Europe Cut Off

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Photo by Nicole Ball


Never Two Without

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A few moments ago Ken Lansdowne died. He was my oldest friend and, with his wife Pat, family forever. Born in Shoreditch, East London (well before it was polluted by “artists”) on Christmas day 1937; he died this morning in Deal, Kent. The stories are too many and, finally, nobody’s fucking business. This was the last time I saw Ken, he came to visit shortly before I went into hospital, almost two years ago. After that, neither of us could travel. A diamond. With Teddy yesterday, and Ken today, this June is working on being memorable.


And Now

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…. our dear and old friend Ted Greenwald. Love and condolences to Joanie and Abby.
The worst week for a long time. This is not the last time I saw Teddy; but it was the last time we sat across a table alone.
Read his books.

Poetry Foundation note


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August 30, 1939, New York City –– June 16th, 2016, San Francisco.

Bill reading in London, 2007

A flicker of late night memories through almost 50 years. Bill always calm. warm, generous with time, information, gossip and in light. New York City, Bolinas, San Francisco, London. Mentally and physically courageous, too. Our deepest sympathy to Connie; to all Bill’s family.



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Time Passing

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Before Dawn

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with Claude Royet-Journoud in Marseille

back in some day

thanks to Michèle Cohen



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Just family stuff: photos and faster.


Hanging About

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Mars In Opposition

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Behind The Façade: An Architect At Large   John Wells-Thorpe   Book Guild Publishing
Edge Of Irony   Marjorie Perloff   University of Chicago Press
Everydata   Johnson and Gluck   Bibliomotion
A Burglar’s Guide To The City   Geoff Manaugh   Farrar Strauss and Giroux
La Finitude des corps simples   Claude Royet Journoud   P.O.L
oyster finitude   Dominique Fourcade   hors commerce
Modern Toss IX   Jon Link and Mick Bunnage   Modern Toss



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…yet another


Turn Pie

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I Don’t Know What You Got Little Richard
Lethe Empirical Connection
Ellington Medley Edmond Hall Petite Fleur
Glass Eyes Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
Varied Trio – II. Bowl Bells Lou Harrison La Koro Sutro
Land of Sad Lemons Haidar Eid

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Irish MEP Luke Flanagan shows how your democratically elected representatives are allowed to “scrutinize” the Corporate Coup Treaty.


May Day

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Jenny Diski, writer. 8 July 1947 – 28 April 2016

Our dear friend Jenny died early this morning. My thoughts are with her family, and particularly with Ian.


They Never Walked Alone

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For twenty seven years the people of Liverpool fought for what was right, and for the truth of what happened at Hillsborough Stadium to cause the deaths of 96 football supporters to be widely known and acknowledged. Today they were vindicated, rising above the slime of The Sun newspaper and the scum of the South Yorkshire Police Force to see the essential generosity, courage and nobility of their lost family members and friends clearly observed.


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Música De Pito Y Corneta [Tzeltales De Tenajapa] Miguel Guzmán Tzurin, Alonso Guzmán Tzurin INAH Vol.4 Música Indígena De Los Altos De Chiapas
Donald Trump & Greed in America Tupac 1992 Interview
Totalna revolucija Pankrti Zbrana dela 1977-1988
La Yerbabuena (Chilena) Música de la Costa Chica de Guerrero y Oaxaca Fonoteca del Inah 21
Wearing The Robes Of Bible Black Giant Sand The Love Songs
The Hour is Thin Brian Eno The Ship
The Pyre Of Angus Was In Kathmandu Tony Conrad with Faust Outside The Dream Syndicate
Generique (Miles Davis) Nils Frahm Late Night Tales: Nils Frahm
El Pueblo Unido Jamás Será Vencido Inti-Illimani La Nueva Cancion Chilena

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This, Too, I Found Interesting

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David Ball, Professor Emeritus of French and Comparative Literature at Smith College, discusses his acclaimed translation and annotation of Jean Guéhenno’s Diary of the Dark Years, 1940-1944 (Oxford University Press, 2014), at the Lewis Global Studies Center at Smith College. Ball’s is the first ever English translation of this incredible look into life in occupied France.


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I found this France 24 documentary (in English) interesting.



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Tayyip-I-Addy Poetry Prize

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Win £1000


Enter Title Here

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A few of the celebrities and fictional characters gathered to celebrate the Queen’s birthday.


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I was in Montreal only once, overnight. March 1970. In my memory it is hilly, grey and drizzly. David Ball and I were there to read in a Poetry Series at Sir George Williams University. The FLQ were active, and over-protective staff advised us not to roam the streets. George Butterick hovers in the memory as does a pair of black leather boots. Those images (plus whatever David recalls) were, I thought, the only traces of the visit. This afternoon an email from Dave Cook included a link from his daughter Lisa (thanks Lisa) in Paris to a fully documented sound archive of the several years of the series. There are many gems among the more than 70 reels of tape. To now I’ve enjoyed hearing John Wiener’s voice from 1966 and listening to Borges read his Dreams and English Literature lecture. An excellent resource. And all before full spectrum surveillance.

This week 60 years ago I was 17 and in hospital awaiting open-heart surgery. I owe that I have a life since then and thus a memory of Montreal to two men. The cardiologist Paul Wood and the surgeon Russell Brock. I am still grateful for their intelligence, their skills, their kindness and their openness to me.


Sunny Morning After Shit Night

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Government Wrings Hands

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Mr Osborne’s warning comes after a debate in the Commons on Monday on the impact of the 50p hourly increase in the National Living Wage (NLW), said profitable firms trying to “evade the spirit” of the new laws would face government pressure.

“I promise you that we will use the full force of our office, little though it sometimes feels, to put pressure on those companies to live up not only to the legal obligations, which are our job in making legislation in this House, but to their moral obligations, which are the ones that we feel matter a great deal more,” said Conservative minister Nick Boles.

Loose Leaves

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Venezia Undertide 6 (108 copies), Words and Images, edited by Rita degli Esposti, John Gian and Francesco Giusti.

The dead mix with the living in this elegant object made with care.

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