Humphrey Lyttelton

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First Light

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The Nancy Book is a pleasure, and Ed Dorn Live should be required reading.
But these days pictures delight me more than most writing/poetry that comes through the door; although a few smaller publishers still interest — Barque Press, Flood Editions and Bootstrap Productions for instance. This week I’ve enjoyed Ryan Gallagher’s translation of

The Complete Poems of Gaius Valerius Catullus
from Bootstrap (who also published Geoffrey Young’s fine The Riot Act, and John Wieners’ Book of Prophecies).

Mark Terrill’s

Something Red
, which I read (ouch) last night, completely justifies the small-press ethos. I can’t think of any major publisher who would have issued this sharp collection of illuminations/epiphanies Twenty-eight pieces, each a single sentence: fourteen of them illustrated with the paper-fragments of a life (sonnet echoes). Tiny movies with thought-tracks. I was reminded of the days of Stephen Emerson’s Neighbors, Dale Herd’s Diamonds and, more recently, Merrill Gilfillan’s Magpie Rising. Only fifty copies: well-produced and reasonably priced.


Help Tom Clark

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Read the full story here

Shakespeare’s Birthday

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Looks Familiar

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Them Apples

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Apples Ian Dury Reasons To Be Cheerful
West Baltiimore (South Nashville) Blues Corey Harris from The Corner
If I Know Jah Singer Blue Balmyard Rockers Mix
Bhairavi Bismillah Khan & Vilayat Khan Live
Getting Hard Lady Saw New Roots and Conscious Reggae 5
Rock N’ Roll Suicidal Thoughts (feat. Notorious B.I.G.) MAN-CAT The Rise And Fall Of Thuggy Stardust And The Hustlers From Mars
Jah Knows Sizzla New Roots and Conscious Reggae 3
Apple Girl Vincent Gallo When
Lady Stardust (Is A Bitch) (feat. Missy Elliot) MAN-CAT The Rise And Fall Of Thuggy Stardust And The Hustlers From Mars

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Olympic Opera

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Berlusconi In China


Andrew Crozier

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NOTE Saturday, 4.44 p.m. Various Andrew Crozier notes and links consolidated here.

Andrew’s funeral was yesterday, with more than a hundred family, friends and neighbours in attendance. Outside was cold and wet, but an occasional light shone through the stained glass of the four seasons. Members of his family, friends and ex-students gave glimpses of facets of Andrew’s life over the years; there were readings of some of his own, and some of his favourite, poems; there was music and we left the chapel to the strains of Ian Dury’s “Reasons to be Cheerful”.

Ian Brinton has a piece on Andrew on Todd Swift’s EYEWEAR

Sometime this weekend I’ll put all the Crozier pieces on one page.


Andrew Crozier

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Andrew’s obituary in The Independent this morning. A PDF file in case it vanishes online.

Different Route

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Dawn Gets Crowded

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The Nancy Book by Joe Brainard in my hand this morning
The Neuroscience Delusion by Raymond Tallis (TLS April 9th).
PDF file


Bike Repair

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First dawn ride this year


Lilac Time

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So Near And Yet So Far Fred Astaire The Astaire Story (Disc 2)
Mac Dougal Street Blues Jack Kerouac and Joe Strummer Kicks Joy Darkness
Sweet Home Chicago Keb’ Mo’ & Corey Harris Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: A Musical Journey (Disc5)
Remember Me ? Kool Keith Sex Style Unreleased Archives
Moonlight In Vermont Zoot Sims Soprano Sax
Dhun Bismillah Khan & Vilayat Khan Live
The Moon John Cale Kicks Joy Darkness

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Happy Birthday, Doug

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Doug Lang, Welsh Poet




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yesterday evening and early this morning


Charles Lambert

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I should have added this before, as there are few enough interesting and well-written personal journals online. An elegant piece on Jonathan Williamss led me there this morning, and I was then pleased to learn of Charles’ first novel.


Crowd Control

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Keeping up


London Theatre

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click for information


Andrew Crozier

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English poet, died today at 17.45. Sympathy and condolences to Jean, to Philip, to all the family.

London This Evening

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Remember Books?

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Just Like That

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Why You Frontin’ ? Featuring Slimm Kool Keith Sex Style Unreleased Archives
I See It Now Frank Sinatra Inside September
Track 1 Ab Baars Trio Ab Baars Trio
Rivers of Babylon Steve Earle & Emmylou Harris Train a Comin’
Spiritual Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny Beyond The Missouri Sky (Short Stories)
Sweatshop Corey Harris Zion Crossroads
Body And Soul Etta James Mystery Lady (Songs Of Billie Holiday)
Toys John Zorn The Dreamers
Pussy Control Prince The Gold Experience

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Rendering Unto Caesar

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News this morning that the Chinese Olympic Flame is fed by oil refined from fat rendered from obese Tibetans provoked much feigned horror and genuine interest in the West. “It’s where the wheel of recycling on the bicycle of ecology meets the road to profit” said one of the indistinguishable New Labour ministers….”I see a dark world brightened by Public Spirit Lamps” he continued, entering the chamber to vote on the Emergency Obligatory Volunteer Act.

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