Sky Tails (poems). Lobby Press, Cambridge, UK.

1979 Nicht Wahr, Rosie? (poems). Poltroon Press, Berkeley, USA.

1982 Writing (long poem). The Figures, Berkeley, USA.

1983 Lèvre de Poche (poems). Cover by the author. Bull City Press, Durham, N.C., USA.

1984 Heavy Light (poems). Cover by Lloyd Raworth. Actual Size Press, London, UK.

Tottering State : Selected and New Poems 1963 to 1984. Cover by Eric Fischl. The Figures, Berkeley, USA.

1985 Tractor Parts (words/graphics : broadside). Spectacular Diseases, Peterborough, UK.

1986 Lazy Left Hand (poems). Cover by Lloyd Raworth. Actual Size Press, London, UK.

1987 Visible Shivers (poetry and prose). Cover by Jean-Luc Guérin, illustrations by the author. O Books, Oakland, USA.

1988 Tottering State (expanded edition: selected poems 1963 to 1987) Paladin Books, London, UK.

1989 Sentenced he gives a Shape (poems). Zasterle Press, Tenerife, Spain.

1990 From Eternal Sections (poems). Hardpressed Poetry, Dublin, Ireland.

1991 Catacoustics (long poem: illustrations by the author). Street Editions, Cambridge, UK.

All Fours (poem). Cover by the author). Microbrigade, London, UK.

1992 The Vein (poem). The Figures, Massachusetts, USA.

Blue Screen (poem). Equipage Press, Cambridge, UK.

1993 Eternal Sections (poems). Sun & Moon Press, Los Angeles, USA.

1994 Survival (poems). Equipage Press, Cambridge, UK.

Emptily (poem). The Figures, Massachusetts, USA.

The Mosquito and the Moon(poem), Cambridge, UK.

1995 Silent Rows (poems). The Figures, Massachusetts,USA.

Muted Hawks (poem). Illustrations by Alastair Johnston. Poltroon Press, Berkeley, USA.

Frames (poems: with Italian translation by Dario Villa). Cover by Gianni Castagnoli. Illustration by Franco Beltrametti. Giona Editions, Riva san Vitale, Switzerland.

1996 Clean & Well Lit (selected poems 1987 to 1995). Roof Books, NY, USA.

Firewall (poem: in book with works by Bill Griffith and Tom Leonard). Etruscan Books, Devon, UK.

1997 Etruscan Reader V (extended version of the previous volume, but including some older uncollected work)

2000 Tottering State (republication, with complete text of Writing)(cover by Richard Tuttle) O Books, Berkeley, California, USA.

Meadow (new poems) PostApollo Press, Sausalito, California, USA.

Landscaping the Future (new poems, bilingual: Italian translations by John Gian and Rita degli Esposti) Porto dei Santi, Bologna, Italy.

2001 Ace / Bolivia: another end of Ace (republication with original illustrations by Barry Hall) Edge Books, Washington, DC, USA.

2003 Collected Poems. Carcanet Press, UK.

2006 Caller. Edge Books, Washington, DC, USA.

2008 Let Baby Fall. Critical Documents, Providence, RI, USA.

2009 Earn Your Milk - Collected Prose. SALT Books, Cambridge, England.

2009 There Are Few People Who Put On Any Clothes (Starring It). Equipage, Cambridge, England.

2009 El Tiempo Se Volvio En Cuero. Sur+, Mexico City, Mexico.

2010 Windmills in Flames. Carcanet Press, U.K.

2011 Got On. ©_© Press, U.K.

Incomprehensible Things. Privately Printed, U.K.

2012 Pleasant Butter. Republication Privately Printed, U.K.

2014 XIVLiners. Sancho Panza, Brighton, U.K.

2015 Structure From Motion. Edge Books, Washington D.C., USA

As When: Selected Poems. Carcanet Books, UK

There are probably some books missing from this list, and I have not included the half dozen or so books in French translation, the three in Italian, the two in Spanish (Mexico & Chile), the one in German; nor various posters, broadsides and other ephemera.

Anthologised in:

1969 Twentieth Century Love Poems, Hutchinson, London.

Holding Your Eight Hands, Doubleday, NY.

Children of Albion, Penguin Books, London.

