Easter in Bucks

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Family stuff


Happy Easter

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Cambridge, Easter Sunday 2008




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Jonathan Chamberlain Williams
March 8th.1929 (Asheville, NC) – March 16th.2008 (Highlands, NC)
Times obituary: PDF file here.
Independent obituary: PDF file here.


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Old Black Joe Clarence Whitehill & Victor Orchestra Victor 64359
No More The Moon Shines On Lorena Alex Chilton Like Flies On Sherbert
When I Lay My Burden Down Flora Molton, Eleanor Ellis Etats Unis/Gospel Songs
Love In Mind Neil Young RAI Theatre, Amsterdam. 20 February 2008.
Just Like A Teeter-Totter Bar-Kays Animal
Ba Jeu De Coin M’bilia Bell Boya Ye – Ba Gerants Ya Mabala
Lie Down Here & Be My Girl Nick Cave Die Lazarus Die

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Grand Slam

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Wales 29 : France 12. Cheers: Morton, David, Doug and John!

Two New Links

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John Latta’s Isola di Rifiuti and Chris McCabe’s The True History of the Working Class


Happy Birthday, John

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John James, Welsh Poet



The Uses of Litterussi

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The Independent has free booklets this week. Here is today’s.



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Dogon Country at Night Various Bush Taxi Mali: Field Recordings from Mali
Emergence Of The Spirit Harry Partch Delusion Of The Fury
Scene 3 Schoenberg Ensemble Rosa: The Death of a Composer ( Louis Andriessen )
If by “Gay” You Mean “Totally Freaking Awesome,” then Yeah, I Guess it’s Pretty Gay Ben Davis & the Jetts/Des Ark Battle of the Beards
How High the Moon [Alternate Take] Lionel Hampton Hamp: the Legendary Decca Recordings Disc 2
Track 2 Unknown Tazanian album (4 tracks) Alastair and Bill…. any idea?
Uni-Parc Pierre Bastien Les Premieres Machines 1968 – 1988 (thanks Miles)
Rivers of Bling (for Jim Nisbet) Raworth/P22 (thanks to Kyle Schlesinger for the connection)
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Snail Mail

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I had a letter from William Carlos Williams yesterday. Among the accumulated post was an envelope from Yale. In it, along with a covering note from Eric White, were xeroxes of a letter I wrote to Williams in January 1961, his reply, and his envelope. He’d forgotten to put on my street address and the letter had been returned, to end up in his archive. Strange to look at myself at 22, and to read a message that has taken 47 years to reach me; thanks to Eric’s research.
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Eddie in Motion

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