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I’ll probably put up some photos of Venice/Melzo tomorrow, but only family and friends will plough through: for others, here they are in sixteen seconds:

Apple in their “progress” have made this link useless. I don’t have time nor energy to recode, so here is a direct link that I hope works in your browser.


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Lovely Spring Djivan Gasparyan Moon Shines At Night
We Used To Be Friends The Dandy Warhols Welcome To The Monkey House
Papa Nero Pitura Freska Gran Calma
Grande Amor Mina Todavìa
First Piece Barre Phillips/Giancarlo Locatelli Duo Live in Pavia, 29 March 2007
Lolole Alabina Sahara

Direct Download: cesto.mp3

21st. Century

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Back four days ago but phone and broadband cut off while away for “underpayment of £2 on last bill” !! Reconnected ten minutes ago. My apologies for unanswered mail.



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I shall be in Venice until November 28th and off-line.


Copyright Infringement

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An interesting (to me, anyway) article from the Utah Law Review:
PDF link



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Memo to the Prime Minister


Ben Raworth

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Congratulations on the British Society of Magazine Editors 2007 Award for Innovation of the Year last night.
Press Gazette report.


This Saturday in London

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Bill Griffiths: A Commemoration

Click for details

Times Behind

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Two months to the day after Bill Griffiths’ death “The Times” gets round to his obituary (by Ken Edwards)
Permanent copy here. (Copy contains the word “eccentric”: secure in the digital world watch the past mutate in the “newspaper of record”.)


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…. in a message from Rob Rusk this morning:

Once I watched Michael [Myers] & S. Clay Wilson jammin’ into a single drawing all the modes of transport they cd. think of, as if they were musicians duking it out. I wonder what became of that sheet of butcher paper.

Old & New

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WW2 plane
Lonely Woman Charlie Haden Etudes
(I Remember) Joe Brainard Maximo Park Girls Who Play Guitars
First Session (2 -25 -1996) David Shea Mort Aux Vaches
Asmarina Fèqadu Amdè-Mesqel Ethiopiques Vol. 4: Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale 1969-1974
L’Attico Illuminato Ennio Morricone So Sweet, So Sensual
Daddy’s Gone Glasvegas Limited vinyl 7″ (thanks Ben)
Search and Rescue

Direct Download: onew.mp3


Photographs: Two Views

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USA and UK


Billy Can

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David Caddy has an excellent piece on Bill Griffiths: read or listen.


Toil and Trouble

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…. a fable, from Dr.Housing Bubble:

Click to read

For a Sheltered People’s Mirth

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… news item from South Africa. Copy here in case it disappears.


Chilean Cinema

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Those in NYC might like to check out the Quad Cinema (34 W.13th) for the Cinema Chile Festival beginning on November 9th. Click the poster image for the full programme details



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Railway Station
Yellow Dog Blues Duke Ellington Early Ellington: Complete Brunswick (1926-31)
Railway Station
Chamber Round AK47
Boredom Buzzcocks Lipstick Traces Film Score
If You Pick Her Too Hard (She Comes Out Of Tune) Little Richard Southern Child
The Devil Is On The Loose And Dancing With A Monkey Henry Threadgill Sextet Rag Bush And All
Emanon Dizzy Gillespie The Legendary Dizzy Gillespie Big Band – Live 1946
Diesel Locomotive and Crossing Bell
Mr. Thrill Mildred Jones Warming By The Devil’s Fire

Direct Download: rote.mp3


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This is the new punctuation mark to indicate irony….

from the Dutch typographic designers Underware.

Bitter Rice

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David Southern (about the Dorn book) points out to me that:

Part of their blurb copy reads thus:

Along with Robert Creeley, Allen Ginsberg, Denise Levertov, Charles Olson, William Carlos Williams, and others, Edward Dorn taught at and became associated with the Black Mountain school in North Carolina.

I am reminded that I once saw your name among “prominent Black Mountain poets.” Denise Levertov certainly contributed to Black Mountain Review, but did she ever teach there? I am almost positive that Allen Ginsberg never set foot on the place and am doubtful that WCW did either. At this point, I’m not sure we will ever know, finally.

Clearly David’s research never went deep enough to find this documentary evidence from the period when WCW and AG jointly taught a class on Italian Cinema.

click to enlarge



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In London Today

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Florence at the Natural History Museum


The River This Morning

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