1970 British Poetry Since 1945, Penguin Books, London

Poetry of the Dance, Corgi Books, London.

New English Poetry, Michigan Quarterly Review.

1971 Penguin Modern Poets 19 (with John Ashbery and Lee Harwood), Penguin Books, London.

23 Modern British Poets, Swallow Books, USA.

1977 The Film Addict's Archive, Elm Tree Books, London.

1978 English and American Surrealist Poetry, Penguin Books, London.

1986 21 + 1 American Poets Today edited by Emmanuel Hocquard/and Claude Royet-Journoud, Delta, Universite Paul Valery, Montpellier

1987 Thirty Years of the Poetry Book Society, Hutchinson, London.

1988 Futures for English, Manchester University Press, UK.

The New British Poetry, Paladin Books, London.

O One, O Press, Oakland, California.

1989 The Poetry Book Society Anthology, Hutchinson, London.

1993 The Faber Book of Movie Verse, Faber & Faber, UK.

1998 Poems for the Millennium (volume 2), Univ.of California Press. California.

2001 Anthology of Twentieth Century British and Irish Poetry, Oxford University Press, USA

and in Anthologies of British and/or American poetry published in France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Hungary and Romania

Translations include:

1969 (in) Con Cuba: An Anthology of Contemporary Cuban Poetry, Cape Goliard, London.

1970 (in) The Penguin Book of South American Verse (edited by Enrique Caracciolo). The Bolivian, Chilean, Argentinian and Peruvian sections. Penguin Books, London.

1971 (in) Third World Political Documents (edited by John Gerassi). Wiedenfeld and Nicholson, London.


1972 (in) Arion, Budapest (poems translated from the Hungarian in collaboration with Gyula Kodolanyi.

1986 What Day Is It, by Liliane Giraudon. Illustrated by Kate van Houten. Womens' Study Workshop, Rosendale, NY. (Translated from the French).

1988 (in) Coyote's Journal, Maine, USA. Translations of Ballestrini and others, in collaboration with Franco Beltrametti. (From the Italian).

1990 (in) Love Poetry by Women, edited by Wendy Mulford, Virago Books, London. (From the Italian of Patrizia Vicinelli).<

1993 Between the Eyelashes (poem sequence). From the Italian of Dario Villa. Active in Airtime Press, Colchester, UK.

2006 The Tiger in the Mirror (poem sequence). From the Italian of Rita degli Esposti. Coyote Books, Maine, USA.


London Art Review for Das Kunstwerk, Baden, Germany, during 1964.

Script for short film A Plague on Both Your Houses, directed by John Cowan, London, 1966.

Book reviews for Peace News, London, during 1967 (Gombrowitz, Dorn, Wm.Carlos Williams, etc.)

Guest Editor of Work 4, Detroit, USA, 1968, devoted to the work of the German poet Rainer M. Gerhardt.

One of nine poets reading their work in a film titled "Poet", directed by Pip Benveniste. "O" Films, London, 1969.

Selection of poems issued as a long-playing record Little Trace Remains of Emmett Miller, by Stream Records, London, 1969.

Readings on television and radio including Late Night Line-up (BBC TV); Word of Mouth (Border TV); The John Peel Show (BBC Radio 1); The Living Poet (half-hour BBC Radio 3); Albatross (half-hour France-Culture, Paris); WMLT Chicago (one hour); and on various other stations in the United States, Canada, Holland, France, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden.

Many audio and video cassette recordings exist of readings during the past thirty years in the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Sweden. There are also audio cassettes/CDs of collaborations with musicians: with Steve Lacy in Marseille, 1987; with Steve Nelson-Raney in Milwaukee, 1988, and Chicago, 1989; with Esther Roth in Venice, 1996; with Nino Locatelli in Locarno (Swiss Radio), 1997; and with Joëlle Léandre in Lausanne, 2000. In 2005/2006 three CDs were issued: two by Optic Nerve and one by the Poetry Archive (UK). In 2006 a CD of work with Peter Brötzmann was issued in Chicago, titled No Hard Feelings.

