Merry Christmas

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iT app

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ER Indoors

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Thanks to a royal pardon, Alan Mathison Turing has been released from the Siberia of death where he has languished for almost sixty years. Dr.Turing OBE, FRS, is 101 (that’s 5 in decimal).


When The Chips Were Down

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Some background on the Michael Myers piece I scanned in some days ago. The photographer Rob Rusk was working shifts with Michael at the Fairchild Plant in Healdsburgh at the time, making the silicon discs later engraved and divided into chips. Very late 1970s/very early 1980s as Michael died during the 4th of July weekend of 1982. Some bridge : some water.



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He Ain’t Heavy Pat Kelly Trojan Jamaican Superstars Box Set
Li’l Ol’ Pottsville Charlie Rouse with The Stan Tracey Quartet Playin’ In The Yard
Trick Baby
Tengo Que Morir Los Zafiros Maldito Telefono (thanks, Ben)
Do I Worry Derrick Harriott Trojan Rocksteady Box Set
Dr.Black & Mr.Hyde
Jamdya Saramba Kouyate 56
Where Were You Bunny Wailer Reincarnated Souls
Black Belt Jones
I Wish You A Merry Christmas Big Dee Irwin & Little Eva A John Waters Christmas

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Today’s Message

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Free, Free At Last

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Ronald Arthur Biggs (London, 8 August 1929 – London (well, technically) 18 December 2013)



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Yet More

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I’d completely forgotten these collage postcards from 1991

Another Zephyrus Image (Holbrook Teter and Michael Myers) piece from the Healdsburg period


Through The Eyes

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It’s been back-then week, mostly. Sad, but expected, to see most of these books out-of-print but, hey, all you need to read is digitalised and online, innit? Lincoln Kirstein’s Rhymes of a PFC, Asa Benveniste’s Listen (published by Ray DiPalma’s Doones), Jean Calais’ (Stephen Rodefer’s) Villon, Auden’s Commonplace Book, Joe Ceravolo’s Spring In This World Of Poor Mutts, Joe Brainard’s The Friendly Way and New Work, Doug Woolf’s Signs of a Migrant Worrier, piero heliczer’s The Perfect Detective, Fee Dawson’s An Emotional Memoir of Franz Kline….. all are worth the effort of finding second-hand copies or a decent library. Robert Sheppard’s A Translated Man and Andy Spragg’s A Treatise On Disaster can be clicked on. And I’m sure you can track down The Do How (try the Portland area and a search for Great Fainting Spells).


Old Sketch/Notebook (1982/3)

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More From The Dredger

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1. Family Stuff
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A drawing by Bruno, then four or five, of our room in Colchester around 1970. What interests me is that he has accurately copied Aram Saroyan’s lighght poster. The original was destroyed in a flood. Then, looking through a 1972 issue of Phil Smith’s Gegenshein Quarterly (1972) I came across this Serial Drawing by Lloyd (then 14) I’d completely forgotten. It’s now clear to me I owe him thanks for putting the form of my later collages into my subconscious. Finally, the handbill for an early show of those collages.

2. Zephyrus Image Traces
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All from the post-San Francisco period, up in Healdsburgh, Sonoma. This is a paper fortune-teller, like in school. Squash in and out then pick a number. It was the time the Russian River was being dammed and the wine entrepreneurs were moving in. The central image shows it opened out.

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A piece by Stephen Fredman and then a proof of the bumper sticker when Davis was running for Governor.

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Holbrook, Michael and I were planning a printed Mobius Band: this is the type sample with his note. Free Streets is self-explanatory. The birds list was printed for a Sierra Club visit.

3. Long Ago And Far Away
Allen and Gregory in Tangier. Print given to me by Gregory, along with a snip of the negative, back in 1961 after I had a photographer friend develop the Minox film privately for them.


Almost Time

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Warm wishes for Christmas and the New Year


P.M and A.M.

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(from) My Mother Doesn’t Know I’m On The Stage Billy Bennett BBC
Liwumanshi (Nezy) Negro Band Le Negro Band à Paris
The Deepest Shelter In Town Florence Desmond BBC
I Lost My Step In Nantucket Stan Tracey Jazz Suite (Inspired By Dylan Thomas’s Under Milk Wood)
End Of Enemy Interlude (1940) Wyndham Lewis
Quatre Chansons avec Sanza- Lari Various Artists Congo (volume 18)
Are You Lonesome Tonight Denis Norden BBC

R.I.P. Stan Tracey (December 30th 1926 – December 6th. 2013)

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Nuclear Medicine Waiting Room

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An Honourable Life

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July 18th 1918, Mvezo, South Africa – December 5th 2013, Johannesburg, South Africa


Another Modest Proposal

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….. and also a movie idea to pitch here.

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