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The Odicy by Cyrus Console. TO by Ian Heames (27 copies) and possibly the last number of Sal Mimeo (10,edited by Larry Fagin) you’ll track down if you’re interested enough.

I’ll be away and offline for several days.


Robin Popplesdorff

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Our old friend Robin died late yesterday in Italy. Thoughts are with Alberta and with his family and other friends.


Be It Ever So ‘Umble

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I love this Paramount Studios location map from 1927


High And Low

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Volunteers testing British Airways’ new in-flight menu; and an exceptionally low tide the following morning.
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I, Ronnie

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Gorbals 1930 Ivor Cutler A Flat Man
Variations On Alone Together Lee Konitz The Lee Konitz Duets (1968)
By The Time I Get To Phoenix Glen Campbell See You There (2013)
Melting Pot Booker T. & The M.G.s Melting Pot
Reginald D Hunter BBC interview

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Never Happened

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In early 1987 someone, I’ve forgotten who, wanted to do a broadside with an etching by Pip Benveniste and a poem of mine. I scribbled something in a notebook, Pip did an etching, just one copy which she sent me. I remember the colour green. Perhaps the copy will turn up. Meanwhile I found the “text” yesterday, from February 1987.


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Cascade Siouxsie and the Banshees The Dark Side
Taking Off Bob Dunn Wizards of Country Guitar
What Is This Thing Called Love Lee Konitz w Bill Frisell, Gary Peacock & Joey Baron Enfants Terribles
Somewhere Dave Brubeck Quartet Bernstein Plays Brubeck Plays
Detroit City Arthur Alexander The Ultimate Arthur Alexander
Some of These Days Bob Dunn Wizards of Country Guitar
Cheap Imitation (1969) I John Cage Complete Piano Music

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Printers’ Ephemera

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goliard press announcement mid-1960s london

printed at poltroon press 1980 california

printed at poltroon press 1980s california



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Record catalogue from when I was 15: inside page marked with records to get.



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Found this piece from the late 1970s yesterday in Blueprint, a mimeo magazine edited by Richard Tabor and Edward Fox in Cambridge back then.


Old News

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I don’t keep a diary, nor a journal, and I’m not much of a notebook user. So it was strange to find, going through papers not seen for fifteen years, a fairly detailed account of the five days around Franco Beltrametti’s funeral, back in 1995, written as a letter to him. Force of habit I suppose. For anyone curious:

Here is the file.


Another Old Picture

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acrylic, cambridge, june 7th. 1992

We Are Water And Need A Daily Top-Up

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The wall the Japanese goverment and TEPCO created to contain facts after the Fukushima Reactor disaster appears to have been breached and information is flowing into the Public Domain: a few droplets have even reached the UK media which have traditionally operated on the “far away” principle. Meanwhile the potato Cameron, using the trusty “what’s good for Captain America is good for the old UK” trope, instructs the population to “get behind fracking” (just down the road from here).
I look forward to not having to go out in radioactive rain for the mutant fish that will limp from the beach and hurl themselves into my frying pan heated with methane flaming from the cold tap.



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While scanning and posting yet more old photographs I came across this collaboration Rob Rusk and I did one evening in the autumn of 1975. We were all (10 of us) living in a three-room (with porch) wooden cabin in the redwoods in Sonoma. I had a broken Polaroid camera and Rob wanted to see if it would convert to a pinhole. We bought the film, Rob made the pinhole, and we tried it out pointed at the pie on the table. While adjusting the length of exposure the pie went.
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I also found a couple of infolio postcards from the “literary landscapes” series, one by Denise Riley, one by me.


Yet More Old Stuff

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collage from 13th September 1989

raworth/beltrametti 8th September 1992 switzerland

raworth/beltrametti 8th September 1992 switzerland


More Old Photographs

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… added to previous link below



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I’ve found a batch of old photographs so am scanning them before they decay completely. I’ll add them, as they’re done, to this set.

Last Week

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Out Of The Vaults

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a couple of WW2 postcards

reggio emilia, italy, 1989 (photo Giovanni Giovannetti)


Herefordshire & North Wales

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