Looking Up

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Dawn Moon

Peter Orlovsky

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I dreamt I jumped into the nozzle of a gun to fight it out with a bullet.

New York City, July 8th. 1933 – Williston, Vermont May 30th. 2010

Anne Waldman’s note

Steve Silberman’s memoir.
NYTimes obituary here.


Somewhere Along The Way

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Dodge City, Kansas May 17th.1936 – Venice Beach, California May 29th.2010


Leslie Scalapino

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Santa Barbara, California July 25th. 1944 – Berkeley, California May 28th. 2010

Writer, Publisher, Teacher, Indefatigable Traveller, Thoughtful and Dear Friend, Someone to Talk and Laugh with.
Our deepest sympathy and condolences to Tom and to all her family. Thanks, Leslie.



Down Memory Lane

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Thinking of Baron Triesman and University of Esssex days I wonder if anyone else remembers his explanation when observed wriggling through the reeds in Wivenhoe Park Lake: “I’m practicing for when I go to join Ho Chi Minh”.

Patricia Coyle

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an extremely brave woman, died May 27th. 2010
Our deepest sympathy to John and to all her family.


Beside the Seaside

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Una Vita Clandestina

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Edoardo Sanguineti
December 9th. 1930, Genoa – May 18th. 2010, Genoa

The Guardian obituary is here.


Straight Forward

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Photo by William “Scoop” Fuller



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In Darkness let me Dwell Steven Rickards(ct)/Dorothy Linell(lute) Dowland: Flow my Tears and other Lute Songs
Halfway to Paradise Billy Fury His Wondrous Story: The Complete Collection
Enter The Ninja Die Antwoord $O$
Red Michell and Chet Baker Chet Baker Candy
Reggae Fi Peach Linton Kwesi Johnson Independant Intavenshan – The Island Anthology CD1
Commander Mark Simmons, Metropolitan Police (thirty years on)
City Playgrounds Reflection Eternal Revolutions Per Minute
Darknesse Visible Thomas Ades Life Story

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Slice of toast detected in Turin Shroud

Jackson Pollock restored


Essex Redux

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…one of those images I wish were not in my mind….

By the time of Tony Blair’s historic landslide victory in 1997, he was a key figure in New Labour and a close friend and confidant of Blair – the pair spent happy evenings strumming out Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry numbers together on their electric guitars. ‘The prime minister is a very, very good rhythm guitarist,’ Triesman once said.

Two Mornings

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+click  +click


David Chaloner

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A note from Lucy Chaloner:

The funeral is on Thursday (20th May) at 1pm in St Peter’s church in Belsize Square, Belsize Park NW3 and will be non religious, just in the format of a reading with friends and family sharing memories, stories and his work. This will be followed by drinks and some nibbles at the back of the church before we move on to a nearby pub.

If you can attend, please let Lucy know at or 07939 317 191.

(See also here and here.



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After a lot of unnecessary wasted time I’ve managed not only to deactivate, but to delete (I hope completely) my old Facebook account. I’ve not bothered with it for more than a year (it was slightly interesting as a concept when it began) and the tsunami of banal I glimpsed during the removal process made me glad to be back in the world where friend means friend.

Up For It

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James Brown’s online venture Sabotage Times (we can’t concentrate so why should you? is well worth checking out… not least for the Keith Richards interview and for political football fans, the 1978 World Cup extract.

David Chaloner

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David’s funeral will be at St Peter’s Church, Belsize Square, NW3 4HY, at 1:00 pm next Thursday, 20th May.

Looking Down

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I got some relief from the odious political landscape by looking down on it from a great height: I also learned that ships make clouds.


Come on UK…. pay a little more and be NUMBER ONE

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The Cost of Driving a Car

New Era

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I’m In The Mood For Love Charlie Parker April In Paris
Scalinatella Mike Patton Mondo Cane
A House Of Gold Hank Williams Rare Demos – First To Last
Blue Monk Thelonious Monk Quartet with John Coltrane At Carnegie Hall
Studio Chatter Miles Davis Quintet Cookin’/With The Miles Davis Quintet
Surrey With The Fringe On Top The Miles Davis Quintet Steamin’ /with The Miles Davis Quintet
Piano Piece 1958 Terry Jennings Lost Daylight
Galang [Trio Riot Version] Vijay Iyer Trio Historicity

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This Afternoon…..

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…… David Chaloner died. Our sympathy and condolences to Mary and Lucy.

David Chaloner 1944 – 2010

David’s Collected Poems.


Just Arrived

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….. my six copies


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Bang On

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To the Duke of York cinema at 4pm for the premiere of Chris Morris’ film Four Lions. A kindhearted film with a faint aura of Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday. Birds, sheep, policemen and Heimlich-manoueuvring Samaritans explode. The swearing is in Sheffield accented English and Urdu. Perfect casting and a memorable script. If we can’t get a laugh out of our home-grown jihadis there’s not much left but to wait for Cameron to piss on us and call it trickle-down. Morris has made a quintessentially English film, an Ealing comedy up-to-date. It will need subtitles for the subtitles for the US where those who find it funny will give me slight hope.


Murray and Miliband

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Torture Telegram

Election Day

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Election Guide

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Elephant Bees

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Gordon Brown
Tainted Love Gloria Jones A Complete Introduction To Northern Soul (Disc 3)
Johnny Come Lately Cecil Taylor Quartet At Newport
Gerard Depardieu from the soundtrack of Quand j’étais Chanteur
Now’s the Time Lem Winchester Quartet Great Vibes!
Don Cherry on Albert Ayler Paris 1971
Thank God for Women(1970 interview) Albert Ayler Holy Ghost CD 9
I Wish I Were Twins Fats Waller Complete Recordings Vol. 6 (1930-1935

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English Bank Holiday

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Sarah Greenwood and Simon Pettet

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