Late Afternoon

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Fit For Purpose

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Not A Day Passes

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Lisa Nichole Raworth
January 17th. 1961 – February 21st 1996


Old Time

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John Ross. A couple of obituaries.

The Independent, The Guardian (by Alex Cox), here and here (both San Francisco Chronicle.)



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West End Blues Louis Armstrong The Louis Armstrong Collection, Vol. 4
Ahmat Sabit Samba Mapangala and Orchestre Virunga Malako
This Bitter Earth Dinah Washington The Complete Dinah Washington On Mercury, Vol. 6 (1958-1960
Cabral Orchestre du Bawobab Une Nuit au Jandeer
The Champ Dizzy Gillespie The Champ

Old news, but I was listening to a lot of African orchestras, watching Killer of Sheep, when a brief correspondence with Joel Lewis triggered memory of the first two records I ever bought, 78s, in 1953: they are the brackets.

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Hypocrisy Illustrated

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Ray McGovern is 71 years old, spent 27 years in the CIA, confronted Donald Rumsfeld — and now, as a Veteran for Peace, stood with his back turned to Hillary Clinton as she spoke. That’s all.

This Morning So Far

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Worth a read


Little Egypt

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Public Transport

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Pauline Docteur Nico & African Fiesta Golden Afrique, Vol. 2 [Disc 1]
The Fear Lily Allen It’s Not Me, It’s You
Aon-Aon Orchestre Afrisa International Isa
Bohemian Rhapsody Jake Shimabukuro Peace Love Ukulele
June Hymn The Decemberists The King Is Dead
Kanuba Le Tonnerre Dogon Sorry Bamba
Buffalo Song Jack Smith Silent Shadows On Cinemaroc Island

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Police IQ. “Bringing Accountability to the Armchair”

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Street-level crime maps launched

Two Sussex streets have ranked highly on online crime maps because of hoax 999 calls, police have said.
The maps covering England and Wales were launched so people could view crime figures for where they live.
But the service showed abnormally high statistics for Bolnore Road in Haywards Heath and Church Lane in Lewes – sites of a call centre and a police station.
Sussex Police said hoax calls were recorded at those sites because there were no alternative locations.
A statement issued by the force said: “The street mapping figures show abnormally high numbers of anti-social behaviour incidents being recorded at these two sites, both of which are our main call handling centres where 999 and non-emergency calls are received.
“We have been thorough in our recording and these high figures relate to hoax calls – mainly received by mobile phone – which have been recorded at those sites because there was no alternative geographical location.
“They do not relate to disproportionate levels of crime or anti-social behaviour in those local areas.”
The statement said Sussex Police was awaiting advice from the National Policing Improvement Agency about how these types of incidents should be recorded in the future to avoid confusion.

(Suggestion: why not simply list them as “hoax calls”? TR)

The Association of Police Authorities said the website was a “magnificent achievement”.

Deputy chairman Mark Burns Williamson said: “Crime mapping brings accountability to the armchair for everyone who wants to monitor crime on their street.”

Here is the website this morning:


R.F.Langley 1938 – 2011

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I’m late and sorry to note the death of R.F.Langley; a poet I liked, though I did not know him well. We met a few times, and read together: I have the warmest memory of those occasions. Here are a few links:
The Guardian Books, and The Poetry Archive.

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