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Despite the crippling (to me) heat, the year parts showing an improved path. We have somewhere to live, in Brighton, from July 23rd. until October 23rd. Which means cases can be put down, a few missing things reclaimed from storage and there will be a base from which to search for something more permanent. As soon as we’re settled I’ll let friends know the address. Yesterday also produced mail that had gone to Lewes during the past month…… Keith Tuma’s new book The Paris Hilton and a copy of Hot Gun from Justin Katko; a few copies of two books of mine published during those weeks; Joel Felix’ Regional Noir and Monaural, plus a card from him and Candice (and three bottles of hot sauce); a sweet note from Jemimah Kuhfeld; and a copy of Matías Serra Bradford’s bilingual anthology of British Poetry (1946–2000) La Isla Tuerta (well worth tracking down as probably the most generously open anthology since Keith Tuma’s).


Ely Early Sunday

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Habeus Corpus

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Robinson on Janko


Small Speaker

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Consternados, rabiosos Mario Benedetti Ché: Hasta la Memoria Siempre
Blue Guitar Cowboy Junkies Miles From Our Home
Te Estaré Esperando Mariachi Guerrilla Canciones De Amor Y Guerra
El Amor Perdido Hossam Ramzy & Rafa El Tachuela Flamenco Arabe
Perro come perro Superlitio Calidosound
Marseillais Massilia Sound System Commando Fada
Mensaje al hermano y Yo tuve un hermano Julio Cortazar Ché: Hasta la Memoria Siempre
Farewell, Farewell Charles Mingus His Final Work

Direct Download: spkr.mp3


Local Shop: there’s nothing for you here

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While in Cambridge yesterday Val tested the three bookstores for EYM:

Waterstones: “We have some copies on order but it is showing up on our system as ‘not published'”

Heffers: “We don’t stock it but can get a copy from the publishers in three or four weeks.”

Borders: “We have two individual orders for it, waiting: and can add you to the list.”


Past Midsummer

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Online connection as we can stay, thanks to Clive and Cordelia, a few more days in Ely while we exhaust some more slight possibilities.


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… a few hours



A Weekend Break

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…… from thinking about major problems. So…. to London briefly yesterday to see Jemimah Kuhfeld, Cathy Wagner and Ulli Freer outside the British Library:


… today in Ely a chance intersection with the Etheldreda Procession:


… and tomorrow to Norwich to see Aram, Ruth and Eddie (last seen just before he could talk).


Housing. Chapter 2009…. in which……..

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Drab, boring: but (by me) expected — after yet another two months of appointments, payments, waiting around blah blah and blah again, the owner of the flat, living in Norway, decided this morning that she “wanted everything to be impeccable” and thus couldn’t rent to such (implied) flawed characters as us. I don’t have the energy to start looking yet again: nor anywhere from which to look. We can stay with friends in Ely a few more days and that’s about it. My idea of a hole under a hedge is not even, it seems this morning, tenable….


Today’s Message

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My few days of internet connection finish early tomorrow morning. I’ve dealt with all the mail I could, put up some music, a few photographs and updated a couple of entries (the Jara one below, for example). I apologise to anyone still waiting for a response: I don’t know when I’ll next be online, but eventually I’ll get to it. TR

The British on Holiday

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Lovely Sailor Saigon Rhythm Flu
In Walked Bud Steve Lacy, Geri Allen, Jean-Jacques Avenal AMR Jazz Festival, April 2003
Pain (feat. Iggy Pop) Sparklehorse Dark Night of the Soul
Alerado Duke Ellington New York New York
Spacious Thoughts (feat. Tom Waits & Kool Keith) N.A.S.A. The Spirit of Apollo
Walkin’ Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse All-Stars & Barney Kessel & Hampton Hawes’ Trio With Shelley Manne Lighthouse At Laguna

Direct Download: inter.mp3

Big Time

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LATER NOTE: Thanks to those who wrote today describing my book to me. Copies are now on the way to an address from which I can collect them next week. TR

This morning I hear from a friend in the US that they’ve received a copy, ordered, of Earn Your Milk. I have yet to see a copy or be told it has been published. Perhaps I should have ordered one.


David Bromige

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1933 – 2009

This net connection until tomorrow morning gives me the chance to note David’s death on the morning of June 3rd. You will find more information here.

Harold Norse

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July 6th 1916 New York City – June 8th 2009 San Francisco


Request (later: ignore)(even later: correct)

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NOTE: memory nagged and yes, the EPC image is incorrect: a good copy passed on to Italy thanks to Keith Tuma.

NOTE: after posting this I remembered that once EPC had a copy of “Tracking” up”: they still do, so image retrieved thanks to them.

We’re still moving from place to place, but I have a temporary internet connection until tomorrow (tuesday) morning; which gives me a chance to ask:

if anyone has a copy of “Tottering State”, or of the original “Tracking”, could they possibly scan (or even clearly photograph) the image at the end (the “image blur” one) as clearly as possible and send it to me before then (tomorrow) as a jpg? The Italian translator has lost her copy and needs it for the printer as soon as possible. I have no access to other than what is in our suitcases.

TIA. Tom

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