INFOLIO contributors

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Agrafiotis, Demosthenes (Greece) issue 7
Albiach, Anne-Marie (France) issue 13
Angel, Joseph (France) issue 45
Archer, Jeffrey (TR) (U.K.) issue 83
Athrow, Mort (TR) (U.K.) issue 18


Ball, David (U.S.A.) issue 7; (translator) issue 75
Ball, Julia (U.K.) issue 9
Ballestrini, Nanni (Italy) issue 49
Barnett, Anthony (U.K.) issue 11
Barrell, John (U.K.) issue 45; issue 66
Belben, Rosalind (U.K.) issue B
Beltrametti, Franco (Switzerland) issue 2; issue 53
Benson, Steve (U.S.A.) issue 25
Benveniste, Asa (U.K.) issue 1; issue 51
Benveniste, Pip (U.K.) issue 3
Berkson, Bill (U.S.A.) issue 33
Berlin, Lucia (U.S.A.) issue 52
Bernheimer, Alan (U.S.A.) issue 82
Bernstein, Charles (U.S.A.) issue 54
Blaine, Julien (France) issue 46
Blank, Irma (Italy) issue 25
Botto, Ken (U.S.A.) issue 87
Brown, Paul (U.K.) issue 93
Brownjohn, Alan (U.K) issue 21
Buchanan, Leslie (U.S.A.) issue 88
Burckhardt, Rudy (U.S.A.) issue 80
Butler, Frances (U.S.A.) issue 59


Caddell, Lucy (U.K.) issue 81
Caddell, Ric (U.K.) issue 81
Cantieni, Graham (U.S.A.) issue 69
Carlson, Michael (U.K.) issue 89
Carrigan, Andrew (U.S.A.) issue 99
Celan-Lestrange, Gisèle (France) issue 40
Clark, Tom (U.S.A.) issue 17; issue 19
Cole, Norma (U.S.A.) issue 32; issue 86
Coleman, Les (U.K.) issue 4; issue 93
Collom, Jack (U.S.A.) issue 46
Cometta, Claudio (Switzerland) issue 99
Coolidge, Clark (U.S.A.) issue 69
Corbett, William (U.S.A.) issue 55
Corcoran, Kelvin (U.K.) issue 26
Costa, Corrado (Italy) issue 34
Cousseau, Jean-Yves (France) issue 37
Couturier, Michel (France) issue 100
Creeley, Robert (U.S.A.) issue 59
(poem set by Steve Lacy) issue 86
Crozier, Andrew (U.K.) issue 30
Crystal (U.S.A.) issue 61
Curreli, Gianni (Italy) issue 90


D'Agostino, Giovanni (Italy) issue 30
Daley, John (U.S.A.) issue 34
Dalrymple, Jane (U.S.A.) issue 22
Davis, Lydia (U.S.A.) issue 43
Dawson, Fielding (U.S.A.) issue 50
Day, Jean (U.S.A.) issue 41
Degli Esposti, Rita (Italy) issue 33
Dewdney, Christopher (Canada) issue 39; issue 82
Dietz, Bernd (Spain) issue 95
Di Palma, Elizabeth (U.S.A) issue K
Di Palma, Ray (U.S.A.) issue K
Dorn, Edward (U.S.A.) issue 16; issue 73
Dragomoschenko, Arkadii (Russia) issue E
Dragomoschenko, Ostap (Russia) issue E
Drucker, Johanna (U.S.A.) issue 54
Dunbar, John (U.K.) issue 76
Duncan, Andrew (U.K.) issue J
Du Pasquier, Nathalie (Italy) issue J
Durien, Laure (France) issue 35
Dutton, G.F. (U.K.) issue G


Edwards, Ken (U.K.) issue 72
Eigner, Larry (U.S.A.) issue 74
Ellis, Simone (U.S.A.) issue 63
Emerson, Stephen (U.S.A.) issue 15
Ettinger, Bracha (France) issue 92


Faïn, Claude (France) issue 68
Falk, Agneta (Sweden) issue 13
Ferrer, Esther (Spain) issue 62
Finlay, Ian Hamilton (Scotland) issue 26
Fisher, Allen (U.K.) issue 18
Fisher, Roy (U.K.) issue 36
Flanagan, Barry (U.K.) issue 56
Fontana, Pio (Switzerland) issue 11; issue 77
Foster, Gayle (U.K.) issue 29
Fourcade, Dominique (France) issue 32
Fredrikson, Lars (Norway) issue 68
Freer, Ulli (U.K.) issue I


Ganapini, Fiorenza (Italy) issue 31
Gian, John (Italy) issue 28
Gilfillan, Merril (U.S.A.) issue 39
Gilonis, Harry (U.K.) issue 74; issue 89; issue A
Gilpin, Peter (U.K.) issue 66
Ginsberg, Allen (U.S.A.) issue 58
Giusti, Francesco (Shin Ku) (Italy) issue 14
Godfrey, John (U.S.A.) issue 5
Goodell, Larry (U.S.A.) issue 85
Graham, Allan (U.S.A.) issue 16
Gray, Darrell (U.S.A.) issue 78; issue 98
Green, Paul (U.K.) issue C
Grenier, Robert (U.S.A.) issue 37
Guérin, Jean-Luc (France) issue 5; issue B
Guglielmi, Joseph (France) issue 49
Gunn, Thom (U.S.A.) issue 29
Guravich, Donald (U.S.A.) issue 84


