Birthday Party

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Brief Update

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on report


Last Flowers from Old Garden

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The past two months have been idiotic, frustrating and grim for us here: but the light has been family and friends. So, our thanks to Lloyd Raworth and Hannah More for instantly taking us in; to Ben Raworth and Victoria Greaves, Bruno and Belinda Raworth, Aram and Ruth Raworth and Cato Raworth for constant attention and help; to John Wilkinson and Maud Ellmann without whose generous hospitality these past four weeks would have been impossible (and to Dr.Ulrich Muller for graciously sharing space); to Tom Pickard, Thomas Evans, Pat Coyle, Clive Unger-Hamilton and Cordellia Chitty for offering shelter; to Andrew Robinson for driving between London and Sussex several times to deliver and collect us; to Ian Patterson and Jenny Diski for driving us around in Cambridge and for pleasant companionship; to David Ball, David Southern, Dave Cook, Miles Champion, Nicole Peyrafitte for generous offers; to Keith Tuma for quietly being practical; to Justin Katko, a scrupulous publisher; to Alex van Someren for friendship and legal advice; and to all who have written and telephoned. To anyone I might have missed in this insomniac ramble, my apologies; and imagine my chagrin when I remember.
Into the blue today. See you all sometime.


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Fritz Kuhn German-American Bund Rally Madison Square 1939
LSD Wendell Austin Wavy Gravy
Under the Street Lamp Joe Bataan Singin’ Some Soul
Aseeko! (Get Up And Dance!) Don Pullen & The African Brazilian Connection Live…Again
Sitting On Top Of The World B.B. King One Kind Favor
Calm Down Dearest Jamie T Panic Prevention

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Last Cambridge Photos

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One For The Road

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Goodbye to Cambridge

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… and its new clock




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Even though, given the present chaotic and uncertain circumstances it is unlikely I’ll add anything to this page, or website, for some time, it seems reasonable to leave it open as a resource. Email to raworthATgmailDOTcom should still reach me. TR


Last Gasp: Economics 101

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As my last entry has caused confusion, a brief attempt to explain the situation is




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for the foreseeable future. TR


Twin Cities

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The Creationist solution to Peak Oil


To Whom It May Concern

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My apologies to anyone who has sent me (us) regular mail, or books, during the past four weeks and received no acknowledgment. Because of landlord/lease shit too boring to repeat, we have been living with family/friends, unable to access the house I think of now as “where we used to live”, while mail has fallen behind the locked door… or, in the case of packets, probably been returned to sender. This morning I am wondering if the start of Ramadan will trigger a change. TR

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