NEWS JUNE 2014 The complete run(s) of infolio, plus a few postcard supplements, have been accurately scanned and indexed (in full colour) thanks to Danny Snelson and his colleagues, and can be seen and downloaded at this Jacket2 link

UPDATE September 23rd. 2010. Issues 41 - 100 are back up and linked to the contributors' list. The quality is not good, but I again had only xeroxes to work from: I have no originals.

UPDATE March 20th. 2010. By chance I recovered a folder of the first 40 (the daily) issues from an old hard-drive. I cleaned them as best I could and now the link below to 1 to 40 works, and there are links from the alphabetical list of contributors (also below). Issues 41 to 100 will be done whenever I can find copies, a scanner, time and energy.

NOTE (March 16th. 2008). The links to INFOLIO 1 to 100 no longer work (nor do the links to those issues from the alphabetical list). The images were stored on webspace provided by my broadband server, NTL. The company was recently taken over by Virgin Media who, without any notification, simply deleted the space. I'm too tired and, frankly, bored these days to go through the whole process again from step one.

INFOLIO was a four-page literature and art magazine I did in the 1980s. The first forty appeared daily (Monday to Friday from July 1st to August 25th 1986): the next sixty were weekly (October 3rd 1986 to November 27th 1987). I no longer have copies, but when I was in Marseille in 2002 Emmanuel Ponsart produced a set, and Elizabeth kindly made fast xeroxes of them: the scans are from those (hence the staple marks). The circular (sometimes) shape on the back covers (which I reserved to doodle on) are cork-stamps in multicoloured inks on the originals: some of the issues had colour added by hand. The texts and graphics were reproduced from the original manuscripts: strange now to think there was a time when one could recognise a friend's typewriting. Occasionally there would be text and no graphic, so I had to improvise (the (TR) in the index).

INFOLIO 1 to 40

INFOLIO 41 to 100

Alphabetical clickable list of contributors

Thanks to Thomas Evans, who lent me his copies of the third, alphabetical series (which only went to "P"), I've been able to scan from the originals, including the hand-carved coloured letters.


There were occasional INFOLIO inserts or supplements. Dave Cook has unearthed two of them: by inference there must have been at least four.
A drawing insert by Ben Raworth (front) and (back).
and a postcard by William Corbett, illustrated border by Tom Raworth (front) and (back).

UPDATE September 23rd. 2010. Dave Cook has reminded me of another supplement (the first): a poem from 1980 by Asa Benveniste that I published on the occasion of his death in 1990. You can find it here.

UPDATE August 7th.2013. I recently found two infolio postcards from the "Literary Landscapes" series: one by Denise Riley, one by me. You can find them here.

UPDATE November 13th.2013. I found one more infolio postcard, by Harry Gilonis. You can find it here.

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