Rozalyn Williams

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To note the death, in her sleep, of our old and dear friend Rozalyn Williams in Manhattan on September 22nd. Her son Roget only managed to reach me yesterday, in Chicago. Thirty-five years ago we rode the Greyhound from New York to Detroit: he was a three-month old baby with us. Bleak is how the world feels this morning.


US Autumn

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I’ll update this batch whenever I can en route


Flailing Around

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trying to remember last things before leaving. For coverage of the New Orleans epic, these three are worth checking regularly:

Andrea Garland’s diary of going home

Jacob Applebaum’s continuing account (from trying to set up an information radio network inside the Houston Astrodome, to finding bodies still in the street in Algiers)

A wider political spread, but Crooks and Liars is still a prime source for video clips

Cow Pastor Update

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A report from Kamau Brathwaite, back in Barbados.
The earlier information can still be found here.


Fifty Years Ago

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I stood listening to Joe Harriott. This will be the last set for a month or so.

thanks to Steve Dickison for finding this

Mother’s Little Helper Only a Mother Feral Chickens
Untitled Vibracathedral Orchestra My Gate’s Open, Tremble By My Side
Going To Spain Steve Bent The World’s Worst Record
Autumn In New York MJQ with Joe Harriott Concert Recording London 1959

Download fifty.mp3

A Glimpse

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Florence’s Christening

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Florence Wylde Raworth, September 11th. 2005

Intelligent Design

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The national guard is patrolling – but – as was stated to us by the national guard we met yesterday in Algiers “well, we’d rather be here than being shot at in Iraq, so our mission here is not to complete our mission (evacuating the city).”
extracted from an email from Andrea, in New Orleans


Late News

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I had to add this link to a remarkable series of photographs of New Orleans from just before the hurricane up to the flood. A Mr. Alvaro. It’s worth the time.

NOTE September 12th
There is no longer access to this photo-journal…. perhaps a bandwidth problem…. more likely some smart publisher has bought the rights…. but the photos are too interesting to remain hidden for long.

Before I Go

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Charmaine Neville

A note from Harold Conover
The story will remain on site for as long as the site exists. I spoke with the Neville family spokeman and I confirmed that the person in the video is Charmaine Neville, the daughter of Charles Neville. In time, I was told, that I could interview Charmaine about her experience. Charmaine’s first cousin is Arnell Neville who works for the TV program “A Current Affair”.
Harold Conover
Chittlin Circuit Magazine

I’ll be away for a couple of days, briefly back, and then away for some weeks in the US. I’ll try to post any news, but it might be impossible.


OED advised

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A piece about the justice and benefits of profiteering from the misfortunes of others,
In Praise of Price Gouging, by John Stossel, contains the remarkable sentence (about a bottle of drinking water):

By charging $20, the price gouger makes sure his water goes to those who really need it.

To my knowledge this is the first appearance of the verb “to need” meaning “to have sufficient money”.

A Little Bit Pregnant

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Robert Sheppard’s The Poetry of Saying: British Poetry and its Discontents, 1950-2000

is almost out.

Brian Calvin

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Brian Calvin
(see also here)
has a new show which opens

6.30 to 8.30pm
Friday 16th September, 2005

until 22nd October, 2005

11am to 6pm
Tuesday to Saturday

1a Kempsford Road
London SE11 4NU
telephone 020 7840 9111
facsimile 020 7840 9112

Tube: Kennington, Lambeth North
Buses: 3,159,59,155,133,333

Please see website for further directions.


More Reading

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A detailed report by two Californian paramedics stuck in New Orleans

Charmaine Neville

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of the famous musical family recounting her experiences to a priest. You can find the video on, but as it’s playable only onsite and might vanish, as so much does, I’ve made an audio-only copy here.


She seems perfectly credible, and – apropos the number of bodies – as FEMA now declares there must be no photographs of the recovery of corpses one wonders about the “official” death toll count: perhaps like that of Iraqi civilians.

More Video

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Birthday Greetings!

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to Claude Royet-Journoud in Paris: a dear friend I see too infrequently.
This was his cover for the first issue of infolio, July 1st. 1986.



Report from New Orleans

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This report reached me through usually reliable (University of Texas, Smith College) channels and looks at the reported violence from a different angle. Click anywhere here for the text. I’ve asterisked names and addresses (which were supplied) for obvious reasons.


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Alex Chilton’s family reports they have heard from him and as of Sunday night, September 4, he is now officially safe.


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BBC World News interviewed Lt.Commander Sean Kelly, US. Northern Command. Interesting, particularly about half-way through. Perhaps that guitar act was the secret signal to go.

“America: a Fallacy”

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Sho ’nuff

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Maybe at least the beginning of

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More Louisiana Videos

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I’m adding these clips because the original servers are getting overloaded; and to archive them.
Click on image to play


Over and Out

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It Never Entered My Mind Ella Fitzgerald The Rodgers and Hart Songbook
Think About The Good Times Baby Washington I’ve Got A Feeling
Rrose Selavy Juan Hidalgo Rrose Selavy
Poeme Symphonique Gyorgy Ligeti Machines Vs Music

Direct Download Download mp3


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It’s not a question of objectivity it’s a question of reality says Geraldo Rivera; and Shepard Smith questions perspective

Thanks to Trevor Joyce and Crooks and Liars


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Kanye goes off-message while Mike reads on. (NBC censored feed for West Coast).

Thanks to Trevor Joyce and Crooks and Liars

FATS FOUND but still missing is

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Alex Chilton


Nagin speaking on the situation in New Orleans

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This is a link to a radio interview with Mayor Nagin… it’s in mp3 format and might take a while to load: but it’s worth listening to.

Thanks to Trevor Joyce

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