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Medical problems have made it necessary to cancel my US readings and various other projects. I’ve written to those (my thanks to them) involved; but in case I’ve missed anyone, my apologies. I won’t be posting anything here until things improve. TR
NOTE September 29th. To clarify: mine are the problems; everyone else is fine. TR

NOTE October 21st. Improvement from doing nothing to not doing much. TR



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Undecided Chris Garrick & John Etheridge Men On Wire
Rayon Hula Mike Cooper Rayon Hula
Joe’s Blues Joe Harriott No Strings
Tawaba Franco, Pepe Ndombe & Tpok Jazz Attaque Anjela
Ejim Nk’onye Celestine Ukwu and his Philopsophers’ National Ejim Nk’onye

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John Etheridge’s “Sweet Chorus”

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John Etheridge’s Sweet Chorus –– Etheridge (guitar), Chris Garrick (violin), Dave Kelbie (rhythm guitar) and Andy Crowdy (acoustic bass). Concert as part of Jazz Festival, All Saints Church, Hove, on September 16th. 2011. There are a couple of video clips here, and here.


Brighton Food Festival

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Who’s Running The Show

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Tail of Irene

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El Corrido De Jesse James Ry Cooder Pull Up Some Dust & Sit Down
Babu On The Two Turntables DJ Babu The World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 1
Pills Bo Diddley The Story of Bo Diddley, The Very Best of [2 CD, Remastered] (CD 2)
I Dig Dangling Participles The Harper Valley P.T.A. Plantation Gold: The Mad Genius of Shelby S. Singleton and Plantation/SSS Records 1967-1976 CD1
Lei Ana Ika Mokihana Kalama’s Quartette Early Hawaiian Classics
Solitude Mal Waldron Trio No More Tears for Lady Day
Cherokee Glauco Venier, Lee Konitz Ides of March
Monte Adentro Chano Pozo Legendary Sessions

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Psycho Jack Kittel Dead! The Grim Reaper’s Greatest Hits

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