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Tuli Kupferberg
September 28th 1923, NYC – July 12th 2010, NYC

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L.A.Times obituary

New York Times obituary


Tuli passed away around noon today
at the hospital; it was peaceful; they unhooked
him from life support; his family was with him.

I’d seen him on Thursday, his face was placid, he
was all doped up on Valium; but he needed a respirator,
though his blood pressure was stable, his heart beat waxed
from normal to “irregular.”

I sang “Morning Morning” to him, leaning down close to an ear,
and a few minutes later I noticed a tear at the corner of his closed eye.



Ah, it made me sad. I remember him in Paris, w/ his nice wife, complaining that marijuana had no effect on him whatsoever as everyone else was slouched & giggling. I think The Fugs and his song I couldn’t get high was the very next year. A singer whose songs came from the deepest tragedies of his life.

…Other lovely songs on that album: Blake–as good as Brassens’ setting of Villon’s Ballade des dames du temps jadis, which is fine (even a v. serious Smith medievalist thot so)–and The Swinburne Stomp, also “faithful” heh heh, Boobs-a-lot… and, of course the Gornisht you quote. I learned the original Yiddish song only later.

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