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Please suspend any donations. Last Friday after two days of tests, scans, bone-marrow extraction and so on, our Doctor came in the evening to say the cancer had badly metastsized…to bone marrow, liver, right lung, kidney and small bowel. Nothing to be done except palliative care and that I had at most two weeks to live. So that’s it. I can’t see I shall ever get back here. Emails will reach Val who obviously will pass along to me whatever she can. Bits of it all have been fun and it’s been a decent run.



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Thanks to donations from

Whose generosity gives this site/jounal some space for a while.

It is Lisa’s birthday today: good company. Medical events are moving faster. A few days ago I signed my non-resuscitation documents, and then the non-hospice request. Tomorrow morning is a full blood test, followed by an echo scan: then a full MRI scan, ending with blood-marrow extraction.


Rolling on

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David Meltzer
(February 17, 1937 – December 31, 2016)
San Francisco Chronicle obituary .


Just a Gesture

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It has been a bad year, but I won’t haunt Christmas. What space of this I can so rarely now find energy sufficient to open, let alone use, exists purely because a few generous friends (I thank particularly Jeremy Noel-Tod and Ian Heames) click the donate button. I’m grateful to them, and to the actual analogue friends in town…. Sam, Sara, Ace and Guthrie; Daniel, Jenny and Bramble; Franco and his restaurant for… their constant help and presence. Otherwise I have been able only to see immediate family and representatives of most medical specialities, over more than a year.
I’ve no strength to send out a card: but those who wish to will find this. Enjoy these days. Love from us, Val and Tom


More Dust Bitten

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I can do no more than report with sadness (the news is second/third hand a short while ago) that Ray DiPalma was found dead after being missed from his teaching. I know nothing but that. I owe Ray a lot… he was responsible for my first job at Bowling Green S.U. and published me in his DOONES press magazine and books. His own work, from poetry through translations on to his witty and delicate rubber-stamp books and other graphic work was ever interesting, awake, and reflective of his wide-ranging reading and interests. I have no strength to write more.

Death later confirmed by Merrill Gilfillan.

I took this photo of Ray in Bowling Green, Ohio, 1972.


Here is Michael Lally’s note on Ray from Best American Poetry.


Fred Hampton and Mark Clark. December 4th 1971

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There From Here

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A sunny morning has me thinking of Anne-Marie. Bon Anniversaire!

Anne-Marie Albiach. August 9th.1937 – November 4th.2012


Dawn Patrol

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A dawn phonecall informs us that the “urgent” surgery already cancelled twice in theatre since October will, now that surgeons and anaesthetists have conferred, be tried again at 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday, 20th. A lot to be done in the next couple of days so I shall probably be offline for some time (both here, and for email) from tomorrow.


Le Quatorze Juillet

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Ein Volk Ein Reich Eine Mutter

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Casual media grazers might have missed the result of this poetry contest. when it appeared in The Spectator of May 21st. on page 21.

Here is a link to the source.


A Pleasant Short Visit From Eirik

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Sic Transit

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Jim Pennington was kind enough to send me this photo of Gregory Corso and piero heliczer in Paris, 1960. They are exactly how I remember meeting them. A jolt.

photo © Harriet Crowder

A couple of interesting pieces from the local newspaper in Normandy:
here: including this image of piero’s grave:




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George Street

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It was a (very) rare sunny day. The bus to the most distant hospital I have to get to goes from a stop the furthest away. On the way home I got halfway down George Street and then had to sit. Luckily there’s an iron bench and I was able to both rest and observe the evening street traffic

Slow Catch Up

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Chain Of Title, by David Dayen The New Press

Gangster Warlords, by Ioan Grillo Bloomsbury

Amberianum, by Charles Bernstein… 66 copies made by No Press, Alberta, Canada.

Against Value In The Arts And Education, edited by Sam Ladkin, Robert McKay and Emile Bojesen Rowman

Near Miss Hit Me, by Buck Downs information from 18113 Burke Street,SE, DC 20003

Hieronymous Bosch, The Complete Works, by Stefan Fischer Taschen

No Art; Poems, by Ben Lerner Granta

Pitch Of Poetry, by Charles Bernstein University of Chicago

You Want It When?, by Buck Downs. information from 18113 Burke Street,SE, DC 20003

Short Course, by Ted Greenwald and Charles Bernstein Chax

Langue De Coton, by Michèle Cohen and Jean-François Goyet General information

Culebra, by Roberto Harrison Green Lantern

Bicycle, by Roberto Harrison Noemi Press

Le Cahier du Refuge number 250 CIPM Marseille

Sonnets (another 10) published by Face Press, Hoxton April 2016

Sonnets books 1 to 10 Printed in Cambridge, May 2016

Information about both Sonnets books should be gleaned from Ian Heames



Europe Cut Off

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Photo by Nicole Ball



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August 30, 1939, New York City –– June 16th, 2016, San Francisco.

Bill reading in London, 2007

A flicker of late night memories through almost 50 years. Bill always calm. warm, generous with time, information, gossip and in light. New York City, Bolinas, San Francisco, London. Mentally and physically courageous, too. Our deepest sympathy to Connie; to all Bill’s family.

Note by Pat Nolan from Black Bart



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Time Passing

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Before Dawn

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Hanging About

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…yet another


Turn Pie

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I Don’t Know What You Got Little Richard
Lethe Empirical Connection
Ellington Medley Edmond Hall Petite Fleur
Glass Eyes Radiohead A Moon Shaped Pool
Varied Trio – II. Bowl Bells Lou Harrison La Koro Sutro
Land of Sad Lemons Haidar Eid

Direct download:turnpie.mp3


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Irish MEP Luke Flanagan shows how your democratically elected representatives are allowed to “scrutinize” the Corporate Coup Treaty.


May Day

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Jenny Diski, writer. 8 July 1947 – 28 April 2016

Our dear friend Jenny died early this morning. My thoughts are with her family, and particularly with Ian.

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