Mars In Opposition

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Behind The Façade: An Architect At Large   John Wells-Thorpe   Book Guild Publishing
Edge Of Irony   Marjorie Perloff   University of Chicago Press
Everydata   Johnson and Gluck   Bibliomotion
A Burglar’s Guide To The City   Geoff Manaugh   Farrar Strauss and Giroux
La Finitude des corps simples   Claude Royet Journoud   P.O.L
oyster finitude   Dominique Fourcade   hors commerce
Modern Toss IX   Jon Link and Mick Bunnage   Modern Toss


Loose Leaves

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Venezia Undertide 6 (108 copies), Words and Images, edited by Rita degli Esposti, John Gian and Francesco Giusti.

The dead mix with the living in this elegant object made with care.


Then And There

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The Dream Songs, by John Berryman. Out of print.

My News For You – Irish Poetry 600 – 1200, translated by Geoffrey Squires Shearsman
Another fine book of translations. See also his Hafez.



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Common Sense, by Ted Greenwald. (new edition still as good a read, forty years on.) Wesleyan

Sonnets, by Ian Heames (02 APR 2016) Face Press. (another elegantly produced addition to the opus. information from

The Dirty Dust, by Maírtín Ó Cadhain Yale.
Thanks to whomever had this sent to me.

Diglossic in the Second America, by Quenton Baker Punch Press.

Clutch, by Richard Owens Vigilance Society.(Eclipse Archive is worth a browse).

Romulan Soup Woman (a magazine with some spirit) Damn The Caesars.

Ballads, by Richard Owens Habenicht Press.

Priest, by Andrew Rippeon Punch Press.

In The Square, by Laura Kilbride Punch Press.


That Trumpleing Town

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No Prizes Issue 4 Winter 2015/16, Edited by Ian Heames. Information
The Object Stares Back, by James Elkins.   A Harvest Book, Harcourt Brace, 1997
Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies, by Seth M.Holmes. University of California Press
Sonnets, by Ian Heames.   Face Press, Oxford, February 2016 Information

ADDENDUM March 13th.
Freedom Through Football, by Will Simpson and Malcolm McMahon.  Published by Tangent Books, Bristol, o.o.p.


Last Week

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Country Life, a novel by Ken Edwards Unthankbooks

De Un Dir Apocrifo, by Francesco Giusti  Campanotto Editore, Udine

Siderea Arx Mundi, by Pier Franco Uliana   Dario De Bastiani Editore, Vittorio Veneto (o.o.p.)

La Casa, Il Posto, Il Tempo, by Francesco Giusti (poetry) and Vanessa Milan (illustrations)   70 copies printed silkscreened by Vanessa Milan, as Edizioni Doppiofondo, Venice.


Last For A While

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I’ll be away and offline certainly until November 26th. and possibly longer as surgery is re-scheduled for November 30th.


For Warmth, by Anonymous. Title, Totnes
Westering, by Iain Sinclair. Test Centre
High Bonnet, by Idwal Jones. The Modern Library, New York.
Made To Kill, by Adam Christopher. Titan Books.
Chance of a Storm, by Rod Mengham. Carcanet
Bitter Green, by Martin Corless-Smith. Fence Books


Then And Now

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Still worth thirty minutes of anyone’s time.

Return Journey Dylan Thomas BBC radio 1947
Quite Early One Morning Dylan Thomas BBC radio 1953

Direct download: return.mp3


Welcomed From Friends

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Catalan Passages, by Kit Robinson 150 copies. Information from Streets and Roads, 2123 8th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710

Marine Layer, by Kit Robinson BlazeVOX Books

Still Life, by Ian Patterson Oystercatcher Press


Recent Arrivals

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The Whitsun Wedding Video, by Jeremy Noel-Tod Rack Press

Flesh & Blood, by John Harvey Arrow/Random House

K.O.S.H.K.O.N.O.N.G. Number 8, Summer 2015. Editor, Éric Pesty: information; pdf.

The Sinking of The Lancastria, by Jonathan Fenby. Out of Print.

Average Cabin, by Tom Raworth. Hors commerce, 30 copies printed/published by Ian Heames.

