Time Travel

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After Anselm and Jane’s visit there was another flash from the past today when Jimmy Cummins, who is doing some research at Storrs, Conn., sent me copies of a few old photographs of mine he’d found: including this one of Ted Berrigan and me photomating somewhere in 1970/71. The navy Melton overcoat I’m wearing had belonged to Ken Lansdowne’s father who had a vegetable stall on Ridley Road Market (see earlier London photos last week): I wore it for years, then passed it on to Lloyd. It lasted him until 2010.

About Time

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Carcanet has just put a deal of Andrew Crozier’s poetry and prose back in print in An Andrew Crozier Reader, intelligently edited by Ian Brinton.


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Daydream Believer Kevin Rowland My Beauty
Pont Sur Le Congo Cercul Jazz Les Merveilles du Passé 1967
Coonskin No More Scatman Crothers Coonskin
Libala Bombanda Pasi L’Orchestre Teke Teke EP
Rag Doll Kevin Rowland My Beauty

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Me, Anselm: fifty years on.
photo by Jane Dalrymple-Hollo

Brötzmann, Edwards, Noble

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Anselm and Jane in Brighton

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Flaming Chicken

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Cafe Oto March 20/21


Bright Lights Big City

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A few photographs during the Penguin Modern Poetry 50th Anniversary day at Bristol University


Darrell Gray

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Rare moments of Darrell Gray (1945–1986) reading at The On Broadway, San Francisco, in 1983. From the archives of the Black Bart Poetry Society. More information at
… and here is part 2:


A Couple More Collages

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Germany: Stuttgart and Berlin

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There is a batch of photographs on Flickr, but for the impatient here’s a run-through:

NOTE October 5, 2015. Since Apple in its “progress” has made this link unusable, here’s a direct link to a download that I hope will work in your browser.


Strongly Recommended

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Peter Manson’s Stéphane Mallarmé: The Poems In Verse.

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