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Thanks for the many enquiries. Val’s eye is doing well; stitches out, less-frequent drops, fewer early-morning hospital trips. Next check is in a week.

China In Africa

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I hesitate to put links, as everyone has already seen everything these days; but for those who remember Paolo Woods’ photographs from Iraq and Afghanistan and are interested in glimpses of China in Africa through his lens, if you go to his site and click on Stories and then the obvious next link, you’ll get them.

And Hilton Obenzinger has an interesting look back at the Columbia University student occupation and strike in 1968,


Just The One

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David Ball in Cambridge

Composition by Fields

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Field 1 Greg Davis Mort aux Vaches
Sad and Blue Ivy Smith Oh Run Into Me But Don’t Hurt Me!
African Violets Cecil Taylor Looking Ahead!
The Best Is Yet To Come Frank Sinatra With Count Basie & His Orchestra It Might As Well Be Swing
Cantus Infirmus Scofield/McNeely/Johnson/Nussbaum & WDR Big Band East Coast Blow Out
Drum And Bone Elvis Costello And The Imposters Momofuku
Forgotten Neil Diamond Home Before Dark
Field 2 Greg Davis Mort aux Vaches

Direct download: cfield.mp3

Andy Andrews

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+Obituary from Western Daily Press.

PDF file
Ken Keable (who added the comment) also notes:

Veteran trade unionist and International Brigader Jack Jones, aged 95, attended and there was a message from Tony Benn. At the reception afterwards, in the Quaker Meeting House, Taunton, four members of the Bristol Red Notes choir sang “Viva La Quince Brigada” (in Spanish) and other songs, and I sang “Valley of Jarama” (the Song of the International Brigade).


Luton Arts Festival

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+ click for photo-set


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by Miles Champion

a variety six-pack to quench that Spring thirst is published by, I think, the A Rest press (cryptic logo: no publisher’s address).

NOTE (Saturday May 17th.) Miles writes:

“The Rest” is Patrick’s continuation of “A Rest”, the press he ran in New York with Ryan Murphy a few years ago. He (Patrick) has been in Alabama (first Tuscaloosa, now Birmingham) for a few years, but I haven’t been able to squeeze a street address out of him. This is the only information I have:
Patrick Masterson:

I suggest anyone interested in a copy email Patrick about how to get one.
300 copies, well-produced, no danger of negative equity.


Charles Bernstein and Maggie O’Sullivan in London

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Brown Study

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John Walkers Blues Steve Earle Jerusalem
Taqb-Aylit (La Kabyle) Akli D. Anefal Trankil
’round Midnight (B-Side) Amy Winehouse Frank
Tristesse Tino Rossi 100 Chansons Francaises De Légende
Vissi d’arte Maria Callas Tosca
We Ain’t Forgot K-Rino Triple Darkness Vol. 3 (Coalition Ambush)
Sacred Cloud Music Yo-Yo Ma & The Silk Road Ensemble Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon
Standing In The Rain Al Green Lay It Down

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Robert Rauschenberg
October 22nd. 1925 — May 12th. 2008

New York Times obit.
PDF file.



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Still with borrowed computer occasionally. Medical progress steady. Here’s The Day The Fair Left Town. Click on any image with a plus sign for full-size version.


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Development Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip Angles
Mohini (Enchantment) Yo-Yo Ma & The Silk Road Ensemble Silk Road Journeys: Beyond the Horizon
Crème Brulée Sonic Youth Dirty
Tibet Don Cherry Eternal Now
I Will Not Apologize (Feat. Porn and Dice Raw) The Roots
Rising Down
Breeze Steve Lacy & Maarten Altena High, Low and Order
Tommy C Dan Le Sac vs Scroobious Pip Angles

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… for the amorphous ambiguity in this post. It is Val, not I, who had eye-surgery. In the computer wreck confusion I’d thought I was simply advising a few friends, and forgot there’s a world outside.



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May Day

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Sorry not to have responded to recent messages: my computer is out of action and will certainly remain so until I find a replacement keyboard and then see if I can fit it. Thanks for those of cheer and good will. The surgery was successful and although there are hourly eye-drops and frequent hospital trips ahead for a few weeks, the strain of the past few days is over. Our thanks to the surgeon, Mr.Sarkies, and to his team at Addenbrookes. And, here, for the brief loan of computer.

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