Michael Gizzi

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1949 Schenectady NY – 2010 Providence RI

I like(d) Michael and his work a lot, enjoyed the too few times we spent together and always looked forward to seeing him again. All that comes to mind this dark autumn pre-dawn is an image of some Dennis Oppenheim piece I saw with Ted Greenwald in the early 1970s: a puppet that at regular intervals would smash its metal head against a bell. Arrivederti!


Crossing the Moat?

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just a thought


End of Summer

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picking up the marker buoys

alone on the beach


True Romance

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I’ve Got A Crush on You Brian Wilson Reimagines Gershwin
When Your Lover Has Gone Johnny Sparrow Johnny Sparrow – 1949-55
Cherokee Jimmy Smith The Complete Sermon Sessions (CD1)
Hotel California [Spanish Mix] The Gipsy Kings Volare! (thanks Ben)

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For those few interested in twenty years ago, I recently recovered xeroxes of issues 41 – 100 of infolio (the weekly run) and have put them back online linked from HERE. They are also linked from the contributors list on the same page.


Cato to UWE

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Pope passim

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Thanks to Ben Raworth
NOTE: The Rosminians ran Ferryhouse and St. Patrick’s Industrial School, Upton, both of which were investigated by the Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse.


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Oh, Lonesome Me Johnny Cash The Complete Sun Recordings 1955-1958
Armstrong & Miller from radio
Toys John Zorn The Dreamers
Angel Baby Rosie & The Originals Early Girls That Rocked the World
Back to the Tracks Tina Brooks Back to the tracks
Zip A Dee Doo Dah Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans Phil Spector Definitive Collection
Alta Yama Miss Bolivia Cumbia! Bestial
Tina Duke Ellington Latin American Suite (1970)

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Down Memory Lane: 28 Years Ago

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Sabra and Shatila

Pip Benveniste

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Cherry Orchard

There’s a good obituary of Pip Benveniste in today’s Guardian (also linked from my earlier post)



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No prizes.

Break in the Storm

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Sick Transit

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Snippets 8

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“I think my five minutes with the Pope would only lead to excommunication!.” Graham Greene, Spring 1982.


Everyone Is Out To Get You

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An interesting piece from the BBC.



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Snippets (7)

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“All this became fuel for the fire that would engulf him: many of his neighbors learned he was a writer only when charred, double-spaced pages of a manuscript fluttered down from his burned-out windows. F. GWYNPLAINE MacINTYRE


Snippets (6)

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“For months I was a zombie of irony, watching Fox News in despair.” (Ryan Bartek)



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Sunday Morning Coming Down Jerry Lee Lewis Mean Old Man
King Size Papa Julia Lee Julia Lee – 1947
Line Fine Lyon Seven Roscoe Mitchell Duets with Anthony Braxton
Terrific Together Ferlin Husky Country Style U.S.A.
El Reggae De Paz Y Amor Sumo Dividos Por La Felicidad (thanks, Txema)
Longhair’s Blues Rhumba Professor Longhair Professor Longhair – 1949
Slightly Flapping Schlippenbach Trio Gold Is Where You Find It
Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child Jane Bunnett, Stanley Cowell, Dewey Redman Spirituals & Dedications
Dead Flowers (With Mick Jagger) Jerry Lee Lewis Mean Old Man

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Snippets (5)

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The BBC understands discussions are continuing in Whitehall about whether it is possible to limit pensioner benefits – such as the winter fuel allowance, bus pass and free TV licence – without breaking Prime Minister David Cameron’s election promise that he would preserve them.

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Health is a state in which all the components of the body are functioning properly and there is an absence of disease. Fitness is the ability to perform strenuous work or exercise. Clearly, it is possible to be healthy without being fit and vice versa. (Fredrick Hahn)


Snippets (3)

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“In improvisation there is no time.” (Steve Lacy)

Snippets (2)

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“You have symptoms of moderate depression. We suggest you seek the advise of general physician or a psychiatrist.”

Snippets (1)

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“Most airlines pay check-in staff a bonus linked to the value of the excess baggage fees they collect.”

Going Up?

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Keep alert… it could be Rapture Time!

Marxism Today

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Berlin: Marx being moved out of the way of new UBahn line


For Clark

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Good Afternoon

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David Meltzer

Allen Fisher


Great Game

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