Colour Bar

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Vox Populi

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Camera Test, Lewes

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Just In

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Paul Pfleugler, Jr.’s A Zodiac from Red Moon Press

A Glimpse

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Ministry Message

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Good-Bye Frank Sinatra Only The Lonely
Free Nelson Mandela The Specials Singles Collection
Gazzelloni Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra Out To Lunch
You And Me Penny & The Quarters Blue Valentine
The Giant Guitar and the Black Stick Paul Bley Jimmy Giuffre Steve Swallow The Life Of A Trio
You Always Hurt The One You Love Ryan Gosling Blue Valentine
Goodbye Gene Ammons Goodbye

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Summer Saturday Morning

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Blood Test

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I had to go for a blood test today: my furthest travel other than the few yards to the sea and back for some time. These caught my eye.

05.04 a.m. Summer Solstice

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Sliding down into the dark with so far not much light.


Wander, Weary of Time, in The Cloud

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Garbage in, garbage out


Sentences (continued)

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No science is being interrupted for the purpose of getting the new mosaic.




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A little later the homeless and the sporty move


The Flexibility of Catholicism

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A sympathetic priest heard his confession and provided absolution for what he was about to do.

(from a piece in The Spectator about the assassination of Admiral Darlan by Fernand Bonnier on Christmas Eve 1942

Play On

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Thanks to Andrew Robinson

Read more on Mother Jones here.


A Must Read

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It was appropriate that The Seldom Seen Kid and Build a Rocket Boys in the Giant General Knowledge crossword this morning led me to Elbow, as an hour later Doug’s book arrived and flicking it open I hit immediately page 14 line 3 “Not so much Elbow (a relatively obscure band)”. An excellent collection to read and to re-read. More than 100 pages of a vademecum cornucopia of how it is, why, and who does it. I don’t know where you’ll get a copy except from Primary Writing Books, 2009 Belmont Road NW, Number 203, Washington, DC 20009. ISBN 978-0-9837679-1-6 $15.

Another Slight Change

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Slight Change

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Morning Looking East

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A Week From Midsummer

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Poor Old England Billy Williams (1909) (A Song by Fred Godfrey) 78
Charlie Parker Interviewed by Paul Desmond and John McLellan Boston Radio 1954
Please Stay The Cryin’ Shames (1961)
John Fennimore The Now Show BBC
Nomad Dave Brubeck Quartet Bennett & Brubeck: The White House Sessions
The Night I Appeared As MacBeth Billy Merson (c.1920) 78

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Still Summer

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In Hand

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John Godfrey’s Tiny Gold Dress
Andrew Crozier’s Thrills and Frills: Selected Prose


Naked Bike Ride

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Brighton, Sunday June 9th. 2013
Or click here, for full set on Flickr


Off The Grid

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Two Italian poets I like are Francesco Giusti (also a visual artist) who lives in Venice, and Pier Franco Uliana who lives further north in the Veneto, towards the alps. Both write in their local dialects as well as in Italian. Both are published by what we would think of as small presses, with little distribution. Somehow I am reminded of the poems of Ralph Mills and G.F.Dutton, two English-language writers I also like. The two books here by Uliana have little “web presence”, though Guisti’s Accanto ai denti dell’eterno can be found here. Ingens Silva was published by Aucupis Editiones, Mogliano, Veneto, Italy in December 2007 (no ISBN number): Pizzoc Panopticon by Dario De Bastiani Editore in 2012, ISBN 978-88-8466-259-0. It can be found, with a few others of his books, on this Italian bookstore site.

NOTE (June 7th. 2013) There are poems and extracts from Pier Franco Uliana’s books here on this site.

My Favourite Sentence This Morning

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The government had initially argued that all liabilities for the torture by colonial authorities had been transferred to the Kenyan Republic upon independence in 1963 and that it could not be held liable now.

(The UK government is to apologise and pay compensation to those tortured during the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya in the 1950s.)



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Unfinished Business Jim Hall & Paul Desmond Concierto
Wild World Jimmy Cliff Icon
Stardust Hoagy Carmichael 1942:Stomp Stomp
Chena/Back To Your Heart Divided Kingdom Republic Munyaradzi
My Heart Tells Me Charlie Parker (1942) Complete “Birth of the Bebop”
See See Rider (Take B) Wee Bea Booze Sammy Price & The Blues Singers
E Lucevan Le Stelle Enrico Caruso Caruso: 21 Greatest Opera Recordings
You Can’t Go Home Again Chet Baker & Paul Desmond Together

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