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See here for details of Cambridge "Poetry Summit", January 9th. to January 11th. 2004

January 28th:— Reading at the Drama Center, 7 pm, University of East Anglia, Norwich.
Cancelled/postponed because of blizzards.
Probably will now be sometime after March 16th.

April 1st and 2nd:— Belfast, Crescent Arts Centre. 7pm-8.15pm: Modernist Poets -Trevor Joyce, Tom Raworth & Randolph Healy Three leading modernist poets from Ireland and England join forces for a must-see night of poetry action! In conjunction with The Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry. (5/4)

April 17th:— Riva san Vitale, Switzerland. Exhibition of Giovanni d'Agostino waxes.
TRIP CANCELLED.... event still extant.

April 30th:— Hammersmith Irish Centre, London. Reading with Trevor Joyce.

May 1st:— Memorial event for Jeff Nuttall, somewhere in London (will update)

May 18th:— London. Birkbeck College. Reading with Lee Harwood for CD launch.

June 2nd:— The Voice Box, London: presentation of artist's book with Chan Ky-Yut.

June 4th:— London. Reading at the RCA. London, with Adrian Clarke

June 4th:— STEVE LACY died this afternoon around 1.30 Eastern Standard Time, having been in a coma since Tuesday.
The end of a very particular era.
Here is a pdf file of the NYTimes obituary in case it drops offline.
And here is a pdf file of the Independent obituary and here a coda.

June 10th to 14th:— To Genoa then the Vaucluse.

June 16th:— Reading at Morden Tower Anniversary, Newcastle.
NOTE: The Opera House is in receivership
and the Birthday Reading is now taking place
in the Victoria Room of the Royal Station Hotel
.. There is a bar and it is 5.00 admission

June 23rd/27th:— Ireland. Cork Poetry Festival.

October 17th:— Reading at Total Writing 2, Camden People's Theatre, London NW1. 7.45pm

October 18th:— UEA (Norwich) reading postponed from January.

Probably now mid-November to early December:— Possible USA
(November 15th with Tom Pickard: Oxford, Ohio.)
(November 17th/19th:— Boulder, Colorado.)
November US trip/readings have had to be cancelled/postponed for medical reasons.

Sunday, November 14th:— I just had the miserable news that Lucia Berlin has died.
November 24th:—MEMORIALS for Lucia Berlin in Boulder and California. See here.

December 6th:— 8.00PM Rae Armantrout Tom Raworth Fanny Howe at the White Horse (upstairs room), Rupert Street, London W.1. (Piccadilly Circus Tube) 3/2


Photo by Anne Tardos, courtesy of Jacket Magazine
December 8th

Dear Friends,
We are sad to announce that Jackson Mac Low died this morning at 11:30 a.m. at Cabrini hospital in New York from complications after a stroke he suffered on November 4th. He was 82.

There will be no funeral, but he will be buried at Cedar Park Cemetery in Oradell, NJ.
A memorial will be held in the future.

Anne Tardos
Mordecai-Mark Mac Low
Clarinda Mac Low

Barrett Watten is putting together a memorial page which will probably be, or be linked from, here.

It's a sad occasion. Jackson's alertness, energy and good humour had me somehow thinking he'd always be around, always working. I've many memories of him over the years, in many places. My favourite remark of his, which gives a brief glimpse of his sweep, was when I was staying with him and Anne a couple of weeks after 9/11, the smell of burnt plastic, metal and bone still in the air and a haze of smoke outside. He was telling me he'd heard one of the planes pass low overhead, wondered what the sound was and why it seemed familiar. Then he remembered: "it was like the sound the Hindenburg made passing over my home in Chicago when I was a boy." I won't be alone in missing Jackson.

The New York Times obituary for Jackson is here, but requires free registration.
I've put a PDF file of it here.

A PDF file of The Los Angeles Times obituary is here.

December 16th. I've duplicated this information here so that any remembrances of Jackson can be added, as that doesn't seem to conflict with what Barrett is doing.

December 10th. 2004
Ben and Vikki had a daughter, 7lb.9oz., at 1.45.a.m. this morning.

Florence Wylde Raworth, 12 hours old

See NOTES for details of December 10th. reading in Glasgow in support of Mordechai Vanunu.

See NOTES for details of December 12th. reading of Philip Whalen's work in NYC.


January 19th:— Steve Lacy Memorial evening at St.Mark's Poetry Project.
Probably can't be at this for continuing medical reasons.

February 6th to March 16th 2005:— Bogliasco Foundation, Italy.

April 19th:— Reading at University of Salford.

July 4th to July 10th 2005:— Cork International Festival.

MARCH 18th. 2005

NOTES seems to be taking the place of NEWS so I'll probably simply update there from now on.

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