STEVE LACY died June 4th. 2004

Steven Norman Lackritz
Born: July 23, 1934 in New York. Died: June 4th. 2004 in Massachusetts.

Here is a pdf file of the NYTimes obituary in case it drops offline.
Here is a pdf file of the Independent obituary and here a coda.
Here is a pdf file of the Guardian obituary.

There's a recording of Terry Gross' interview on NPR with Steve here

I spoke to Steve last at a party in Boston at Bill and Beverly Corbett's house
after Steve, Irene and Robert Creeley had performed to a hall jammed to standing room
with an enthusiastic audience at MIT. Here are Steve, Bill and Irene that evening.

My last visual memory of Steve is Bill helping him to a cab, later that night.

March 11th. 2004

There's a good anniversary note, plus a reprint of the Futurities sleevenotes by Pierre Joris on his Nomadics blog, dated June 4th. 2005

September 5th. 2005

I found this paragraph in an interview with Bernard Vitet:

Steve Lacy

Un jour, en descendant au Festival d'Avignon, pendant lequel j'habitais chez Gelas, le metteur en scène, je me promenais dans les vignes autour de sa ferme, et j'écoutais la nature, le vent, etc. J'étais pris par le plein soleil. J'entendais se mélanger au chant des cigales des sonorités extraordinaires que je n'arrivais pas à identifier. Je croyais même rêver. Plus tard, j'ai appris que c'était Steve qui était sur une colline en train de travailler son soprano. C'était une impression très zen.

January 2006

A note by Roswell Rudd from the Sunnyside Records site.

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