Out of Silence: New & Selected Poems, by John Harvey Smith/Doorstep

The Monks of Saint Pancras, by Graham Mayhew Lewes History Press


Good Reads

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Come Again, by Harry Hoogstraten Barncott Press
Du Bellay — Like Catalan Anarchy, by Philip Terry, linocut by Tim Atkins Crater Press (o.o.p) Crater Press on Facebook
Complete Poems, by R.F.Langley Carcanet Press
Poems to Work On : The Collected Poems of Jim Dine, by Jim Dine Cuneiform Press


Mixed Bag

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Time Dust, by Ian Patterson Equipage, Cambridge ( not yet listed on site)
Taking The Dog For A Walk (Conversations with British Improvisers) N! Vu N! Connu
Stanley Spencer, Letters and Writings, Selected and edited by Adrian Glew. TATE Publishing, o.o.p
Amulet, by Roberto Bolano Picador Books
Steve Noble/Mal Pelo Ten Years After Ping Pong Productions (information from Ping Pong Productions: 9(b) Doughty Street, London WC1N 2PL; tel: + 44 (0) 207 404 2109; e-mail: Steve Noble has long been my favourite British drummer since Phil Seamen. Luckily he’s soon playing (with Mette Rasmussen) within hobbling distance at the Brighton Alternative Jazz Festival.
Sabots, by John James Oystercatcher Press



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Sonnets. Another elegant small book from Ian Heames’ excellent Face Press.
Ponge, translated by Ian Brinton. Oystercatcher Press.
Radio Mast Horizon, by Andrew Taylor. Shearsman Books

Come Again, by Harry Hoogstraten is now available from Barncott Press.


Slow, But Good, Week

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The Third Policeman, by Flann O’Brien Harper Perennial
Toward Blue Peninsular, by Ed Barrett Pressed Wafer
Three Clicks Left, by Katerina Gogou (translated by Jack Hirschman) Night Horn Books, S.F., long o.o.p.


Knife Me, Fink

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A while ago I included David Benedetti’s latest book here, amongst others; but at that time there was no simple way to get it. It’s now up on both Amazon USA and Amazon UK. Regularly browsing this book has given me more pleasure than anything else these past weeks : catnip for the literate.


Totally Locally

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This past week:

The Assasin: Association of Musical Marxists Reader, Ed. Michael Tercer & Andy Wilson. Ukant Press
Ten Laws, by Jow Lindsay. The Greenhouse, Chapel Street, Cork. Apparently hors commerce but a note to might inform.
Little Apples of Gower, by Iain Sinclair. Little Toller
The Xipehuz, by J.-H.Rozny. Atlas Press hors commerce
Theory of the Great Game, by René Daumal, Roger Gilbert-Lecomte and others. Atlas Press
A Short History of Decay, by E.M.Cioran. Penguin Classics
Strange House, by Samantha Walton. SadPress (this is not yet listed on the SadPress site; but it’s well worth a visit)

The gin, the chocolates, the flowers were gifts from four visitors (Trevor Joyce, Jimmy Cummins, Keith Tuma and Fergal Gaynor) who arrived after the Cork SoundEye Poetry Festival. Drink was taken. There are a few photographs here. Thank you gentlemen for some excellent hours. For an opposite view see here.

Shortly before, our old friends (50+ years) David and Nicole Ball were in town for a few days

For a year and a half or so, tucked away in a corner of a parking lot adjacent to a nearby church has been the Lickle More Caribbean Kitchen stall. Goat Curry, and Jamaican patties were my favourites.
Since leaving hospital I haven’t been able to walk far, so I was pissed off to see this happen some days ago:
but a mass of local people turned out to help repair and repaint and all is back to normal. Yesterday delicious salt fish and ackee was my pleasure.

Finally, a sort of proof that I am sometimes upright:


Around This Week

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Myths of Male Dominance, by Eleanor Burke Leacock  This edition long o.o.p

Cry for a Nickel, Die for a Dime, by Woody Haut   Concorde Press

Tip Regard, by Allen Fisher   Spanner Press (not yet listed)

For Bill, ANYTHING, a festschrift for Bill Berkson by Various   Pressed Wafer

Words Out of Time, by Robert Sheppard   KniveForksandSpoons Press

The Deeper Genome, by John Parrington   Oxford University Press

The Subprimes, by Karl Taro Greenfeld   Harper Collins

L’Underground a Préaux-du-Perche   More than 70pp black & white & colour of much interesting ephemera, letters, postcards, interviews and photographs. Published on the occasion of the exhibition Piero Heliczer aux Bains-Douches, Alençon, France, June 19th to September 22nd 2015 . More information, and how to order here.

