Surface Information

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Many Happy Returns

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to Ben Raworth and David Ball
Candle Salesman (1995) by Les Coleman



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Something Personal

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Let’s Hang the Landlord The King Blues Save the World, Get the Girl
Oxygen Tim Kaiser Elements
Le Temps Ne Fait Rien À l’Affaire Georges Brassens Les Copains D’Abord
Labyrinth Steve Lacy Outings (Rome: overdubbed)
Round About Midnight Bennie Wallace Plays Monk
Night And Day Django Reinhardt Chronological 1947 – 1953

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Downs and Ups

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Sky, Ponies, Grass etc.


Exmoor Ponies

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January 17th. 1961– February 21st. 1996



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Dale Smith’sPossumego
Scott Pierce’sEffing Press
Vincent Katz’Vanitas Magazine
andVanitas Magazine journal


Blue Guitarist

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“playing with words was then and ever after his chief pastime and pleasure”
Tom Clark on junkets



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Financial News

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As I Walked Out

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Shame On You Willie Nelson Willie And The Wheel
Fuck You Lily Allen It’s Not Me, It’s You
Art Pepper Art Pepper Those Kenton Days
Sweet And Lovely Thelonious Monk Live In Paris Vol.2
As Time Goes By Billie Holiday Billy Remembers Billie

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Plus Ça Change…..

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Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. Click for large image.


Pickup on Wall Street

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George’s funeral will take place at the Most Holy Redeemer Church, 173 East Third Street (between Avenues A and B), NYC, on Monday, February 2nd, at 10 a.m. Open to everyone.

Photograph © John Gian 2008/9
click image to enlarge
George playing the harpsichord (handmade by himself)
in San Giovanni D’Asso, May 1 – 2008, h.18.52.

NOTE: February 2nd.
Six inches of snow overnight. I trekked for a couple of hours to the highest spot (Black Cap) nearby; the only colours the tawny fleece of a black-faced sheep, one robin in a hedge, the bright plastic blue of a distant tobogganer. Fewer footprints the higher I climbed. I reached the top and on the small concrete topological benchmark someone earlier had left a tiny snowman, twigs for arms. For no reason I wrote GEORGE in the snow and as I started back down a blizzard began. This time wet snow, the dull light showing an icy sheen. I was thinking of George and slowly it clicked: Schneeman. Snowman. I had my reason.

Lingua Franca

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Alma Muda Heitor Pereira Domino
You’re A Lucky Guy Thelonious Monk After Hours At Minton’s (1941)
Ah Fraid Pussy Bite Me Mighty Sparrow Comi-Kal Cat Fight
Shadows Joe Harriott Quintet Abstract (1961)
U Cunigghiu Rosa Balistreri Rari e Inediti
Le déserteur Boris Vian Chansons
If It Wasn’t For The Lord Brother & Sister Walker Como Now: The Voices Of Panola County, MS

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Why Not?

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click here and save a word or two. This morning I adopted “pigritude” and “modernicide” and I’ve used them already.

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