While Bankers Roam

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This is a National Disgrace:
while the slimy potato bats his eyelashes on US talk shows and pretends he doesn’t know what “Magna Carta” means (D.W.D.Cameron: Eton and Oxford) and the empty suit waffles by the sea. The Big House Society.


University Daze

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I’m always pleased to see something by Heathcote Williams. Shelley is still paying off his student loan.


Why Not?

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Reads This Week

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from Powerhouse Books

from any amazon


Politics Here and There

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F.T.Prince Symposium

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University of Southampton, September 20th.2012


Small Food Festival

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Let The Bright Seraphim Joan Sutherland The Art of the Prima Donna
Ronald Reagan on long-ago radio (USA)
I Walk The Line (Big ”D” Jamboree Dallas, TX, 1956) Johnny Cash Bootleg Volume 3: Live Around the World
Lone Star Norah Jones Don’t Know Why
My Baby Just Cares For Me Blue Harlem Jump Jack Jump
Marseilles Noir The Spy From Cairo Arabadub
Ghost Riders In The Sky Scatman Crothers Oh Yeah!
The Soldier Tir’d Joan Sutherland The Art of the Prima Donna
Les Dawson on long-ago radio (UK)

in memoriam arkadii dragomoshchenko: now anywhere

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I Remember The Building Shaped Like A Ship

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I am extremely sorry to learn of the death of Arkadii Trofimovich Dragomoshchenko two days ago. My sympathy and condolences to his family. Decades ago I stayed with them for a few days in Leningrad: his intelligence and talent, and their generous hospitality when they had little enough to share, have always been a clear and sweet memory. I go to raise a glass and smash it.


Big Ears

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… worth a read, Noddy.


Interest Held This Week By:

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Desperate Business: Jon and Mick illuminate the state of the nation.

Las Adventures Des Inspector Cabillot: written in Europanto, the language in which we Europeans actually speak to one another.

Drugs – Without The Hot Air: one of the very few intelligent books about drugs, written by the advisor sacked by the Government after this classic exchange with the then Home Secretary Jacqui Smith:

JS: You can’t compare harms from a legal activity with an illegal one.
DN: Why not?
JS: Because one’s illegal.
DN: Why is it illegal?
JS: Because it’s harmful
DN: Don’t we need to compare harms to determine if it should be illegal?
JS: You can’t compare harms from a legal activity with an illegal one.

Collected Poems 1935 – 1992: it’s about time Frank Prince’s poems were back in print and widely available.



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O Sing Unto The Lord Handel Chandos Anthems, Fribourg broadcast August 2012
Oiseaux Tristes (Ravel)The Babiaantje (F.T.Prince) Princess Grace of Monaco, Vlado Perlemuter Birds, Beasts & Flowers – A Programme of Poetry, Prose and Music
Tempest Bob Dylan Tempest

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Brighton Pride Parade

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Saturday September 1st.2012

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