Just A Thought

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Gnomon Chomsky


Half Time

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Evening Stroll

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Wanted: Stand-in To Have Wrist Slapped By Feather

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Barclays plan new Hubris™ account on which they will charge
only 30% interest per month on money deposited with them.

Over 30 impaled heads at a time, preserved using a tar dip, were ‘displayed’ at London Bridge in the 16th century. The 355-year tradition ended in 1660.


New & Hot

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Old & Cold
Jim Nisbet’s new book is out today. Why wait?

Philip Whalen

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I just noticed that Philip Whalen died ten years ago today. A poet I can always read.


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Right now, Suka Pinakurat, a spicy coconut sap vinegar from Iligan City in the Philippines is one of my (and my sons’) favourite tastes. The local Chinese supermarket no longer has it, so I’ve had to go to the importer. This morning’s parcel will soon be divided up… a couple of bottles going to friends in Spain next week.


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not much changes over a year; but the washing is out



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This morning


Midsummer 2012

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Austerity in Asturias

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“Responsibility for whatever may occur lies firmly in the hands of those who create these situations.”
The government delegate to Asturias, Gabino de Lorenzo

“The only struggle that can’t be won is the one that isn’t fought.”
Striking miner Segundo Menéndez Collar


Due in September

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Gus Blaisdell‘s Collected from The University of New Mexico Press


Forget Me Knot

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Qui La Voce Sua Soave Sutherland, Filacuridi, Blanc, Modesti I Puritani CD2
Intermission 6 for One or Two Pianos Morton Feldman Complete Works For Two Pianists
Human Public Image Ltd. This Is PiL
Mountain Moon After Rain Ikue Mori One Hundred Aspects of The Moon
Incapable of Love Dexys One Day I’m Going to Soar

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I Forget What I Was Thinking

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Hombroich, Germany, May 17th. 2012 (with Ulf Stolterfoht)
source: swantje lichtenstein


Tae See Oorselves

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Hombroich, Germany, 17th May 2012
source: swantje lichtenstein


In No Sense A Broad

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No-one treats the edges, from walnut curl to Dutch peanuts, with the wry nostalgia of old light on damp, as does John Muckle. Readers of The Cresta Run, Cyclomotors and his previous novel London Brakes will find My Pale Tulip a welcome nudge.



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Brighton & Hove Seafront: gusts up to 60mph.


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Outside Hove Town Hall


Found Poem

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Golden Apple

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Ray Douglas Bradbury
August 22nd.1920 – June 5th.2012

“I don’t tell anyone how to write and no one tells me.”


On The Beach

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How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times and Live Ry Cooder Down At The Field- The 1974 Broadcast
Get a Job Neil Young & Crazy Horse Americana
Cuerno de Chivo Los Huracanes del Norte Los Huracanes del Norte: Sólo Éxitos
Beaches In Mind The Beach Boys That’s Why God Made The Radio
Palomita Blanca Carlos Gardel Sus 40 Tangos Mas Famosos
Mi Tres Animales Los Tucanes de Tijuana 14 Tucanazon Bien Pesados
Rene And Georgette Magritte With Their Dog After The War Paul Simon Negotiations And Love Songs 1971-1986
Lawdy Miss Clawdy Steve Young Primal Young
One Meat Ball Ry Cooder Down At The Field- The 1974 Broadcast

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Winter of This Contempt

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Just a quick doodle with some of the trigger-words in the Department of Homeland Security “Analyst Desktop Binder”



Random Shots

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A few random shots from the top of the bus (through the dirty window) travelling back from Brighton General Hospital

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