Hahn, Susanne (Holland) issue 41
Halsey, Alan (U.K.) issue H
Hamlet, Bill (U.S.A.) issue 21; issue 55
Harryman, Carla (U.S.A.) issue 24
Harwood, Lee (U.K.) issue 44
Hawkins, Ralph (U.K.) issue H
Hekking, Catherine (France) issue N
Hejinian, Lyn (U.S.A.) issue 31
Henich, Micaëla (France) issue 67; issue 96
Hofer, Kurt (Switzerland) issue M
Hollo, Anselm (U.S.A./Finland) issue 22
Hoogstraten, Harry (Holland) issue 17
Hoy, Peter (translator) (U.K.) issue 68
Hubaut, Joël (France) issue I


Inn, Phil (TR) (U.K.) issue 15


Jackson, Tony (U.K.) issue 50
James, John (U.K.) issue 8
Jane (U.K.) issue 65
Johnson, Tom (U.S.A.) issue 62
Joris, Pierre (U.S.A./Luxembourg) issue 96


Kodolanyi, Gyula (Hungary) issue 19; issue 97
Koller, James (U.S.A.) issue 65
Kyger, Joanne (U.S.A.) issue 84


Lacy, Steve (U.S.A.) issue 86
Lawson, Andrew (U.K.) issue 98
Léandre, Joëlle (France) issue L
Lessica, Rex (U.S.A.) issue 4
Levy, John (U.S.A.) issue 88
Lijn, Liliane (U.S.A./U.K.) issue 20
Littlewood, Neil (U.K.) issue 71
London, Rick (U.S.A.) issue 28


Maher, Janet (U.S.A.) issue 36
Malewicz, Monika (Holland) issue 95
Marley, Brian (U.K.) issue 51
Marriott, D.S. (U.K.) issue 14
Martin, François (France) issue 43; issue 100
McNaughton, Duncan (U.S.A.) issue 2
Mead, John (U.K.) issue 3
Middleton, Peter (U.K.) issue 97
Miller, David (U.K./New Zealand) issue 83
Miller, Dick (U.K./U.S.A.) issue 44
Mills, Billy (Ireland) issue 53
Moore, Vincent (TR) (U.K.) issue 12
Muckle, John (U.K.) issue F
Mulford, Wendy (U.K.) issue 12
Myers, Michael (U.S.A.) issue 42


Nelson-Raney, Steve (U.S.A.) issue A
Newton, Race (U.S.A./U.K.) issue 42
Nisbet, Jim (U.S.A.) issue L
Notley, Alice (U.S.A.) issue 23
Nuttall, Jeff (U.K.) issue 72


Okamura, Arthur (U.S.A.) issue 52
Oldfield, Steve (U.K.) issue 47
Oliver, Douglas (U.K.) issue 47


Padgett, Ron (U.S.A.) issue 8; issue 75
Pajalich, Armando (Italy) issue 77
Palmer, Michael (U.S.A.) issue N
Pasman, Willem (Holland) issue 64
Pedroletti, Minouche (France) issue F
Perelman, Bob (U.S.A.) issue 79
Pickard, Kuba (U.K.) issue 48
Pickard, Tom (U.K.) issue 48
Pozzi, Gian-Antonio (Italy) issue 79
Prynne, J.H. (U.K.) issue 40; issue 67


Raderman, Marlene (U.S.A.) issue 63
Raworth, Aram (U.K.) issue D
Raworth, Ben (U.K.) issue 91
Raworth, Lloyd (U.K.) issue 38
Raworth, T.A. (U.K.) issue 85
Raworth, Tom (U.K.) issue 6; issue 23; issue 70
Raworth, Val (U.K.) issue G
Riley, Denise (U.K.) issue 10
Riley, Peter (U.K.) issue 78
Robinson, Kit (U.S.A.) issue 38
Robinson, Peter (U.K.) issue 60
Rodefer, Stephen (U.S.A.) issue 56
Roubaud, Jacques (France) issue 35
Royet-Journoud, Claude (U.S.A.) issue 1; issue 20; issue 70
Ruberg, Merle (translator) (U.S.A./France) issue 100
Rusk, Rob (U.S.A.) issue 10


Sacré, James (France/U.S.A.) issue 75
Salamun, Tomaz (Slovenia) issue 58
Scalapino, Leslie (U.S.A.) issue 9
Schneeman, George (U.S.A.) issue 8
Scully, Maurice (Ireland) issue 73
Shein, Keith (U.S.A.) issue 64
Siavoshi, Parvine (France) issue 60
Simas, Joseph (U.S.A./France) issue 27
Sturgeon, Tandy (U.S.A.) issue 87
Swensen, Cole (U.S.A.) issue M


Thomas, Lorenzo (U.S.A.) issue 61
Tiffen, Andrew (U.K.) issue 24
Trompeter, Tim (U.S.A./France) issue 94


Unger-Hamilton, Clive (U.K.) issue C


Van Houten, Kate (France) issue 57
Villa, Dario (D) issue D


Waldman, Anne (U.S.A.) issue 90
Waldrop, Keith (translator) (U.S.A.) issue 70; issue 92
Waldrop, Rosmarie (U.S.A.) issue 71
Watten, Barrett (U.S.A.) issue 94
Wedderburn, Jim (France) issue 35
Wiley, William (U.S.A.) issue 27
Wilkinson, John (U.K.) issue 6
Williams, Hugo (U.K.) issue 57
Wolfe, Michael (U.S.A.) issue 76
Wolff, John (U.S.A.) issue 91

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