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….would have been Peter Gilpin’s birthday: well, it still is. Thinking of you both this morning Gayle.

Spain, 2011


Third Time Lucky

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Finally done. Despite last minute (or early morning) blips and hold-ups) not medical, but bureaucratic and systemic) the surgeon did great work and demonstrated exactly why she’s held in such high regard. My thanks to her, to the two anaestheists and to the other theatre staff. I heard six different European languages used between nursing staff in the recovery ward. Home now I see the unusual sunlight of the past week has brought on my “Apache” Chilli. Val and I thank you for all the messages. I’ll try to get through the e-accumulation after the weekend perhaps.


Dawn Patrol

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A dawn phonecall informs us that the “urgent” surgery already cancelled twice in theatre since October will, now that surgeons and anaesthetists have conferred, be tried again at 8.30 a.m. on Wednesday, 20th. A lot to be done in the next couple of days so I shall probably be offline for some time (both here, and for email) from tomorrow.


Le Quatorze Juillet

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Ein Volk Ein Reich Eine Mutter

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Casual media grazers might have missed the result of this poetry contest. when it appeared in The Spectator of May 21st. on page 21.

Here is a link to the source.


A Pleasant Short Visit From Eirik

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Sic Transit

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Jim Pennington was kind enough to send me this photo of Gregory Corso and piero heliczer in Paris, 1960. They are exactly how I remember meeting them. A jolt.

photo © Harriet Crowder

A couple of interesting pieces from the local newspaper in Normandy:
here: including this image of piero’s grave:


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