Unflattening, by Nick Sousanis   Harvard University Press

Are Poets At A Taste Opera?, by David Benedetti   Noose Soon press, New Mexico. Enquire of the author at

The Drone Eats With Me, by Atef Abu Saif   Comma Press

London Overground, by Iain Sinclair   Hamish Hamilton



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A week ago I should have been in Lana (Südtirol) to receive the N.C. Kaser-Lyrikpreis. My life is so changed within the past year that any travel more than the immediately local on foot with stick or by bus or car is impossible. Kindly, Tom Leonard spoke and read for me; and Ulf Stolterfoht read some of his German translations. Sadly I cannot yet put names to the faces of the local poets, musicians, artists (including Maria C. Hilber, Louis Schropp, Gerd Sulzenbacher, Matthias Vieider und Jörg Zemmler) who took part; but I thank them and Tom and Ulf for their generosity, and apologise for being unable to be with them.
Tom Leonard and Ulf Stolterfoht.
Big Brother


Some More And One Again

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Collected Poems, by Michael Gizzi. The Figures (available from SPD)

The Major Works, by Sir Thomas Browne. Penguin Classics

This Fatal Looking Glass, by Martin Corless-Smith. SplitLevel Textx

Zibaldone: The Notebooks of Leopardi, by Giacomo Leopardi. Penguin Books

Later Lately, by Ted Greenwald. Cuneiform Press (hors commerce)

Courses Matter-Woven, by John Wilkinson. Equipage, Cambridge

The Utopia of Rules, by David Graeber. Melville House

El Ombú, by W.H.Hudson. Rescript Books

A Tablet Poem, by Franck André Jamme
4 Sandwiches for Ben, by Luke Allen
eight lines, by Thomas A. Clark
(all from Sine Wave Peak)

The Poems of Sulpicia, translated by John Heath-Stubbs. Hearing Eye (long OOP.)


Trigger Warning

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Trigger warning
Courses Matter-Woven, by John Wilkinson Equipage, Cambridge
There Were Our Own / There Were The Others, by Alec Finlay (and others) some information, and a special offer; also contains the moving Desertion, compiled by Edmund Hardy
Selected Poems, by John Heath-Stubbs Carcanet, Manchester


Oldish and Newish

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The Rottweiler’s Guide To The Dog Owner, by SJ Fowler, Eyewear Publishing
Mayakovsky A Biogaphy, by Bengt Jangfeldt, University of Chicago Press
After The Empire, by Emmanuel Todd, Constable,London


Off The Shelf

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A Decade in the Shithouse by Modern Toss, Modern Toss
Playtime by William Fuller, Flood Editions Chicago
Final Score by Emmett Grogan, OOP
Kill Chain by Andrew Cockburn Henry Holt & Co.


Past Reading

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For a long time after I got home from hospital and rehab I had energy for almost nothing; including reading. A few things eventually began to hold my attention. Pulling them from the shelves, these are the books, that did the job over those months. If you would like information about Face Press publications (I recommend them for content and form) I suggest you write to Ian Heames:

Rome’s Wreck, by Trevor Joyce. Cusp Books, 3020 Effie Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026
Selected Poems, by Trevor Joyce. Shearsman Books.
Early Bird, by Jean Day. O’Clock Press.
Poems Of Frank Rupture, by Peter Manson. Sancho Panza Press.
How To Laugh, by Miles Champion. Adventures in Poetry.
Je Vous Dis En Echo, by Rémi Bouthonnier. Eric Pesty Editeur (an essay on Anne-Marie Albiach)
Placeholder, by Rod Halpern. Enitharmon Press.
Inn Signs, by Jeremy Noel-Tod. Oyster Catcher Press
Empty Pockets, by Dale Herd. Coffee House Press
Memoirs Of An Underground Filmmaker, by Malcolm Hart. Barncott Press
Kew, Rhone, by Peter Blegvad. Uniformbooks.
Christian Name, by Lawrence Giffin. Ugly Duckling Presse.
Complete Catalogue Of Comedic Novelties, by Lev Rubinstein. Ugly Duckling Presse.
It Looks Like An Island But Sails Away, by Ralph Hawkins. Shearsman Books.
Evening Train, by Tom Clark. Blazevox Books.

Sotto Traccia no.1 Edizioni DoppioFondo, Milan (fugitive magazine….. 120 copies)
Seven Poems, by Ian Heames. Face Press, Oxford UK
TO, by Ian Heames. Iodine, Brighton UK
Sonnets, by Ian Heames. Face Press, Oxford UK
Ataturk. The Rebirth Of A Nation, by Patrick Kinross. Here
The Flash Effect, by Sam Koperwas. William Morrow: long out of print.
Westminster Blues, by Julian Critchley. Long out of print.
Hadji Murat, by Leo Tolstoy. Vintage Classics
Buda’s Wagon: a brief history of the car bomb, by Mike Davis. Verso Books
The Return Of Comrade Ricardo Flores Magón, by Claudio Lomnitz. MIT press.
Phantasmagoria, by Marina Warner. Oxford University Press.
We All Fall Down, by Michael Harvey. Vintage Crime.
Derelict Air: From Collected Out, by Edward Dorn. Enitharmon Press.
We Thought We Could Change The World, by Peter Brötzmann/Gérard Rouy. Wolke Verlag.
Poems, by J.H.Prynne. Bloodaxe Books.
Epigramititis, by Kent Johnson. BlazeVox.
The Undersong, by Jonty Tiplady. Face Press, Cambridge, UK
Tiny Windows, by Duncan McNaughton. Auguste Press, San Francisco.
Heraldo de Madrid (Vallejo). Ugly Duckling Presse.
Al-Dente, by J.H.Prynne. Face Press, Cambridge.
Sonnets, by ian Heames Face Press, Oxford.
Sonnets, by Ian Heames.
Sonnets, by Ian Heames.
A Little Lumpen Novelita, by Roberto Bolano. New Directions.
XIVLINERS, by Tom Raworth. Sancho Panza.
Structure from Motion, by Tom Raworth. Edge Books.
As When, by Tom Raworth. Carcanet Press.


