Art Thou Weary

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Britain’s Underground Army BBC

Direct download: BUA.mp3

I’m weary, finding most music boring, and the English-speaking poetry/academic world is wallowing in such a slough of pretentious self-absorbed bullshit that who cares? Harry Parkes, Peter French and Geoff Rose, all in their 90s, interested me for half-an-hour with their memories of life as Bevin Boys during WW2. I’d forgotten that the mines weren’t nationalised until 1947, so these young conscripts sent to work underground for the “War Effort” were also enriching the private mineowners.

Bay Area Printing and Design (history)

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If the video doesn’t load, please click the link below.

Emory Douglas: The Art of The Black Panthers


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Trigger Warning

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Trigger warning
Courses Matter-Woven, by John Wilkinson Equipage, Cambridge
There Were Our Own / There Were The Others, by Alec Finlay (and others) some information, and a special offer; also contains the moving Desertion, compiled by Edmund Hardy
Selected Poems, by John Heath-Stubbs Carcanet, Manchester

Middle East

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A collection of 40 excellent maps.



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For more than forty years all our contacts with Mexico and its people have left only affection and good memories. I’ve been following the ‘drug wars” as much as is possible here though only “big news” is visible (here , here , or here for example. So this film documentary seems worth supporting.

There’s an interview with some of the people involved.


Oldish and Newish

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The Rottweiler’s Guide To The Dog Owner, by SJ Fowler, Eyewear Publishing
Mayakovsky A Biogaphy, by Bengt Jangfeldt, University of Chicago Press
After The Empire, by Emmanuel Todd, Constable,London

Rush More To Judgement

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B. B. King

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Born: September 16, 1925, Berclair, Mississippi, United States
Died: May 14, 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

NOTE October 5, 2015. Since Apple in its “progress” has made this link unusable, here’s a direct link that I hope will work in your browser.

With Lifted Head Singing

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Off The Shelf

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A Decade in the Shithouse by Modern Toss, Modern Toss
Playtime by William Fuller, Flood Editions Chicago
Final Score by Emmett Grogan, OOP
Kill Chain by Andrew Cockburn Henry Holt & Co.


We All Scream

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If They’d Only Asked

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Under The Heel Of The Potato, Part 2

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Sourly the potato won’t hop across to Moscow to celebrate today’s Victory Parade — those Russians are so naughty (mustn’t offend the peace-loving Yankees).

70 years ago I was 6 years old and at a street party like this ( though here it is in north rather than southeast London ).
The echoes of von Braun’s last V2 rocket to hit the city six weeks previously had faded and he had another six months to wait safely and comfortably in Germany before entering the American Dream. The war in Europe was over: the Japanese surrendered after four more months; then five years later the Korean War began.

Insomnia gave me some early hours today to realise how little I know about Korea since the Japanese occupation early last century. Mixed memories of phrases and images: the 38th parallel, the Inchon landings, Pusan, M.A.S.H., the Yalu River, Pork Chop Hill, Bill Speakman V.C., the “Glorious Gloucesters”, the DMZ, Panmunjom, Hyundai, Samsung, Daewoo, the Kims. K.J.Noh’s pieces in Counterpunch started a few hares.

Semantic Warfare

Echoes of Terror

Oliver Stone at Jeju

Republic of Torture

Isang Yun: Piri for Solo Oboe (or clarinet)


Cinco de Mayo

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Greetings and good wishes to my Mexican friends in D.F and Oaxaca.



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Ben E. King

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May Day

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