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Notes of Views and Views of Note. Edward Dorn’s Westward Haut is not yet listed on the Etruscan Books website but no doubt you can get information from Nicholas Johnston at atetruscan[at]aol[dot]com


Waiting Around At Brighton Station

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KQED says:

In honor of the Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary, we pulled this reading by Jim Nisbet from the archives to get you in the mood to celebrate San Francisco’s favorite piece of infrastructure. (Running Time: 19:56)



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Advertising and trading are being regulated for three reasons, to ensure: the Games have a consistent look and feel across London and the UK; that Games sponsors are able to achieve appropriate brand exposure and are protected against ambush marketing; that spectators and those participating in the Games can access venues easily and safely.

Anyone still naive enough to think the Olympic Games anything to do with sport should have a look at the maps here, and perhaps also take a look at the consultation documents. Be careful not to carry the wrong sandwich or bottled water and be sure to choose your t-shirt logo carefully.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Part of your Government, working for you.



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Eye Street Gastr Del Sol The Serpentine Similar
Monomedia Brian Eno Drums Between The Bells
Give My Regards To Eighth Street Morton Feldman New York School 3
Cloud 5 Brian Eno Drums Between The Bells
As If Your Eyes Brian Eno Drums Between The Bells
Okima Ba Ga-Mashiebii Ebaa Gbeee: History of Ga-Mashiebii Cultural Band

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I’ll be offline until Sunday 20th May as I’ll be in Germany at a converted NATO missile base to read at the 14 Inselfestival.


Anselm Hollo

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Latest news (from Jane)

Anselm was returned to the Intensive Care Unit on Thursday morning because he woke up a little disoriented and a CAT scan showed that fluid had filled the cavity from which the tumor was removed. The fluid is exerting some pressure on Anselm’s brain, and there was talk of a second surgery to suction it out, but after some discussion the doctors decided to raise his steroid dose to help alleviate swelling around the surgery site and monitor the situation carefully. If all goes well, the excess fluid will gradually dissipate as the swelling subsides. It is now Saturday evening and so far, so good.


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Brighton & Hove seafront on first Saturday after a week of rain


Good Old Days

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Click here for a look at those halcyon days when there was work, and when the British Council promoted Trades Unionism.


Anselm Hollo Update

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Anselm’s surgery on Monday was successful and the prognosis for a complete recovery is good. He has been transferred from Intensive Care to Rehab.


An Excellent Book

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…. that you can get from Oystercatcher Press.


Maurice Sendak (June 10, 1928 – May 8, 2012)

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Goodbye, and thanks.


May 7th.

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Thinking of Anselm and wishing him strength today.


Cinco de Mayo

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Glacier Movements

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There are some great time-lapse videos HERE.


May Day

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