Editor and publisher of:

outburst (three issues 1961 — 1963)

Before Your Very Eyes! (one issue 1964)

Infolio (issues 1 — 40, daily, 1986)

(issues 41—100, weekly, 1987)

Private Water (15 minute theatre piece), Theatre Maillol, Strasbourg, 1993.

Contributing editor to DOC(K)S (Ajaccio, Corsica), PAGINAS (Tenerife, Spain), Il Verri (Italy) and SHUFFLE BOIL (San Francisco, USA).

Cover illustrations for Critical Enquiry, Chicago; Invariante, Milan; Poetry International, San Diego; The Chicago Review;The Edinburgh Review; The Poetry Review and for books by Geoffrey Ward, Susan Schultz, Randolph Healy, John Higgins, Tom Pickard, Fanny Howe, Peter Robinson, François / David Lespiau, Ron Silliman and others.

Shows of paintings, drawings, and collages at:

La Zucca, Venice, Italy 1984

Campanotti Editore, Udine, Italy 1984

Casa dei Architetti, Riva, Switzerland 1986

Ca'Bianca, Reggio d'Emilia, Italy 1987

Fortuna Gallery, Brunswick, Maine, USA 1989

Les Matinaux, Paris 14, France 1989

Gilpin's, London N16 1989

The Figures, Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA 1991

Avida Dollars, Milan, Italy 1992

Le Refuge, Marseille, France 1992

La Zucca, Venice, Italy 1992

Abstract Gallery, Great Barrington, Mass. USA 1992

Jesus College, Cambridge, UK 1992

Gerald Adelman's, Chicago, USA 1993

The Poetry Society, London, UK 1994

Agli Orti, Lugano, Switzerland, 1994.

Front Gallery, Housatonic, US 1997.

C.C.C.P. Cambridge, UK 1998

Museo d'Arte, Mendrisio, TI, Switzerland, 1999 (collaborations with Franco Beltrametti)

Gerald Adelman's, Chicago, USA, 2000

Venice Biennale: banner (Claude Royet-Journoud's work on the other side) displayed with other artists'/poets' banners in via Garibaldi, Venice, June, 2001.

CIPM, Marseille, France, 2002

PACE Exhibition, Venice, Italy, December 2003

Art Museum, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA, August/September 2005

Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee, USA, Spring.

Audible Gallery, Chicago, Illinois, USA, November/December 2006

Gallery of the University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio, USA, January/February 2007


For over thirty-five years I have given public readings too numerous to remember, let alone list: in Universities, Colleges, Libraries, Bookstores, High Schools, Primary Schools, Community Centres, — anywhere I was invited: including the following International Festivals.

1972 International Poetry Festival, Austin, Texas, USA

1977 Cambridge Poetry Festival, Cambridge, UK.

1978 Poetry International, Rotterdam, Holland

One World Poetry, Amsterdam, Holland

1985 Poèsie Sonore, Geneva, Switzerland

Rencontre International de Poèsie II, Cogolin, France

1986 Di Versi in Versi, Parma, Italy

Milanopoesia, Milan, Italy

1987 Poèsie Sonore, Geneva, Switzerland

Gothenburg International Festival, Gothenburg, Sweden

Rencontre International d'Allauch, Allauch, France

1988 Rencontre International de Poèsie, Tarascon, France

Polyphonix 13th International Festival, Paris, France

1989 International Arts Festival, Reggio d"Emilia, Italy

Di Versi in Versi, Parma, Italy

1990 Milanopoesia, Milan, Italy.

1991 Rencontre International de Poèsie, Tarascon, France

1992 International Poetry Festival, Coimbra, Portugal

Segni nel Tempo, Lana, Italy

Homage to John Cage, Pompidou Centre, Paris, France

1993 Struga International Poetry Festival, Republic of Macedonia

International Conference on the Arts, Prague, Czech Republic

1994 International Conference on Language and Poetry, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

1996 Veneziapoesia, Venice, Italy

Assembling Alternatives, University of New Hampshire, USA

1997 Poesia in Percorsi, Pavia, Italy.

1999 Art Institute, Chicago, USA,

Arts Club, Chicago, USA

2000 Mot(s)/Musique, Lausanne, Switzerland.

International Poetry Festival, Locarno, Switzerland.

Poesia in Percorsi, Pavia, Italy.

