Anti-vegetarianism argument

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Labradores Mayas Packing Station, Chirijuyu Tecpan, Guatemala. March 12th.
Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais.


In Cambridge Yesterday

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Cristóbal Bianchi and Andrés Anwandter.

Fun with Hands and Feet

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Eddie at eight months.

NOTE October 5, 2015. Since Apple in its “progress” has made this link unusable, here’s a direct link that I hope will work in your browser.


Eye Opened by Experience

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A previously noted survey of lawyers, illiteracy, a pot of paint and a corner has reappeared, notated and freshly wrapped.


Plain Jane

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An Excellent Project

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worth checking

Franz Kewl Chewer

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Backyard Blues Peter Brötzmann No Hard Feelings
Early Autumn Woody Herman Sextet All Star Session
The Humming Song Martin Mull I’m Everyone I’ve Ever Loved
Blues In The Closet Bud Powell At The Golden Circle Vol 4
Eronel Thelonious Monk Criss-Cross
White Sox (music box) Tom Raworth No Hard Feelings

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I woke from an odd dream in which Ed Dorn had possessed Ron Silliman and after first reviewing his own book (a Penguin US, though not yet listed on their site) had gone on to praise David Shapiro, decorating his position with some fake stamps from Vietnam and a link to a display of modesty by Stephen Rodefer. In this dream the Poetry Foundation hadn’t been knocked back in Indiana and pigs flew in the open skies of Europe.


Forgotten since 1969

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Turned up by Thomas Evans’ diligent research


Should be

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Everyone’s Cup of Tea



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In 1983/84, on an early Apple computer, the Canadian writer bpNichol created some of the earliest programmed kinetic poems. A group of friends and researchers have retrieved the code (from floppy disks and then Hypercard: both now defunct) and re-created the work in several forms (including a Quicktime video) keeping these historical and interesting pieces alive for a new generation of watchers and technology. Click anywhere on this.


Seen On The Road Seen

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A few things from the past weeks


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Sculpture Musicale Various Artists Music By Marcel Duchamp
Midnight on the Trail Rose Murphy The Chee-Chee Girl
Pylon Shift Buckethead Kaleidoscalp
I Remember You Charlie Parker Charlie Parker Plays Standards
Green Eggs And Ham Dylan Hears a Who
Tieriogre Misha Mengelberg Senne Sing Song
Eye-Con Ergonomics Ken Butler Voices of Anxious Objects
Sons & Daughters The Decemberists The Crane Wife (thanks, Bill and Elizabeth)

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on the way back

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