Coyote’s Journal

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Coyote’s Journal and Coyote Books, going since 1964, now have a website.

The Ordinary

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Interesting BBC programme on the rise of fascism in The Potteries during the 1930s.

NOTE July 15th.2006 The link has gone, but anyone wanting to listen can find an mp3 file here.


Autumn Almanack

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Thinking back to December’s note on Pinter: there is a video of his speech.

You’ll need a broadband connection and the RealAudio player.



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Vox Populi
Bemsha Swing John Medeski Piano Jazz
Raining in my Heart Slim Harpo
Mirage Of Memory Hideki, Mori, Frith Death Ambient
Mona Ki Ngi Xica Bonga Angola 72
from “Chronicles” Bob Dylan
I Still Miss Someone Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash Dylan / Cash Sessions
Lonely Woman Ornette Coleman Shape of Jazz to Come
Osama-Yo’ Mama Ray Stevens Osama-Yo’Mama
Free Piece John Medeski Piano Jazz
Vox Populi

Direct download: pops.mp3


M. Nourbese Philip

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M. Nourbese Philip’s recent letter to Kamau Brathwaite Song Lines of Memory
has been added to the Save Cow Pastor site.



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Grainy Cambridge



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Mojo Peeping Tom Peeping Tom
Untouchable Busta Rhymes (with Rah Digga & Spliff Sta) New Crack City
Burn Ray LaMontagne Live from Bonnaroo
Flow My Tears Dowland
Playing the Border Glenn Weyant
Sonata in B flat Handel Flute Sonatas
Jolene Ray LaMontagne Trouble
Direct download: midsum.mp3



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I And I Survive Burning Spear Garvey ‘s Ghost
Querido F.B.I. Calle 13
Back On The Chain Gang The Pretenders
Sloop John B Tinypixel Hippocamp Ruins Pet Sounds
Albuquerque Social Swim Richard Twardzik Complete Recordings
La Jirafa Calle 13
Send Me To The Electric Chair Bessie Smith
Be Thankful for What You Got William Devaughan Be Thankful for What You Got
Direct download: psyops.mp3



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……thinking of Rae……….

Cow Pastor

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Adriana González Mateos/trans Christopher Winks
has been added to the News page of the Save Cow Pastor site, along with some updates from Kamau Brathwaite.


Cambridge Today

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It’s your day……

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… enjoy it!


Martha’s Vineyard, Providence, Boston

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Back Again

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Welcome Back: John Sebastian
Panama Esta Bueno Y…Ma: Los Exagerados Panama! Latin, Calypso & Funk On The Isthmus 1965-75
Three Pieces for Guitar: Derek Bailey Pieces for Guitar
Yellow Tango: Richard Twardzik Complete Recordings
Love and Understanding: Sugar Minott From the Heart
Elettricita Atmosferiche Candite: Mike Patton Pranzo Oltranzista
Calypso Be: Young Tiger London is the Place for Me (volume 2)
Direct download: backk.mp3


Welcome, Hazel Tone Johnston

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Born June 2nd. 9.11 a.m. St.Louis

Congratulations to Devin and Andrea!


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click for some shots of the Creeley weekend

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