Cambridge, December 30th.

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The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

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Christmas in Bucks

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Happy Christmas!

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Miles & Rachel in Cambridge

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Until Next Year

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I’ve Got A Right To Sing The Blues Judy Holliday & Gerry Mulligan Holliday With Mulligan
Mama Knows Johnny Hodges Previously Unreleased Recordings
Hoodie Lady Sovereign Public Warning
I Surrender Dear Helen Humes Swingin’ With Humes
One Night Stand The Pipettes We Are the Pipettes
Pots Cecil Taylor & Roswell Rudd Mixed
Dog Show Jeffrey Frederick Ooh La La… Les Clams
The Party’s Over Judy Holliday & Gerry Mulligan Holliday With Mulligan

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Class War

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A report from the front lines.(Thanks to Jenny Diski)


Ipswich (continued)

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Up to speed

Police confirmed they were interested in speaking to 50 to 100 people and explained they were in different groups, split between those being spoken to and those who were still to be questioned.


Europe (Economics)

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From our friend Dave Cook, in Germany:

Sent you a card last week, but today a post-office worker in Meschede told me I needed to put 1.90 Euros on all SQUARE envelopes, but if I put them in rectangular ones, only 0.70. The first one may not, therefore, be delivered. This one should be, as it’s in an envelope he gave me.


Monument Proposal

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Just in from Norman Foster


Happy Birthday, Cato!

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Thomas Cato Raworth, born London, December 13th. 1988


‘allo ‘allo ‘allo

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Further news:

Det Ch. Supt. Stewart Gull… called on the killer to give himself up, saying: “Make contact with Suffolk Police. Clearly you have a significant problem. Give me a call and we can deal with this.”

Your Policemen Are Wonderful…

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Several young women have been murdered in Ipswich during the past week. Their families and friends will be delighted to learn that:

The NCPE developed a set of guidelines, based on “core investigative doctrine” which all detectives are now trained in.

This includes basics such as cordoning off a crime scene, preserving the evidence, taking witness statements and making house-to-house inquiries.

But it also includes a wider philosophy. Detectives are now trained to follow the evidence and hope it will lead to a suspect, rather than settle on a suspect and try to make the evidence fit.

This is designed not only to prevent miscarriages of justice, but to ensure that detectives remain open-minded and inquiries do not end up following dead ends.

NCPE is the National Centre for Police Excellence, a spawn of New Labour. Soon no doubt the Police, like the National Health Service, will be expected to produce a “financial surplus” or have their funding cut.


Window of Opportunity

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Why not fuck off and join him?


Remembering Victor Jara Among Many

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Florence Wylde Raworth

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Happy Birthday! Two today….


John Muckle

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… seen here in front of his latest North London work, is the author of The Cresta Run, Cyclomotors and Firewriting

Happy Birthday.


Missing Steve

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Blue Navigator Jeffrey Frederick Ooh La La… Les Clams (thanks Bill)
Emily Kane Art Brut Bang Bang Rock And Roll (thanks Eirik)
Phone message Steve Lacy One More Time
One More Time Steve Lacy-Joëlle Léandre One More Time
Spirits Albert Ayler Lörrach-Paris 1966
Who Knows? Don Cherry Featuring Ornette Coleman & Steve Lacy
Do You Believe in Rapture? Sonic Youth Rather Ripped

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Number Three in an Occasional Series

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From the front step as I got up


William Fuller Reading

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Winnetka, December 7th. 7 PM. Click for details

Addition to Links

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Chris Goode


On The Street

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