Poesie Sonore, La Batie, Geneva, Switzerland.

Chicago Humanities Festival, Chicago, USA.

2001 La Nave dei Folli, International Poetry Festival, Locarno, Switzerland.

Venice Biennale, Guggenheim Museum, Italy.

International Poetry Festival, Cork, Ireland.

2002 International Poetry Festival, Cork, Ireland.

International Literature Festival, Berlin, Germany.

2003 International Poetry Festival, Cork, Ireland.

2004 International Poetry Festival, Cork, Ireland.

2005 First Pearl River Poetry Conference, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China.

2006 Contemporary Experimental Women's Poetry Festival, Cambridge, England.

Outer Ear Festival of Sound, Chicago and Milwaukee, USA.

2008 Keynote reader at "Poetry of the 70s" conference, U. of Maine, Orono, USA

2010 Second Qinghai International Poetry Festival, Xining, People's Republic of China.

International Book Fair, Oaxaca, Mexico.

2013 Iridescent Notation (a selection of poems) pour soprano et 7 instruments, by Samuel Andreyev broadcast on France Musique.

I have read in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada, The United States, Hungary, Sweden, Holland, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Russia, the Republic of South Africa, the Republic of Macedonia, Yugoslavia, the Czech Republic, Mexico and the People's Republic of China.

Reviews, interviews, articles, etc.

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Barrell, John:-- Subject and Sentence; the Poetry of Tom Raworth in Critical Enquiry Vol.17 No.2, Chicago, winter 1991

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Collaborations and performances (between 1980 and the present) with:

Franco Beltrametti (Swiss-Italian painter and poet)

MA IL (broadside, Switzerland 1984)

Horses (paintings and graphic works, Italy 1986)

The Thoughts of Captain Alexis (book and performance; Switzerland, Italy and France, various times)

La Bande des Cinq with Julien Blaine, Corrado Costa, James Koller (painting/performance, France 1989)

Signing a River (performance event, Switzerland 1990)

Captain Alexis meets the Last Koing Poets (book and performance, France 1991

Arte Nanetta (multimedia show, with Dario Villa, Italy 1992)

KTCFYW (booklet), Switzerland, 1993)

Jean-Yves Cousseau (French photographer)

Lieux d'Ecrits (book, France)

Le Voyage de l'Objet (book, France)

Giovanni d'Agostino (Italian painter)

Di Versi in Versi (performance, Italy)

Collaborations (graphic works, Bologna, Italy)

John Gian and Rita degli Esposti (Italian writers and painters)

Various performances and readings in Italy.

Micaëla Henich (French graphic artist)

1,003 Drawings (books, with texts by Derrida, Fourcade, Roubaud, Palmer and Raworth, France)

Joëlle Léandre (French musician)

Captain Alexis (with Beltrametti and Dario Villa; performance, Italy)

Sixty Words; performance, Lausanne, Switzerland.



Ruth Lingen (American book-designer and printer)

Nothing (broadside, USA)

Pierre Savatier (French photographer)

Rainbow (book, France)

Steve Lacy (American musician)

Performance in Marseille, France.

Performance in Pavia, Italy.

Steve Nelson-Raney (American musician and writer)

Performances in Milwaukee and Chicago.

Giancarlo (Nino) Locatelli (Italian musician)

Performances in Locarno, Switzerland.

Dario Villa (Italian poet and translator)

Various performances of Captain Alexis, with others, in Italy and Switzerland

Lars Fredrikson (Swedish/French sculptor, painter, sound designer)

Son Nets (projected sound/poetry sculpture, France)

Susanne Doppelt (French photographer) and Rob Rusk (American photographer)

Ascenseur (book, exhibition/installation, France and USA)

Esther Roth (Swiss pianist and composer)

Blue Screen (performance in Venice, Italy)

Blue Screen (performance in Pavia, Italy)

Something New (performance in Geneva, Switzerland)

Bruce Ackley (American musician)

Performance, San Francisco State University Poetry Center, 2000

Alberto Braida and Nino Locatelli (Italian musicians)

Performance of Dylan Thomas poems, Lodi and Milan, 2000

Peter Brötzmann (German musician)

Performances, graphics exhibition and classes in Chicago and Milwaukee, 2006

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