British Poets’ Legacy?

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Cicadas menace the home of Chicago poet

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photo william fuller



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Great editing:



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until Monday


Police Rendering Success

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from BBC news:

Much of its work had also focused on boiling down 80,000 organised crime leads into 1,600 “Mr Big” figures who were directly responsible for harm in the UK.

La Lutte Continue

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This letter/article/comment/review
by Brian Richards was forwarded to me by a friend yesterday. See here, here, here and here for earlier Way More West  entries. I’d be grateful if anyone in touch with Mr.Richards would mention this to him so I might remove the link should he object.

Universal Suffrage

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From an IMDB review:

It took about 10 minutes for me to get into the story, because I didn’t recognize any of the actors at first and I wasn’t sure who I was supposed to identify with.



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I’m Indebted to You Eric Donaldson
Mali Sajio Ketama, Toumani Diabate and José Soto, feat. Danny Thompson Songhai 2
Johnny Too Bad The Slickers Trojan Rude Boy Box Set 3
Balake Sekou Bembeya Diabate Diamond Fingers
Congo War Lord Brynner Trojan Ska Box Set Disc 1
Yoyaki Sam Mangwana, Franco & OK Jazz For Ever
Oblivion Bud Powell The Genius Of Bud Powell

Direct Download plusca.mp3


Common People

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On the 7th of April 2007 after a period during which there had been no cattle on Midsummer Common for some years a small number of Red Poll cattle were introduced.

Cambridge Vet, Angelika Von Heimendahl, had made public her intention to make use of the right that she, like all Cambridge residents, has to graze cattle on the Common. In spring 2007 she purchased and will manage a small herd of around eight Red Poll cattle, a breed chosen for their historical association with the local area and the fact they are suited to the wet riverside grassland.

Meat from the cows is expected to be available in local butchers in November 2007.

The grazing of cows on the common is controversial, given that the extent of other uses to which the common is put may conflict with grazing.

In March 2006 Geoffrey King who later became the chairman of the friends of Midsummer Common put up £20 to investigate the possibility of introducing a “residents’ herd” of cows to the common, at a meeting of the Brunswick and Kite Residents’ Association.


Just Hang On

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A message from the World Bank to the billion or more people without safe drinking water:

Wolfowitz will be able to collect a $400,000 performance bonus due him on June 1, according to two senior bank officials.



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Stay Hungry

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Noticed by David Ball


Seaside Weekend

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Mostly Matilda



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Nobody Knows the Way I Feel This Morning Louis Armstrong/Alberta Hunter Louis Armstrong and King Oliver
59½ Joëlle Léandre The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs
Memory Loves You Sophie Zelmani Memory Loves You
Piece 2 Terry Riley Kõln Concert 1975
(Lack of) Love Will Tear Us Apart The Honeydrips Single
Ma’ Bud Allah Hassan Hakmoun (ft Don Cherry) Gift of the Gnawa
Reflections Charlie Rouse Four In One (Sphere)

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Isn’t It Called Simple Addition?

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Scottish Local Elections

Sonya Anderson, head of elections for DRS which implemented the automated counting system, said there was a problem with the “consolidation” of the votes.

She said: “As we scan the ballot papers we are capturing the votes and recording the fact we are capturing those votes.

“Once we have recorded all those votes we need to use a calculation to pull those results together and produce the results the returning officer is going to declare from.

“That process is taking longer than anticipated in some of the centres and some returning officers have decided because of the long wait that the staff and the candidates are experiencing that they are going to ask staff and candidates to go home while we resolve the issue.”



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until Tuesday May 8th.



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you’ll know or you won’t: no matter

Happy Birthday, Larry

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And Entrances

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Spencer Perceval iLiKETRAiNS single
Dangerous Eric Donaldson Mr. Pirate
Well You Needn’t Steve Lacy Sextet We See
Watisse Sekouba Bambino Ambiance Ballon
Psycho Killer Aluminium Babe Smoke in Chinatown

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…on her way to be a flower-girl at David and Anna’s wedding.


May Day (3)

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Walt Whitman’s canary;
from the memorabilia in the Whitman Collection of the Bolton Public Libraries.
Thanks to Barry Wood for the pointer.

May Day (2)

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Mill Girls, Bolton Museum.

May Day

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