Back to the Stein Age

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..let me tell you what history teaches. history teaches.


Probably Offline Until Early January

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so, with good wishes for the New Year, here’s something to start it in good spirits:
Shangilia Christmas : Kalimambogo Brothers



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Good Wishes to any passerby for now and the New Year: and our thanks to any anonymous friends not reached any other way.


Year’s End

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Adrian Mitchell
1932 – December 20th. 2008

Nanao Sakaki
1923 – December 22rd. 2008

Harold Pinter
1930 – December 24th. 2008


For Those Of You Who Scoffed

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when I talked of rendering…..
check this + and this +: hoax or stunt the thought is in the air. (And was, thanks to MD, via Justin:

A transformer designed to utilize the slight, wasted energies such as:
the excess of pressure on an electric switch.
the exhalation of tobacco smoke.
the growth of a head of hair, of other body hair and of the nails.
the fall of urine and excrement.
movements of fear, astonishment, boredom, anger.
dropping of tears.
demonstrative gestures of hands, feet, nervous tics.
forbidding glances.
falling over with surprise.
stretching, yawning, sneezing.
ordinary spitting and of blood.
unruly hair, cowlicks.
the sound of nose-blowing, snoring.
sighs, etc. . . .

Anthologie de l’humour noir, under “Duchamp.” [Trans. Elmer Peterson])

Line Break

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Solstice Greetings

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New Iranian Crisis

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… got some 4 a.m. laughs out of me…..


Crease Más

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The Gun Slingers Mighty Sparrow Sparrow In Hi Fi
Suspicious Minds Waylon Jennings, Jessi Colter Country Duets
Baby Why The Cables Best Of Studio One [Disc 1]
Bon Bon Sweet Snacks Submit to the Chip
Traditional South African Songs Johnny Dyani – Okay Temiz – Mongezi Feza Music For Xaba (1973)
Kinda Dukish Duke Ellington Capitol Sessions 1953/55
The Cowboy’s Dizzy Sweetheart Goebel Reeves–The Texas Drifter Victrola Favorites
Limehouse Blues Cannonball Adderley & John Coltrane Cannonball & Coltrane
Communist Christmas Joel Veitch, Ed Snow, David Shute

Direct download: x2008.mp3


Happy Birthday

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Florence, four today.


Florence’s Fourth Birthday

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There are ten entries on Beaten Paths, worth reading from earliest to present for their information and clarity. Then there’s Will Ashton’s Vernaland; and 2nd Floor Projects.


Some Other Things

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a few shots from october/november 2008

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