“An Andrew Crozier Reader” launch

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A very few images from the launch last night of An Andrew Crozier Reader at the London Review Bookshop.



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The Nearness of You Vic Ash Hoagy
Maine Roswell Rudd/Hans Dulfer/Arjen Gorter/Martin Van Duynhoven Maine
Let’s Keep The Dodgers in Brooklyn Phil Foster 78
Brian McKnight tests the water
Minister Jeremy *unt Wriggles
Reaction Shot

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I just got the sad news from Rita degli Esposti of the death of my old and dear friend Marilú Parolini. Maria Ludovica Parolini, detta Marilù, fotografa di scena e sceneggiatrice, nasce a Cremona nel 1931. Still photographer, writer, actress: you can find her traces on The Internet Movie Database but you won’t find her throaty voice and laugh, nor her performances with Rita at those great Festivals of the late 1980s in Parma and Milan, nor her courage during the final years of illness and almost isolation. Silk against metal and sand. Ciao, cara mia, ci vediamo.


Night of the White Moustaches

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Reading at the Horse Hospital, London, with Anselm Hollo, Gunnar Harding and Andrei Codrescu


The Brighton Marathon 2012

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…as seen from my window



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Jane Dalrymple-Hollo just sent me this photo she took of Anselm and me at breakfast at their hotel in Brighton a couple of weeks ago.

A Little Time On My Hands

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Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift



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Young Boy In Africa Classique Vibes Suffer Hell On Earth
Insane Tom Cruise
John Cage and Sun Ra at Coney Island, 1986
Theme For The Kid David Murray & James Newton Solomon’s Sons
Mitt Romney‘s Leisure Pursuits open mike before Hannity interview
Fragment from “Beachcomber” Richard Ingrams BBC recording
Scaling Derek Bailey Notes
Gyeene Wulomei Walatu Walasa

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Easter Weekend

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Family stuff. Brighton and Lewes


The Pink House

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Pip Benveniste’s son Mark Vaughan tells me he has a few copies of her memoir The Pink House (see previous entry) for sale. A cheque for £12 or equivalent made out to:

Mark Vaughan


29 Ravenswood Road,
Bristol BS6 6BW,UK.

will bring one in the mail.

Mark is also continuing Pip’s project of rugs made from her paintings; ethically produced, hand woven in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal by highly skilled Nepalese and Tibetan weavers, using traditional Tibetan wools and dyeing practices.

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