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Brighton (continued)

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North Laines


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The most interesting piece of film I’ve seen so far today (thanks, Ben).
Lost sock and mirror phase.

Me Moire

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City Cycle Mala Scientist Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space – Dubstep Originals
30 Years On Peter Bleksley, then a police constable in Brixton, remembers the riots BBC
Limoges 2 Lol Coxhill and Fred Frith 1983 – French Gigs
Close My Eyes Arthur Russell Love Is Overtaking Me
Run This Town Jay-Z & Kanye West Ft. Rihanna The Throne
Etude No. 6: Bud Ran Back Out Kyle Gann Nude Rolling Down an Escalator: Studies for Disklavier
Tyger Allen Ginsberg First Blues
Les Eres D’Exil De Liszt Pierre Bastien 1996 – Eggs Air Sister Steel
Get Around To It Arthur Russell Calling Out Of Context (thanks Adam)
Bach JS – Cantatas (Ascension) Gardiner, Monteverdi Choir Bach Cantatas

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Cup and Ball

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Unshow ME

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Those able to tear their attention from the hypnotic image of the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s social gamut (“It didn’t matter who your parents were. Your mother could be the head of a giant corporation – or a solicitor in Kew.”) and the ongoing disasters in Libya, Japan, Haiti and (add here) might have been paying attention to the anti-poor anti-labour actions in Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. Now let’s add quaint Maine where Governor LePage intends to cover or remove an 11-panel mural in the Labor Department, painted in 2007 by Judy Taylor to show “The History of Labor in the State of Maine.”

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According to LePage spokesman Dan Demeritt, the administration felt the mural showed “one-sided decor” not in keeping with the department’s pro-business goals.

“The message from state agencies needs to be balanced,” said Demeritt, adding that the mural had sparked complaints from “some business owners” who complained it was hostile to business.

In an interview, LePage spokeswoman Adrienne Bennett said “It is inappropriate for a taxpayer funded agency to appear to be one sided or the other,” she said. “The Department of Labor works closely with employees and employers.”

She said the Governor’s Office has received “several messages” from the public complaining about the mural. She released an anonymous fax dated Feb. 24 that apparently comes from someone who sat in the Labor Department lobby.

“In this mural I observed a figure which closely resembles the former commissioner of labor,” the person wrote. “In studying the mural I also observed that this mural is nothing but propaganda to further the agenda of the Union movement. I felt for a moment that I was in communist North Korea where they use these murals to brainwash the masses.”

The fax is signed “A Secret Admirer.”


More Play

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click here (then click any individual small image to enlarge).


New Spring Old Trick

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Sketches of Spain

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No Woman No Fly

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Psyops Thanks to @FMCNL and @aborgnino
Take The ‘A’ Train Maynard Ferguson Storm
I Want to Fuck All the Girls in My School Bazooka 2010 Demo
Flute, Women’s Chorus and Drums Musique d’Afrique Occidentale
My Funny Valentine Gordon MacRae Isn’t It Romantic – Capitol Sings Rodgers & Hart
The Stars in His Head (Dark Lights Remix) Colin Stetson New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges
Blues For Pres, Sweets, Ben & All The Other Funky Ones Sonny Stitt Sits In With The Oscar Peterson Trio
7oukouma Lotfi Double Kanon Mish B3eed

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Message to the Arab League

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What part of “No Fly Zone” didn’t you understand?


Yes too

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Huddled Masses Addendum

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NOTE October 5, 2015. Since Apple in its “progress” has made this link unusable, here’s a direct link that I hope will work in your browser.

Anniversary Echo

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Today, in 1834, six farm workers from Tolpuddle were sentenced to transportation to Australia for forming a trade union.

How long will it be ere they cease to grind to dust, trample under foot, and tread down as the mire of the streets the hardworking and industrious labourer? … never no, never will (with a few honourable exceptions) the rich and the great devise means to alleviate the distress, and remove the misery felt by the working men of England.

What then is to be done? Why the labouring classes must do it themselves or it will be left undone; the laws of reason and justice demands their doing it. Labour is the poor man’s property, from which all protection is withheld. Has not the working man as much right to preserve and protect his labour as the rich man has his capital?
George Loveless


No Comment

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Earthquakes in Japan between 9 March and 14 March. Best at full screen.


Before I Go….

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A compilation of songs by North African hip hop artists from Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria who have emerged as voices of recent uprisings and calls for protest. You can dowload the torrent here: Khalas Mixtape Vol. 1. “Wisconsin Rap” anyone?.


Standing Around

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until probably March 17th.


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Horse Outside The Rubberbandits Horse Outside – EP
The Wind The Diablos
Lovers mood Augustus Pablo The Legend
G.O.A.T Eminem Straight From The Vault EP
Three Gymnopedies No. 1 Mal Waldron Plays Eric Satie
Ghost Story Lou Reed, John Cale, & Nico Le Bataclan ’72
The Bluest Blues Dizzy Gillespie The Champ
I Wanna Fight Your Father The Rubberbandits I Wanna Fight Your Father

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