Totally Recommended

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The Age of Reasons (Uncollected Poems 1969-1982), by Ted Greenwald (edited by Miles Champion) Wesleyan.


Tick Tock

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This centenary weekend my mother has been popping into my mind making me wonder at those moments where she might have been, and doing precisely what, in Dublin that Easter in her fifteenth year. Here she is twenty years later. Not micro-expressions but micro-memories show me facets of all our children and grandchildren in those pixels. God rest her soul, as she would have said.


Something For The Weakend

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The Glen of Aherlow Lucy Farr Voice of the People
Elvis The Last Ten Days The Nightingales Pigs On Purpose
Tarantella Dorgali Anton Bruhin TFF Rudolstadt 2011
Criptomelodie Infantilli Demetrio Stratos Cantare La Voce
Intensidad Y Altura César Bolaños Peruvian Electroacoustic And Experimental Music (1964-1970)
We Are Ninja (Not Geisha) The Frank Chickens We Are Frank Chickens
Elvis And His Boss The Residents Duck Stab + Buster & Glenn + Goosebump
I Get so Weary T-Bone Walker I Get so Weary & Singing the Blues Blues

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Private To Privileged

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A Visitor

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The seagulls were making an unusual din. On the roof of the Language School opposite we noticed a man with a hawk. Too far away for a clear image. We went back inside and shortly after there was a knock. The man had noticed and brought the hawk across for an introduction. The harrier’s name is George. He is not released, as seagulls are protected. But a glimpse of him is enough to scare them away for a couple of weeks. A splendid bird. Some photographs here.


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Claudio Tettamanti (TAP) has put up the last of his 4-part video series on Franco Beltrametti. I’ve previously put links to two of them here and here.

The first (posted three years ago) is mostly documentation of an exhibition of Franco’s at the Attila Gallery in Bellinzona during 1992. You can find it here.

The final video documents a performance by Franco, Dario Villa, and Paulo Mazzuchelli (PAM) in the latter’s studio in Minusio, Ticino, in 1992. It is here.

Pilger Looks Around

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Look Back They Look Back

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Harry Hoogstraten has been busy putting up photos from his archives, mostly of people in or passing through The Netherlands at the cusp of the 1970s/1980s: From Ken Kesey to David Gascoyne, from Patti Smith to Piero Heliczer, from Jack Micheline to Kit Robinson, from Jenny Dorn to Kathy Acker. You get the idea.

You’ll find them here.

Diane di Prima, Victor Hernàndez Cruz, added as I write this.

Corridor Reading

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The Relativistic Empire, by Samuel Andreyev. Bookthug

A World Of My Own: A Dream Diary, by Grahame Greene.  Sadly o.o.p

I Feel Now”, which included, by Mike Ruddick.  BOX (possible information from the author).


Another Day Another Corridor

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Another Of Those Afternoons

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Thirteen Years Ago Today

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Rachel Corrie

More The Way It Was

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Claudio Tettamanti (TAP) has released more moments from his video archives. Loosely connected around the posthumous publication of Franco Beltrametti’s Regina di… in Switzerland in 2002 the clips include earlier moments from the 1990s in both Ticino and Italy. Glimpses of Jim Koller, Jean Monod, Kagumi. Julien Blaine performing at Silvia Spinelli’s Avida Dollars gallery in Milan. A fragment of/Franco and me reading The Thoughts of Captain Alexis at Tina Stolz’ Agli Orti in Locarno in May 1994. Dario Villa walks behind us…. and then is seen again, with Marta Pellis in their Milan appartment, where he shows almost the complete collection of Arte Nanetta (the travelling art show that fitted in a suitcase). Gianni Castagnoli, Steve Lacy (with a glimpse of Irene Aebi) and Baruchello talk. I looked again at the faces of dead friends and thanked the rolls of the dice. Grazie, TAP.

Some of TAP’s videos might be screened in large format at an event in San Francisco on April 29th. this year.


That Trumpleing Town

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No Prizes Issue 4 Winter 2015/16, Edited by Ian Heames. Information
The Object Stares Back, by James Elkins.   A Harvest Book, Harcourt Brace, 1997
Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies, by Seth M.Holmes. University of California Press
Sonnets, by Ian Heames.   Face Press, Oxford, February 2016 Information

ADDENDUM March 13th.
Freedom Through Football, by Will Simpson and Malcolm McMahon.  Published by Tangent Books, Bristol, o.o.p.


On The Pledge

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Tomorrow Belongs To Me Soundtrack Cabaret
La Tete a l’Ombre Yves Montand Chanson Poetiques Anciennes et Modernes
If You Could See Me Now Chet Baker The Best Thing For You
Pixelated (Version for Percussion Quartet & Electronics) Daniel Wohl
Daniel Wohl: Holographic
The Sound of Two Black Holes Colliding
God Bless The Child Webster Young For Lady
A Brown Bird Singing Webster Booth A Time To Remember – 1930
Rise Public Image Limited Compact Disc

Direct download: On The Pledge.mp3

The Ties That Bind

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Our daughter-in-law Hannah ran her own book-bindery for many years…. first in London, later in Lewes. She has recently taken a partner and they now trade as Highdown Bindery.


More Al Ma’arri

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Here and here.

And a ten-minute BBC broadcast:

Al Ma’arri The Poet (BBC)

Keep Canada Safe…

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…..from those escaping from the south.

That’ll Teach Him

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Looking Around

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…. this morning.


Sentiment Analysis

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