George Kimball

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George Edward Kimball
A fine writer, newspaperman and friend.

December 20th 1943 Grass Valley, California – July 6th 2011 New York City

First of all condolences to Marge, to Darcy, to Teddy, to all his family. You can read about George here, and in the obituaries in the NY Daily News, The Boston Herald, The Boston Phoenix; and elsewhere. Then you can read his books.. from Only Skin Deep (Olympia Press, Paris, 1968) to Manly Art: They Can Run But They Can’t Hide (McBooks, April 2011).

I saw George in New York last winter, at home with Marge, then at Benn Schulberg’s to watch the Pacquaio/Margarito fight. We walked the several blocks home and the next morning he carried my case downstairs and walked with me to the corner. Final glimpse. He’d been supposed to die of esophageal cancer within six months five years back.

I first met George in Iowa City during a bitter 1970 winter. We rode the Greyhound from there to NYC, on acid. I remember persuading him somewhere in Pennsylvania it was not a good idea to get off and steal everyone’s luggage. George was a solid friend for forty years. Last summer, flying back to the US from Gatwick he had some time to spare so took the train down to Brighton to sit with us by the sea and talk for an hour. Not as easy as it sounds as the cancer and its treatment had affected the strength of his neck and he had to prop his fist under his chin to speak. I’m glad he had a great party on his birthday last December: and sorry I couldn’t be there.

This is one of George’s last messages, earlier this year:

George: Hi Tom, going to KC and Lawrence tomorrow. Hope I’m up to it, as I tire pretty easily now. Voice is pretty shot too so plan to use recorded readings and save it for q&a. Wish i were there. Busy couple of weeks upcoming with book events. G

Professional to the end.

Keep an eye on things, George. I miss you.

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