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That's how to write a novel: Sonny Rollins, Toot Toot Tootsie.”

FD,1975. (Steve Emerson)

With Charles Olson, Black Mountain, 1951
(Photograph by Teri Dick Modlin)

Guy Fielding Lewis Dawson
(Photograph by Mimi Fronczak)

Fee, Naropa 1999

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Photographed by Susan Maldovan in 1999

Fee Dawson, writer, artist and teacher, died in New York City on January 5th 2002. Born in that city and raised in Missouri, he attended Black Mountain College, did military service, then returned to New York. The author of many books of fiction and memoirs ("An Emotional Memoir of Franz Kline" "The Black Mountain Book" come immediately to mind), his remarkable energy and enthusiasm (leaving sufficient for baseball) during his last years were directed to the teaching of Creative Writing in prisons.

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Obituary/article by Michael Hrebeniak in Jacket 16.

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