Happy Hallowe’en

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Fewer Voices

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So Paul Ableman is dead (October 25th.). I remember reading I Hear Voices in the Olympia Press edition almost a half-century ago: I’m glad to see it’s still in print. But sorry to note that Heathcote Williams’ play AC/DC (twelve years later) which came as part of the same memory, isn’t.


Family Stuff

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Congratulations, Susan

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Cambridge Ghosts

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A half-dozen more archived



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Too sick these past days to do much, but here are some sounds

The Spy Who Came In The Cold Not the 9 O’Clock News
Track 6 Discipline Gospel
I Am A Stranger West African Rhythm Brothers London Is The Place For Me 3
The Great Leap Forwards Billy Bragg Craig Ferguson t.v. show
Chordially Thelonius Monk The Complete Black Lion & Vogue Recordings
Baronet Oswald Ernold Mosley Not The 9 O’Clock News
Blue Sphere Thelonius Monk The Complete Black Lion & Vogue Recordings
Interview with Marshall Stearns Charlie Parker (1950)
The Boys 1 The Necks The Boys
Creed Not The 9 O’Clock News
Silent as Sheet Music Chris Abrahams Glow
Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah Ike Caudill & Congregation Voices from the American South/Alan Lomax (thanks Peter Manson)

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With this pen-stroke yesterday it became legal for these smirking fools to declare anyone in the world an enemy combatant; to seize, imprison and torture that person — and to have no legal obligation to produce reason nor evidence for their actions.


Florence almost two

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Within Reach

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Gonzalo Millán (1947 – 2006)

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Gonzalo Millán, (1947 Santiago de Chile – 2006 Santiago de Chile), Chilean poet, author of many books, editor of anthologies, translator, visual artist (his Self Portrait from Memory was published last year) died this past weekend aged 59. Exiled in Canada during the Pinochet years he there co-founded Ediciones Cordillera, devoted mainly to publishing the work of Chilean writers in Canada and the journal El espíritu del valle. I assume Saturday as the day of his death, and Santiago the place, as the news came from Kurt Folch M there, overnight, and he referred to “yesterday”.
NOTE LATER: saturday morning/dawn (1:30 a.m)
click for Millán reading La Ciudad


New Colour Device

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We Have It In Africa West African Rhythm Brothers London Is The Place For Me 3
Embraceable You Charlie Parker At Jirayr Zorthian’s Ranch
General Election Lord Beginner London Is The Place For Me 2
Track 4 Chris Corsano & Tim Barnes Live at St.Ann’s
Minus Mint Nels Cline, WallyShoup, Chris Corsano Immolation/Immersion
Bayou Tommy “Jim” Beam & The Four Fifths (thanks to John Muckle)
Every Time We Say Goodbye George Braith The Complete Blue Note Sessions (Disc 2)
Sing The Blues West African Rhythm Brothers London Is The Place For Me 2

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Contemporary Experimental Women’s Poetry Festival, Cambridge

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Saturday and Sunday: click for photos

Contemporary Experimental Women’s Poetry Festival, Cambridge

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Tweet Tweet

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Turtle Talk
I Presagi Giacinto Scelsi I Presagi
Get Up The Coup/Dead Prez Party Music
Cry Baby Garnet Mimms Cry Baby
Pretty Blue Eyes Gone Orchestra Begone
Tarantella Charlie Haden Quartet West In Angel City
8 Men 4 Women O.V. Wright Eight Men, Four Women
Four Minatures (iv) Brian Ferneyhough Music for Flute
All Wi Doin Is Defendin’ Linton Kwesi Johnson Dread Beat an’ Blood
Lobster Quadrille

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