Some Venice Photos

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Last Week

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Country Life, a novel by Ken Edwards Unthankbooks

De Un Dir Apocrifo, by Francesco Giusti  Campanotto Editore, Udine

Siderea Arx Mundi, by Pier Franco Uliana   Dario De Bastiani Editore, Vittorio Veneto (o.o.p.)

La Casa, Il Posto, Il Tempo, by Francesco Giusti (poetry) and Vanessa Milan (illustrations)   70 copies printed silkscreened by Vanessa Milan, as Edizioni Doppiofondo, Venice.


Updated Update

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An 8 a.m. phonecall again postpones surgery; this time until December 22nd.



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Just back from a few days in Venice. At the last minute surgery was postponed until December 15th (when recommended surgeon is available). We took the chance of a cheap flight from local airport. Airline did everything right this end, and friends met the plane in Venice with a wheelchair. No internet. Did little more than see old friends, be wheeled around avoiding bridges; eating, drinking, talking, laughing, remembering. The furthest I’ve been away from these rooms for more than a year. I’ll try to catch up on mail over the weekend.

Photoportrait of Stephen Rodefer

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by his son Ben

Stephen Rodefer from Benjamin Rodefer on Vimeo.

Over There

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Last For A While

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I’ll be away and offline certainly until November 26th. and possibly longer as surgery is re-scheduled for November 30th.


For Warmth, by Anonymous. Title, Totnes
Westering, by Iain Sinclair. Test Centre
High Bonnet, by Idwal Jones. The Modern Library, New York.
Made To Kill, by Adam Christopher. Titan Books.
Chance of a Storm, by Rod Mengham. Carcanet
Bitter Green, by Martin Corless-Smith. Fence Books


Another Old Friend

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Claudio Cometta, 1955 – 2015

A text from Rita in Venice and then an email from Fabrizio in Switzerland saying Claudio is dead. During the 80s and 90s some of my happiest times were in the Ticino and Claudio is part of most memories. Those include us taking turns all night (with another companion) grinding the ashes of a friend to a fine powder with a pestle and mortar, so when scattered in the mountains the following morning they could be carried gently by the breeze. A conservator and restorer, his large studio was like a sunlit museum. Here he is facing that same sunlight leaning on the wall of the Hermann Hesse Museum back in 1998. My last memory of him is a few years ago, sitting laughing outside in the mountain evening with Gian, Rita, Pio, Val and me while Silvia made a great raclette I can still taste. Claudio was a founder member of the Partido Communista Zen, of which only two or three of us remain.

Addio, compagno.

Ciao, caro amico.

Our thoughts and sympathy are with Silvia and Malva


Then And Now

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Still worth thirty minutes of anyone’s time.

Return Journey Dylan Thomas BBC radio 1947
Quite Early One Morning Dylan Thomas BBC radio 1953

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