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Out this week:

The Spirit of Despotism.
Invasions of Privacy in the 1790s

by John Barrell


Two Prophets At Home

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There’s a link to Jesus and Mo in the side menu: for the story so far you can start from here.


Cambridge Series 2

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A few views of last night’s event in enticing available-light-and-blur mode.

Hack Sense

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Little Derek: Sway This Is My Demo
The Thing: Don Cherry Where Is Brooklyn
When The Sun Goes Down: Arctic Monkeys Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not
The Ballad of Melody Nelson: Fred Frith Prints
Teenage Kicks: Nouvelle Vague Nouvelle Vague
Elegy For Fannie Lou: David Murray Ballads for Bass Clarinet
A Nickel And A Nail: O.V. Wright Cheatin’ Soul
Direct download: accents.mp3


Kindness Yet

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sic semper; but a glass raised.


Irving Layton

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March 12. 1912 Tirgu Neamt, Romania – January 4. 2006 Montreal, Canada
I haven’t read anything of Layton’s for many years, but this poem from a half-century ago always stuck:


Remember Ron Kovic?

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Thirty-eight years ago….


Poetry Reading

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A few dark blurred shots of the first of this year’s Cambridge Series are here.

Wilson Pickett

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As usual, clicking the “play” button on the small player in the right-hand column will load and play the tracks while the browser window is open: or the whole mp3 file can be downloaded from the link at the end.
Welche saying
Kitch’s Bebop Calypso: Lord Kitchener London Is The Place For Me – Trinidadian Calypso In London, 1950 – 1956
Hey! Little Child: Alex Chilton Like Flies On Sherbert
Spiro Agnew
Writer’s Block: Fat Lip The Loneliest Punk
A Kind Of Sky II: BlueDeceiver Strapping On The Black And Silver
Duo Improvisation: Joseph Celli & Jin Hi Kim No World Improvisations
Barbados Carnival: Dizzy Gillespie Jambo Caribe
Torture: Jeanne Balibar Paramour
Second Welche saying
Direct download: welche.mp3

Thanks to Pierre Alferi, whose video Tante Elizabeth (from the DVD cinépoèmes & films parlants) directed me towards the Welche dialect and the sentence “Welche is a dialect without numeric strength.”


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Back from London

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Adding a link to Maggie O’Sullivan’s new website.



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Lisa Nichole Raworth
January 17th. 1961 – February 21st 1996



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Ian Dury: National Gallery Exhibition opening
La Si Taglia: Canti Alpini
Batman and Robin
It Never Entered My Mind: Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster Coleman Hawkins encounters Ben Webster
Simple Voices
Not Me: Robert Mitchum Calypso is Like So
Red Emma: Dave Douglas & the Tiny Bell Trio Dave Douglas & the Tiny Bell Trio
The Hyphen: John Wayne America, Why I Love Her
A Night in Tunisia: Ran Blake Something to Live For
Windmill (live): John Zorn, George Lewis, Bill Frisell News for Lulu
Direct download: langwar.mp3


Died in Chiapas

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Comandante Ramona


That Was Then

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A grey evening. I was reading Harry’s account of Derek Bailey’s funeral and thinking how long it’s been since I last saw Joëlle Léandre… and how much longer since Victor Schonfield: listening to Lacy at the same time on a Ran Blake album; remembering Boston. Which reminded me of this photograph

which led to coming across this note by Roswell Rudd tucked away on the Sunnyside Records site.


Gone and Come

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Corrido de Pancho Villa: Victor Jara
Improvisation 5: Derek Bailey & The Ruins Live at The Purcell Rooms
Voodoo: La Frange
N.N.N.T.: Joe Harriott/Amanci D’Silva Quartet Hum Dono
Flora Triangulari: Rammel/Gaudynski/Nelson-Raney Audiotropism
Hong Kong Metro
Twelve Bars: Han Bennink/Kent Carter/Misha Mengelberg/Roswell Rudd/Steve Lacy Regeneration
Noises Off
Direct download: dinnee.mp3



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