My Sort Of Book

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A Sixteenth Century Rhyming Dictionary. You can also download it as a pdf.


Out Of The Blue

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J.H.Prynne, Concepts and Conception in Poetry, Critical Documents/Plantarchy
Fresh illuminations for grasshoppers. Conflates the Trinity with the centrefold and a hat-tip to Rosa Parks.

Tim Atkins, Collected Petrarch, Crater Press
Pet Rock lost its edge? More than 500pp of Petrarch could help. One of the best produced Lulu books I’ve seen.


On The Table

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Tristano a novel by Nanni Balestrini Verso Books
Guarding The Air Selected Poems by Gunnar Harding, translated by Roger Greenwald Black Widow Press
No Prizes issue 3 May 2014 Edited by Ian Heames Face Press
Sonnets Anonymous Face Press


Way Back Machine

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Hardly room to move here this week for the roosting chickens. After Danny Snelson’s work with INFOLIO, Kyle Schlesinger over at Cuneiform found a copy of the first issue of outburst, a brief small magazine I did more than half-a-century ago, and has put up a well-scanned pdf file.
+ click

For a moment I felt 22. A feeling which was somehow reinforced by an email from Stephen Rodefer enclosing a copy of this photograph I’d missed at the time. Two minutes later there was a note from Harry Hoogstraten with a link to this –

– and there’s piero filming and then Stan with his pipe. Oh brave old world that had such people in it.



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Recovery (Incomplete) Ulli Freer Rot Direkt
Burner On The Buff Ulli Freer Veer Books
|Inoperatives|Sychronisation|Comprehension|Co-Ordinate|Discrepancy| Ulli Freer | Juka Virtanen Rot Direkt
It’s probable that Stephen Mooney at Veer Books can advise you where the Rot Direkt books can be got. Ulli is always worth reading. You can hear Ben Watson read from Recovery (Incomplete) on Resonance Radio here.
Cuaderno de Composicíon Martin Gubbins Libros del Pez Espiral, Chile*
The Bundle: Selected Poems Steve Malmude Subpress/Goodbye
Verso Miguel Naranjo Ríos Ediciones Tácitas, Chile (ISBN 956-8268-11-1)
Líquenes Kurt Folch La Calabaza Del Diablo, Chile* (ISBN 978-956-9400-05-6)
There are some recordings of Kurt reading online.
[E][S][C][A][L][A][S] Martín Gubbins Mangos de Hacha, México
Dante’s Inferno Philip Terry Carcanet, UK A fine read: Hell as it was, is, and shall be.
Rimbaud: 10 Poems Translated by Bill Zavatsky Omerta Publications, San Francisco

*Neither website listed in these books works. It’s probable they now have a Facebook presence: but I don’t.


Up & Down

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+click to enlarge

Matt Taibbi The Divide – American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap
Geoffrey Squires HAFEZ – Translation and Interpretation of the Ghazals. A major work of translation from the Persian.
Ed Dorn from The Day and Night Book Joint #6 (99 copies) Shuffaloff/Eternal Network, 11 Conrad Avenue, Toronto, ON M6G 3G4, Canada.
Pier Franco Uliana Ingens Sylva – Cansiglio dentro e ditorno. Uliana’s fragmentary thoughts and observations are as much paths and clearings in the thickets of Self as they are records of The Great Forest. His inspiration and mirror is Cansiglio, “the last Venetian wood”. Ecopoetry and psychogeography meet.


Looking Up

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+click to enlarge

Nine Plays by Will Stuart, Face Press
A.I. In Daylight by Ian Heames, Materials (Cambridge)
Marine Snow by Anonymous, Face Press
Creole Vegetarian Cookery by Kenneth Gardnier, OOP
How I Became A Painter by Trevor Winkfield in Conversation with Miles Champion Pressed Wafer
George Braque and Others: The Selected Art Writings of Trevor Winkfield (1990-2009), The Song Cave

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