Ira Cohen

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February 3, 1935, NYC – April 25, 2011, NYC
Ira Cohen (Wikipedia)

New York Times obituary

Message from Ira Landgarten (thanks to Eddie Woods)

Dear Friends,

Approximately a month ago, Ira, who for some time has been living up on 106th St. in a somewhat diminished capacity since last summer’s infamous bedbug plague, apparently tripped or fell in the apartment & injured his right knee.

When his pain didn’t abate, he was finally cajoled into going to the hospital for an exam & x-ray. As nothing particularly noteworthy showed up, he went back home for some days, during which time, what might have started as an abrasion on his knee, became infected—his underlying diabetes exacerbated a small wound that for most of us would have healed-up with little consequence.

A visiting nurse, strongly advised he needed attention & he was brought to St. Lukes up on 114 & Amsterdam Ave. He’d been on a slow, tortuous down-ward spiral since…laid-low by an unspecified infection & a cascade of other serious ailments.

This evening, April 25, 2011, at about 6:30 he breathed his last…

There will be a small, private burial service & a future memorial/tribute to be announced…

Ira Landgarten, friend & colleague

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