Messing About With Boats

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Fishing boats passing through Shoreham locks this morning:
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No wind this morning so a longer ride, 12 miles there and back, to Shoreham and then to the peninsula between the River Adur and the sea, where Shoreham beach is a protected nature area.

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Richard Burton
Secret Zora &The Tatsmiths Curiosity Shop
Chris Morris
Trahison Eba Aka Jérome Saa Ko Faa, vol.1
Jet Black Pearl
Skint Zora & The Tatsmiths Curiosity Shop

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His Eye Is In The Needle

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until Tuesday August 21st



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I spit on Ras-Putin and his orthodox-domed believers.


Le Déjeuner sur l’Herbe

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Off The Shelf

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Two books I’ve enjoyed recently:

Larry Fagin’s Complete Fragments, his first “trade” book since the late 1970s, can be bought from Cuneiform Press

and S.J Fowler’s Recipes is available from The Red Ceiling Press.

Both good for the long read, and the dip.


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Ever Widening Circles Of Remorse Ned Sublette, Lawrence Weiner, & The Persuasions Ships At Sea, Sailors And Shoes
I Got Rhythm Harpo Marx Harpo at Work!
Dawn Prayer Dhafer Youssef Digital Prophecy
Cold Weather The Upsetters Double Seven
Part Three Mike Patton And Luciano Berio Laborintus II
Songhua River K1973 Harbin, 2006
Guns of Brixton Jimmy Cliff Rebirth
There Is No Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Silver) Ned Sublette, Lawrence Weiner, & The Persuasions Ships At Sea, Sailors And Shoes

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Mo Farah

What Can’t Be Explained Is Our Friend

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Pussy Riot closing statements extracts
and here (Nadezhda Tolokonnikova)
and here (Yekaterina Samutsevich),

All three statements (including Maria Alyokhina)



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Hanging around Shoreham Harbour this morning waiting to cross the lockgates.


Servant Class

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The Olympics While Rome Burns

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The flames of late capitalism.


A Few Additions

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… to Doodles.

Great Moments in Literature (8)
Swinging London
Bankers Anonymous


Mixed Batch

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Passing by

Family Visits


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The 90 and the 9 Ry Cooder Election Special
The Bards-Walter De La Mare Dylan Thomas As I Walked Out One Evening – A Dylan Thomas Reading (Remastered)
A Dusky Belle Olly Oakley Banjo Solo (78)
Lullaby of the Leaves Tommy Whittle Keith Christie Lullaby & Rhythm (1956)
The Pick-up Etta James Tuff Lover
Multitude of Casualties The Hold Steady Separation Sunday
She Moved Through The Fair Van Morrison & The Chieftains Irish Heartbeat
Marcus Brigstocke BBC
Megye Wo Ramblers International Ramblers International

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There’s One Born Every Minute

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…or The Recession Bites Hard .

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