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until after the fools’ day



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Festival 5/cinq#4, Calais March 23/24th 2013

With Thierry Rat; Julien Blaine; Christoph Bruneel; Anne Letoré; Peter Holvoet-Hanssen; Le Cercle des Poètes Retrouvé (Calais)



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Four Miles Davis Complete Concert 1964
Sonata en Modo Dorico(Soler) Rafael Puyana 18th Century Spanish Sonatas and Fandangos
Tu m’as Trahi Jean Bernard Samboué SAT 169
Sonata in A Minor, BWV 1013 Sarabande, Corrente, Bourree Anglaise and Allemande Maxence Larrieu J.S.Back Flute Sonatas
No One Knows Nothing Anymore Billy Bragg Tooth & Nail

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Bus to Lewes

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More Snow

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And So Too

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The Cryonic Trombone Peter Blegvad & Andy Partridge Gonwards
En Memoire de Bayon Vicky et l’OK Jazz Vicky et l’OK Jazz
My Foolish Heart Archie Shepp & Chet Baker Quintet In Memory Of
You Feel So Lonely You Could Die Davie Bowie The Next Day
Tender is the Night: The Closing Door Bernard Herrmann Bernard Herrmann at Fox Vol.1

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USA February

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