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George Schneeman’s funeral will be in NYC on Monday, February 2nd. (note from Harris Schiff): those there can find the details.

A link to the online version of today’s New York Times obituary is here. In case it goes offline, there is a permanent copy here.

La Rentrée

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George Schneeman (1934 – 2009)

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This just in from Ron Padgett:

I have the saddest news. Last night our friend George died.

From a fall weeks ago, and the resultant concussion, George was slowly bleeding internally in his skull, which caused him to behave more and more strangely. A CAT scan showed clotting and pooling of blood around the brain. Two operations cleaned out the areas and we all expected a full recovery. His vital signs were all good. Then last night around 3 a.m. his heart stopped and he could not be revived. Throughout his hospitalization he didn’t seem to be in the slightest pain.

People here are rushing to Katie’s aid. Their son Paul has been wonderfully strong and steady.

From Tom Clark (click image to enlarge)

A note on George by Michael Lally


Lasantha Wickrematunge

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Murdered on January 8th. the editor of The Sunday Leader (Sri Lanka) left an editorial written previously that you might have missed reading: of course the risks he took for journalism are as nothing compared to those of a Sun reporter acquiring photos of Boy George in his cell.

Fair Wind

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Inauguration Day Nightmare

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Old School

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Lisa would have been 48 today.



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Rest In Pieces

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2008 – 2009


Sowing and Harvest

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marcos message



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onedit mark(s)


Brighton Yesterday

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A Real Publisher Goes

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New York Times obituary by Bruce Weber


Finally, Snow

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S. Clay Wilson

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After severe head/brain injuries in November (see here) S. Clay Wilson is in great need of help towards medical and rehabilitation costs. An expensive and long-term prospect. There are details of benefits for him in and around the Bay Area here, and also an address to send donations. If a PayPal link happens, I’ll include that later.


Last of the Oughts

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Happy New Year

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from Lewes…..

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