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There’s a chance rare on the East Coast to see an exhibition of work printed in San Francisco decades ago by Holbrook Teter and Michael Myers (whose linocuts, see above, have a line I still miss). A great deal of their production was topical, fast, and ephemeral: and shows what can be done by bright, talented and aware people with very little money. I recommend it (and admit my personal involvement during a few years of the press’ existence). Details from Hermitage.


Asa Benveniste: sunset to sunrise

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I was looking through some old books of Ben’s, and this was inside one: a poem of Asa’s from 1980 that I printed as an Infolio supplement when he died. Next year will be twenty years since his death… strange to think of a whole new generation since that time (which seems still so recent). He was on my mind as I looked up through the window from making coffee.


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Two screens worth taking the feed from are Beyond The Pale and A Compulsive Reader: both demonstrate a love of reading and writing without the sound of axes being ground into jargon-shards.



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Autostrada Gianna Nannini G.N.
My Funny Valentine Chet Baker/Dick Twardzik Köln Concert
No Title Don Cherry/Terry Riley Scandinavian Radio Sessions
It Never Entered My Mind Bud Powell Bud Powell 1953-54
My Funny Valentine Gerry Mulligan Complete Verve Gerry Mulligan Concert Band Sessions
What If Punk Never Happened The King Blues Save the World, Get the Girl

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Looking Back

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Lisa and Ben, Barnet 1965.



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Last USA

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A Few Times of Morton

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See here. Click thumbnails for larger image.

By the sea

By Lake Garda, 2001


People and Things

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Out with Doug, Sandra, Rob and Mel (who went home early)


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Our uncle, Morton Wynne Edwards, died in the early hours of this morning. Here he is at the time he was on the first convoy to get through the u-boats and ice to Russia during the Second World War (hence no ship’s name on the cap-band). A few years ago, he and the few remaining others received awards from the Soviet Government. I’m happy to have known him and he leaves only pleasant memories.
Morton Wynne Edwards, born 25th September 1920 died 7th March 2009



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Lyn Hejinian, Jennifer Scappettone and Stacy Szymaszek reading in New York, March 2nd. 2009

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