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Under Down Arguments

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Another Anniversary Today

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Summer Solstice

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In My Room

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images reclaimed from
a fragment of text from same source
I dont pretend to understand why jews do what they do. They are enigma.
who added the Sig Sauer light?
(lead from here.)



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Fkn Dead Flying Lotus You’re Dead
South Carolina Rag (Take 1) Willie Walker Rough Guide to East Coast Blues
Wesley’s Theory Kendrick Lamar To Pimp A Butterfly
The Next Step Kamasi Washington The Epic
Blues for Aida Cristian Calcagnile Giancarlo Locatelli private recording
Intuition Lennie Tristano & Buddy DeFranco Cool & Quiet
After Words Willie Rodriguez Flatjacks

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Beside the Seaside

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This is my south-western limit.
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Up In The Old Hotel, by Joseph Mitchell. Vintage Classics
For British Workers: Versions of Vladimir Mayakovsky (and others), by Harry Gilonis. Barque Press 2015
(though not yet listed on the Barque Press site, the book seems to be available here.)
The Penguin Book of Latin American Verse, edited by E. Caracciolo-Trejo. Penguin Books 1971 (long OOP)
Sonnets no author listed
My Ears Are Bent, by Joseph Mitchell. Penguin / Random House.
Arrays, by Ian Heames. Face Press, Cambridge 2015.
for Arrays, and for Sonnets (above), see my note here.



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A week ago I should have been in Lana (Südtirol) to receive the N.C. Kaser-Lyrikpreis. My life is so changed within the past year that any travel more than the immediately local on foot with stick or by bus or car is impossible. Kindly, Tom Leonard spoke and read for me; and Ulf Stolterfoht read some of his German translations. Sadly I cannot yet put names to the faces of the local poets, musicians, artists (including Maria C. Hilber, Louis Schropp, Gerd Sulzenbacher, Matthias Vieider und Jörg Zemmler) who took part; but I thank them and Tom and Ulf for their generosity, and apologise for being unable to be with them.
Tom Leonard and Ulf Stolterfoht.
Big Brother


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photo © john sarsgard

died June 15th.2015
New York City

Here is a note by Simon Pettet


Animals, Plants, Food, Drink

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So Long

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photo by jimmy katz
There’s a pdf of the Coleman/Derrida interview here

Some More And One Again

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Collected Poems, by Michael Gizzi. The Figures (available from SPD)

The Major Works, by Sir Thomas Browne. Penguin Classics

This Fatal Looking Glass, by Martin Corless-Smith. SplitLevel Textx

Zibaldone: The Notebooks of Leopardi, by Giacomo Leopardi. Penguin Books

Later Lately, by Ted Greenwald. Cuneiform Press (hors commerce)

Courses Matter-Woven, by John Wilkinson. Equipage, Cambridge

The Utopia of Rules, by David Graeber. Melville House

El Ombú, by W.H.Hudson. Rescript Books

A Tablet Poem, by Franck André Jamme
4 Sandwiches for Ben, by Luke Allen
eight lines, by Thomas A. Clark
(all from Sine Wave Peak)

The Poems of Sulpicia, translated by John Heath-Stubbs. Hearing Eye (long OOP.)


Out and In

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A too-short but welcome visit by Miles, Rachel and Vivian included a very pleasant evening and dinner with Sam, Sara and Ace yesterday; and a quick light lunch here today, before the bus to Heathrow.
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…to David Ball who last night in New York was awarded the 28th.Annual Translation Prize by the French-American Foundation and the Florence Gould Foundation

Diary of the Dark Years, 1940-1944: Collaboration, Resistance, and Daily Life in Occupied Paris by Jean Guéhenno



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Others here on Flickr.


Visitor From Boise

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Martin Corless-Smith


Vita Brevis

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I got home from today’s hospital stint to find a mail from Ken Edwards with a link to a piece on his website. Twenty years have passed quicker than flipping a coin. I was touched to see the work again. Thanks to the donor for his generous thought and action.

piero information

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More information here, including text and images


Rare Morning

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Not having been able to get outside for several days, and having a medical week ahead from tomorrow, I took advantage of rare early morning sunshine, first to notice my single iris had bloomed, and then to have a very short walk. The tide was going out and a stiff onshore wind cleared my head. I’ll be offline for some days.


Links Caught

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Luke Allan’s site is to my taste, well and cleanly designed, with intelligent and witty work in several forms. His small press SINE WAVE PEAK is also worth keeping an eye on.

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